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All You Should Know Before Creating Your Personal Landing Page

All You Should Know Before Creating Your Personal Landing Page cover

If you’re considering starting a consultancy agency, a freelance business, or looking for a new job anytime soon, it’s essential to understand the aspects of successful marketing for that. A considerable part of this is improving your personal and professional branding, which starts with your website and evolves into a personal landing page. You apply CRO techniques to convert visitors into leads.

A landing page is called "personal" since its focus is on the persona rather than the business or company.

What is a Personal Landing Page?

A personal landing page means that it is your landing page. It sells your personal and professional skills to accomplish a fundamental goal, market yourself, and generate leads for you.

A landing page, per its concept, is where users land for the first time on your website when they are browsing the Internet. Therefore, your landing page could be any page of your website as long as it helps your website performs its goal, which may be:

  • Getting email subscribers;
  • Selling a freelance service;
  • Selling a consultancy;
  • Getting recruiter information to connect you with a new job;
  • Or growing your following on a specific platform.

When you are competing with the attention of millions of websites out there, and your main goal is to generate leads for you, it is necessary to create a compelling landing page with excellent copy and visuals.

Also, it will connect with the users or visitors in a specific way, probably by collecting their email addresses before trying to sell anything. As you probably heard, the money is on the list.

Landing pages are used even well after your website is established.

Every specific service that you sell could have its own landing page. The page could tell the viewer the benefits of hiring you and offer a button to connect with you.

You may also use a landing page to promote a free digital download in exchange for an email address. It is a very effective strategy for growing your email list. You can also boost your marketing via your personal landing page. 

Critical Elements Of A Personal Landing Page

Whatever you may be using your landing page for, there are essential elements that must be included:

  1. Your personal landing page should be branded entirely to your services, depending on what you are promoting.
  2. It would be best to have a bold headline and featured image at the very top of your landing page. It makes your page visually appealing and lets visitors know they are in the right place.
  3. Under the feature image and headline, your landing page should jump right into the most critical content. The average person stays on a web page for under 30 seconds. So it would be best if you grabbed their attention at that time.
  4. Right after the essential information, you want to offer your CTA (Call to Action) button, which can be a “sign-up” or a “buy now button, for example. Some people may be quicker to take action than others.
  5. That being said, you want to have all of the additional information under that initial button for slower or more skeptical users, which is also an excellent place to include your or your company’s bio.
  6. Finally, you want to end your landing page with your final button, as well as a countdown if applicable. There are other features you can include on your page.

However, less is more when it comes to a sturdy personal landing page, as you should have one primary purpose with it. While the imagery is relevant, your copy is what will sell.

You have limited room to give all of the details about the product. Therefore you need to be as convincing as possible that this is a product or service the visitor needs – now.


Your copy should have a sense of urgency that makes visitors feel like they cannot wait for another second to press the buy button.

This may be the limited time or limited supply of your services or the one-hour free consultation. Still, it may also be the escalation of your client’s struggles that convinces them to purchase right then and there, which is the sole purpose of creating an interactive personal landing page.


Case study overviews, testimonials, and quotes are indispensable to include in your copy. When visitors read past success that your service has provided, they feel safer purchasing. And, the purchase becomes a secure investment, not a risk.

The Right Language

Finally, your copy should vibe well with your target audience’s language. You shouldn't either if they don’t speak in all technical terms. Don’t be afraid to use a little slang when you have found out that it is slang your audience enjoys.

You can research this by simply listening to your audience. Keep notes on specific words and phrases they use when talking about their struggles. This will add the much-needed universal angle to your personal landing page.

Test Your Personal Landing Page

Of course, you want multiple people to proof and double-check your landing page before it goes live to identify any silly errors or other possible information to include. Still, you also want to make sure everything works flawlessly.

If you are selling your services as a consultant or a freelancer, you should go through the checkout process to ensure it has no kinks.

If you are having people sign up for your email list, you should sign up to your list yourself to double-check the process, the verification email, the welcome email, and any additional emails in your funnel.

You lose credibility when people have to work to get things to function correctly on your website and often won’t even let you know they will leave. If you follow the above, your landing page will include all the information and user experience needed to obtain impressive results. Are you using any landing pages in your startup yet?

Be Specific With Addressing Customer Problems

The worst thing you can do with your landing page is vague while addressing customer problems. No user will spend time on your personal landing page if you aren’t clear enough with the solutions you offer.

Try to go with one question at a time, and don’t haste to address every consumer problem under the sun.

This will enhance the user’s experience and make it simple for them to understand the various solutions you’re offering.

Show Your Most Important Portfolio & Case Studies

What is the one thing anyone does if they impress somebody with their work? They would show them their very best projects and the highest they’ve touched when working with big companies. 

Your portfolio, combined with the very best of your work, should indeed find a place on your personal landing page. A mere glimpse of a fascinating and enlightening case study is sure to catch the eye of the viewers. 

And your viewers will want to check out more of your work. So, make sure your landing page contains the best of your case studies and portfolio. 

Appeal To The Emotions Wherever Possible

Even though people often deny that they are emotional beings, there is little doubt that emotions often prove to be the catalyst behind any activity. Even when it comes to buying, there is room for emotions to make people click the buy button.

Especially in a sales pitch, the entire purpose of telling a story is to inspire emotions in the prospect. After all, nothing more than emotions can push people to take an instant decision, and this human foible can very well be used as a sales technique.

The Importance Of Responsive Design

The attention span of most internet users is minimal, so your Personal Landing Page needs to be responsive. If your page takes a lot of time to respond, the users will move on to a different page.

Hence, the content you post and how specific and accurate you send your messages would come to nothing if your page is not responsive enough.

Some Examples Of Effective Landing Pages

Kristi Hines’s Landing Page

Kristi Hines landing page
Kristi Hines' landing page

A freelance writer and blogger, Kristi Hines is someone who sets the perfect examples when it comes to giving her landing page just the ideal amount of information. Her landing page clearly shows the partners she has worked with and for whom she has written in an easy on the eye way.

Red Russak’s Landing Page

Red Russak's website
Red Russak's landing page

When it comes to staying with the user, Red Russak’s landing page scores full marks, along with loads of information about his work. He throws in a visual, which for sure will stay with you for weeks.


Starting from the design of your Landing Page up to its functionalities, take one step at a time. Once you’ve figured out what solutions will prove to be effective, it is better to categorize them and pitch accordingly.

A persuasive call to action line can also prove to be immensely handy. It can significantly enhance the impact of your personal landing page.

Similarly, using testimonials to convince the users to click on buy or using emotions to push them to join you in your journey are ways you can use to make your idea more persuasive.

In a nutshell, an effective landing page is the accumulation of great, responsive design, persuasion, and interactive content. So, if you haven’t yet considered a helpful landing page for your freelancer skills, now is the time to utilize your persuasion talents.

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