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‘Found You Via LinkedIn Profile’: What Does It Mean?

    ‘Found You Via LinkedIn Profile’: What Does It Mean?

    A LinkedIn profile is a must-have for any person in the workforce today. Your LinkedIn profile is your professional digital identity. You build your network on the website in the hope of learning something from your peers. Also, you might hope to land exciting job opportunities. So, it becomes imperative to maintain an updated Linedin profile. This makes it easier for people to find you. In this article, we will see what does – ‘Found you via LinkedIn profile’ mean?

    Found You via LinkedIn Profile – How Many Ways Can People Find You on LinkedIn?

    Who viewed your profile remains one of the most popular features on Linkedin. Yet, surprisingly, many people do not care to find out how their profile is getting views on this social network.

    Firstly, let us look at the various ways that people can find your profile on LinkedIn:

    • Homepage
    • LinkedIn profile
    • LinkedIn company pages
    • Google Search
    • LinkedIn Search

    Found You via the Homepage

    LinkedIn dashboard
    LinkedIn dashboard
    LinkedIn viewers
    This is how it appears when someone has viewed your profile on LinkedIn.

    The homepage is the page that appears when you log in to Linkedin. As is evident from the term, somebody has viewed your profile after finding that suggestion on their homepage.

    So, maybe your profile has appeared on the homepage of the user. This could be because you posted recently or engaged with another post. The engagement could be in the form of a comment or a reaction.

    Found You via LinkedIn Company Pages

    Finding LinkedIn profile via company page.
    LinkedIn post of Walt Disney.

    A user can find your LinkedIn profile through LinkedIn company pages among the ways listed above. So, what does this mean?

    Well, it means that the user has discovered your profile through your activity on a firm’s page that you may have followed, commented on, reacted to, or mentioned as your workplace.

    If you are looking to catch the attention of the right set of people, the Workplace section in your profile must be appropriately updated. Also, one must follow company pages that align with your career interests and professional background.

    Found You via LinkedIn Search

    Search bar in a LinkedIn profile
    LinkedIn search bar

    This is the most common way of finding people on Linkedin. It involves typing a person’s name in the LinkedIn search bar.

    Similar to other social networks and e-commerce websites, LinkedIn also has a search engine that makes it easier to locate other people or companies on the network. Moreover, persons are advised to use their real names while creating a profile on the network for best results.

    Found You via Google Search

    Finding LinkedIn profile via Google search
    Finding LinkedIn profile via Google Search.

    These are the rarest among LinkedIn search notifications. This is because it only happens when a user visits a profile after typing in a search query on Google.

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    If a person has found your profile via Google search, it indicates that you post high-quality content that garners exceptionally high engagement.

    What Does Found You Via Linkedin Profile Mean?

    So, we finally get to address the main topic of this piece. What is the meaning of ‘Found you via LinkedIn.’ This is a highly probable method of discovering other people on the platform. It means that the user has found your profile after viewing a suggestion on another person’s LinkedIn profile.

    Furthermore, it is also possible that the person who viewed your profile is already a connection and is viewing your profile after seeing it as a suggestion on another profile.

    The user who found your profile through this method most likely glanced at the suggestions on the right sidebar.

    Where are you visible on other users’ profiles?

    There are several places where your profile could appear on another person’s LinkedIn profile. These are:

    • People also viewed
    • Articles and Activity
    • Skills and Endorsements
    People Also Viewed section in LinkedIn
    People Also Viewed section.

    Many views will come from the “People Also Viewed” section. This widget appears on the right-hand side of your desktop screen or at the bottom of your mobile screen.

    However, it is possible that you do not see this particular section on your profile. This is because you would have turned it off in your profile settings.

    Here’s how to turn it ON:

    1. Go to your profile icon, and from the dropdown, select Settings & Privacy.

    Settings & Privacy options in LinkedIn
    Settings & Privacy option in LinkedIn

    2. Go to ‘Account preferences’ => ‘Site preferences.’

    Account preferences section in LinkedIn.
    Account preferences section in LinkedIn.

    2. You can find the ‘People Also Viewed’ section and choose to turn it ON:

    ‘People Also Viewed’ section in LinkedIn
    ‘People Also Viewed’ section in LinkedIn

    What Are the Next Steps When Someone Has Found You via LinkedIn Profile?

    If a first-degree connection has found you via your LinkedIn profile, they were probably curious about what you were doing in your professional life. If they are in the same field as you, they are probably looking for or offering you a job.

    One can always drop a message to start a conversation in such cases. However, it could also be a recruiter. In this, they will always send you a message along with the connection request.

    For a marketer, it is common to receive connection requests and messages from agencies looking to offer their services. So, one must be careful of getting too excited about LinkedIn profile views.

    Found You Via LinkedIn Profile: How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Discoverable

    Ways to make your profile discoverable on LinkedIn.
    Ways to make your profile discoverable on LinkedIn.

    Now that we have gone through the different ways of finding a profile on LinkedIn. Let us look at methods of improving a LinkedIn profile.

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    Have a complete profile

    Make sure that your LinkedIn profile has complete and updated information. Including your job title, organization, skills, and contact information is the first step towards an easily discoverable profile.

    Focus on your strengths

    If plenty of people find you via the LinkedIn homepage, there is a greater chance of creating engaging content. This is the kind of content that gets a large number of clicks.

    So, it is essential to emphasize creating highly engaging content and amplifying it.

    However, if your profile is getting visitors through other ways, it is a sign that your LinkedIn profile and presence are not up to the mark. One of the ways to rectify this is to engage more with the platform content and increase your network interactions.

    Cross-Posting For The Win!

    It may happen that the content that you are posting is getting a lot of traction on other social channels such as Twitter or Facebook. Moreover, your content could also be getting high engagement on your website.

    Also, there might be active or present persons only on one platform. Leverage that engagement to the maximum by cross-posting that content on LinkedIn as well. This way, everyone knows about the latest developments in your organization.

    Comment on other posts

    A lot of driving views to your profile are commenting on other people’s posts. However, don’t stop at “Nice Post,” “That’s wonderful,” or the classic “Commenting for better reach.”

    Leaving insightful comments that add value to a discussion is always welcome. Such statements will generate curiosity in the audience to check your LinkedIn profile. Moreover, they don’t add to the noise on the platform.

    LinkedIn Secrets

    Do you want to know more secrets about LinkedIn? Check out all our topics about it:

    In Conclusion

    Having an updated, complete, and active LinkedIn profile is one of the keys to success in the professional world today. It also helps expand your connections and opens up new vistas of opportunity.

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    So, it makes sense to you where your profile views are coming from. This helps you modify your content and personal branding strategy on the platform.

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