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The 30 Best-Paying Jobs In Consumer Services

Best consumer services jobs

What do you think when you hear the word consumer services? Is an unhappy consumer yelling at the very top of their voice? Well, it's what most of us think, don't we? Despite that, though, you can find a lot of best-paying jobs in consumer services. You just need to know where to look.

The role of a person working in consumer services varies widely. It can assist, help, and guide company customers and address their concerns. It can also include helping them use the products better.

The employment opportunities in consumer services are endless. Some of these pay very high wages. It is a good career path. So, without further ado, let's look at the best-paying jobs in consumer services. We will also list salaries along with the assignments. So, read on to explore the jobs in the industry. If you want to know how many jobs are available in consumer services, we also link to an article.

Methodology: We have sourced these jobs' salaries from and Also, we have conducted secondary research on the same. All the wages have been linked to the source.

What Skills Does One Require to Work in Consumer Services?

Many industries offer jobs in consumer services. But the skills you require to grow in the industry are more or less similar. These skills include:

  • Good Speaking Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • High Emotional Intelligence
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • The ability to do well under pressure
  • Organizational Skills

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services (Between $100K and $250K)

Consumer services are intangible. A bank relationship manager is an example of a consumer service job.
Consumer services are intangible. A bank relationship manager is an example of a consumer service job.

1) Vice President of Customer Service

As Vice President of Customer Service, one has to oversee the day-to-day operations of a company's customer service department. They also work with the senior leadership to devise plans to ensure customer satisfaction.

To get this job, one needs good experience in the industry. Vision and leadership traits are a must-have for this role. After all, it is one of the highest positions in consumer services. The pay, too, is up there with the best job roles in the industry.

On average, the VP of Customer Service earns a whopping $232,371 annually. It is on top of the best-paying jobs in consumer services.

2) Call Centre Operations Director

This role requires one to oversee operations at a Customer Service Facility. The duties in this role include managing the staff and ensuring they maintain the utmost customer assistance. The job also requires one to oversee the hiring of new employees.

A Call Centre Operations Director needs to have good employee training skills. They also need to know how to empower the staff so that everyone contributes to the company's success.

One needs prior experience in the industry to get this job. On average, this role will earn you around $166,000 annually, making it one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services.

3) Customer Success Director

As a Customer Success Director, one oversees a team of experts to manage client relations. One's aim in this role is to boost customer retention and ensure 100% satisfaction for the client.

Empathy and quick decision-making are some of the skills required for this role. After all, the position also requires planning to make the most of opportunities to upsell and expand the company's business.

On average, a Customer Success Director earns around $156,489 every year. This prestigious position is easily one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services.

4) Business Relationship Manager (IT)

If you're an enterprise software application developer looking to make a career change, the business relationship manager position may be right up your alley! A career as a BRM can be pretty lucrative, particularly when coupled with its flexibility and autonomy. The total pay in this job can average 129,752 USD/year.

A Business Relationship Manager (IT) is a professional who is the primary liaison between an organization's information technology (IT) department and its business stakeholders.

The role of the Business Relationship Manager is to ensure that the IT services provided by the organization meet the needs of its customers and that both parties can communicate effectively with each other.

The Business Relationship Manager is responsible for understanding the customer's business needs and objectives to develop appropriate IT solutions that will enable them to achieve their desired outcomes. They must also be able to manage expectations on both sides, ensuring that all parties involved understand what can realistically be delivered.

5) Relationship Manager (Business Banking)

Banks hire a Relationship Manager to strengthen relationships with business clients. The responsibilities include identifying new businesses to build relationships with and working on existing ones.

Relationship-building is the most important skill one needs in this role. Furthermore, a Bachelor's Degree in a related field is also required. It is a role that pays a handsome salary and several job perks.

The average annual salary of a Relationship Manager (Business Banking) is $107,473. One of the best-paying jobs in consumer services, this role does require one to have solid experience in the industry.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services (Between $60K to $99K)

The consumer is the center of these types of services, meaning they are given the utmost priority.
The consumer is the center of these types of services, meaning they are given the utmost priority.

6) Patient Care Coordinator

A Patient Care Coordinator works with patients at a Health Care Centre. They assess and manage the health needs of the patients. They communicate with the patient's families, too. The role also involves keeping everyone updated about the patient's health. Also, it is the perfect job for those interested in healthcare.

To get this job, one needs a Nursing Degree or one in a related field. It is one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services. The average annual salary for this job is $92,000. It might vary heavily based on qualifications, skills, years of experience, etc.

7) Client Services Manager

If you are looking for a career in which your ability to successfully interact with all types of customers is essential, consider becoming a Client Services Manager. These individuals play an integral role in ensuring that the needs of their clients are met while also maintaining a good relationship with them.

