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Marketing project manager writing on a desk

Marketing Project Manager

The role of Marketing Project Manager is a leadership position. They manage both people associated with the project and the project itself. They typically work in marketing agencies or the...

A Media Producer Manager Evaluating a video

Media Production Manager

Media Production Manager is involved in different media forms. They should have solid experience in the media field. In addition to a formal qualification, they are expected to have practical...

Man holding a blackboard written product development

Product Developer

Product Developers are employed in various industries to develop and design industrial and consumer products. The products range from healthcare devices to home goods to vehicles. Thus, a Product Developer...

Product owner presenting its project to other 3 colleagues in a warehouse

Product Owner

A Product Owner is an essential and dynamic job in the realm of manufacturing and production. As the name suggests, a Product Owner has to treat the product a company...

Sales Intern working on a desktop

Sales Intern

A Sales Intern is generally a part-time or a temporary position meant to help a beginner learn the different nuances of a profession. A Sales Intern generally assists the sales...

Sales lead giving a presentation in a meeting room

Sales Lead

Sales Lead in any company is one of the essential positions in the sales departments, responsible for training the sales team and their performance enhancement. Let's dive deep into this...

Special Projects Manager presenting a tiopic in frontof a blackboard

Special Projects Manager

A Special Projects Manager is an all-rounder person who has to take care of a project's finance, management, operations, and everything else in between. They are the backbone of several...