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Sales Lead

The Sales Lead will be responsible for leading and coordinating the sales team filled with dynamic and dedicated sales personnel.
She/He will be tasked with performing management, administrative, and sales duties, ranging from monitoring inventory and training new sales staff to track and maintain its sales performance.
The sales lead's major duties include recruiting and training new sales staff and always looking to strengthen the core sales team.
The Sales Lead will also be required to provide the sales manager with constructive feedback to improve their performance.

Sales Lead Job Responsibilities

  • Train the existing sales staff and heading the recruitment of new sales staff as the team grows.
  • Assign important tasks to the sales team, gauging the staff's performance, and making necessary changes to boost it.
  • Monitor the sales team’s performance and being able to take tough decisions necessary for the team.
  • Prepare and submitting performance reports to the senior management.
  • Solve any problems that the customers face and answer their questions to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.
  • Come up with unique ideas to help our brand maximize sales and build upon existing strategies that have provided great results in the past.
  • Maintain a smooth flow of feedback throughout the sales team and encourage an environment of constructive and healthy criticism.
  • Ensure an atmosphere of healthy competition within the sales staff and motivate them while emphasizing working as a team.
  • Maintain the inventory, keep an eye on the timely completion of all the required paperwork, and enhance the business's operational smoothness.
  • Work towards maintaining a positive relationship with all our esteemed customers.
  • Assist the new staff in handling customer problems and initiating them with the company’s work culture.
  • Set realistic sales targets and motivate the sales staff to encourage an atmosphere of positivity in everyone involved.
  • Write reports, gauge the sales team's performance, and make the necessary changes in the sales strategies that are not providing expected results.


  • A significant and proven experience of working in sales and a familiarity with the current sales techniques.
  • The attitude of leaving no stone unturned to get things done within the stipulated deadline.
  • Strong organizational skills and a knack for confident leadership must effectively delegate the necessary tasks to the sales staff and maintain the performance record.
  • Excellent communication skills are required to deal with our esteemed customers and ensuring the utmost satisfaction for them.
  • An awareness of everything commercial in the current day and age and business understanding and familiarity with the business world's major happenings.
  • A knack for strategizing and using the strategy to drive actual sales and maximize its revenue.
  • Motivational skills to lift the morale of the sales team whenever necessary.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Sales or a related field is required.

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