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Sales Intern

The Sales Intern will be responsible for assisting the sales team in organizing, reporting, and analyzing client data and sales.
She/He will be tasked with performing administrative and sales tasks, ranging from keeping the sales team informed about client’s information, analyzing and reporting sales performance, and provide timely, relevant information to the appropriate people.
The sales intern’s major duties include creating reports, presenting data, searching and presenting clients' information, supporting sales on daily sales tasks, searching for new opportunities, and presenting it to the sales team.

Sales Intern Job Responsibilities

  • Develop sales presentations, including research and potential sales pitch across products and multiple product categories.
  • Support reporting the sales team’s performance, preparing presentations, and present it when required.
  • Research competitor’s prices, products, and marketing initiatives.
  • Support Sales Representatives on staff product training.
  • Assist sales team in solving problems that the customers face answering their requests to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Assist sales team in daily activities such as follow-up, cross-selling and up-selling ideas, proposals, product launch information, and direct channel sales support.
  • Capture basic information from various labs, such as product focus to expand the CRM database.
  • Maintaining organized sales information.
  • Propose ideas to help maximize sales and build upon existing strategies that have provided great results in the past.
  • Maintain a smooth flow of feedback throughout the sales team and encourage an environment of constructive and healthy criticism.
  • Maintain the inventory, keep an eye on the timely completion of all the required paperwork, and enhance the business's operational smoothness.
  • Work towards maintaining a positive relationship with all our esteemed customers.
  • Assist the new staff in handling customer problems and initiating them with the company’s work culture.
  • Complete requested Sales Intern training.


  • Pursuing completion of a bachelor's or master's degree
  • An interest in working in sales and a familiarity with the current sales techniques.
  • Experience in a campus leadership position is highly preferred.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Excellent communication skills are required to deal with internal and external customers. Communicates his/her ideas clearly and concisely by explaining complex topics in easy-to-understand terms.
  • An awareness of everything commercial in the current day and age and business understanding and familiarity with the business world's major happenings.
  • Good writing skills. Usually clear and easy to understand.
  • Motivational skills to lift the morale of the sales team whenever necessary.
  • Willing to learn, actively solicits feedback and constructive criticism from others.

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