Client Service Managers work within various niches across a wide range of industries. For instance, they may oversee services at restaurants or hotels, provide customer support for software downloads, or oversee the operations of a bookstore.

This position's average total pay (not only base salary) is 90,029 USD.

To attain this position, one must possess extensive knowledge about the industry and be adept at listening and communicating effectively.

8) Flight Attendant

Private and Commercial Airlines hire flight attendants. Their job responsibilities include greeting passengers, ensuring safety measures are followed, and so on. Flight Attendants are also tasked with serving food and beverages, providing emergency instructions, etc. But is it one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services?

There are some challenges one faces in this job. These challenges include constant travel and busy work schedules, among a few others. On the other hand, one might also see the perks such as free travel and flight benefits. This makes it one of the best jobs in consumer services.

In a nutshell, it is one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services, with an average salary of $80,741 per year. Also, it's an excellent opportunity to keep meeting new people.

9) CRM consultant

A CRM consultant is a professional who specializes in helping businesses implement customer relationship management (CRM) software. They provide advice on how to use the software to maximize its potential for improving customer experience, increasing sales, and streamlining operations. They also assist with training staff members on the software and troubleshooting issues during implementation.

As a young professional with ambitions for a successful career, you may have considered acquiring an advanced degree to boost your credentials. Alternatively, you could consider pursuing an industry certification – or even a certification from the popular CRM Certification Board (CRMCB) like ours!

You may be aware that one of the most rewarding career paths is data-driven marketing and sales. A position as a CRM consultant offers the opportunity to gain substantial expertise by working alongside senior executives who require assistance with their organizations' Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The average annual salary is around $78,497.

10) Retail Store Manager

If you're keen on retail management and securing a rewarding position with a Fortune 500 organization, consider applying for a position as a retail store manager. This is one of the most lucrative jobs in consumer services! With its potential for growth, profitability, and prestige – it doesn't get any better! The salary can go up to 115K USD, with the most popular range around 75K USD.

To become a successful retail store manager, you must thoroughly understand operating systems, operations management, and marketing. Mastering these areas could result in higher earnings potential; if your organization's sales are increasing, chances are they'll be more profitable, too!

11) Loan Officer

A Loan Officer's responsibility is to process people's loan documents and analyze if they are worthy of credit. They also work with clients to create a sound loan repayment plan for the clients.

To become a Loan Officer, you need a Bachelor's Degree in a business-related field. However, a degree in Finance or Accounting is preferred. Any other professional qualifications or certifications will work as an added advantage. They will help you get higher pay as well.

A loan officer needs to know how to analyze financial data. It is one of the most essential skills required for the job. On average, they earn $70,418 annually in the United States, making it one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services.

12) Personal Financial Advisor

A Personal Financial Advisor's role is to help people make better financial decisions. They usually work with a bank or an investment institution and help clients with taxes, stocks, insurance, etc.

To become a PFA, you need a Bachelor's Degree in Business with a major in Economics, Accounting, or Finance. The role also requires one to be analytical, as it is in most jobs in finance.

Working as a Personal Financial Advisor is one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services. On average, they earn $70,000 per year. Not only that, there are other perks of working as a PFA, such as a flexible work schedule, unlimited earning potential, etc.

13) Technical Support Engineer

This one's a job for those interested in the Technology sector. A Technical Support Engineer ensures the software and hardware used work smoothly. They also identify problems and answer tech-based questions, etc.

To get a job in Tech Support, one requires a Computer Science or Information Technology degree. It is among the best-paying jobs in consumer services, with the average salary at $68,524.

The minimum requirements for this job vary from employer to employer. Still, it is fair to say that the job requires technical skills and a keen eye for detail.

14) Compliance Analyst

The job responsibilities of a Compliance Analyst are to ensure that the company's procedure is in line with the law. They research, analyze, and communicate to gain approvals from the government.

To get hired for this role professionals need to have a Bachelor's Degree in Business or a related field to get hired for this role.

In terms of pay, the job of a compliance analyst is up there with the best-paying jobs in consumer services. The average annual salary for this job sits at $65,557. The pay and the perks make it quite a prestigious position.

15) Bank Teller

This one's the most traditional among the jobs listed here. Firstly, the job responsibilities of a Bank Teller include dealing with customer issues that might occur in the bank. Naturally, the job involves having to deal with customers from varying backgrounds.

Hence, a fair amount of calm is required to work as a Bank teller. On average, a Bank Teller in the United States earns around $63,199 per year.

To work as a Bank Teller, one must undergo a thorough background check. A High School Diploma or an equivalent degree is also required.

16) Service Advisor

Service advisors are employed by firms such as banks, credit unions, and loan companies, where they provide customer service. They may also assist customers in resolving any problems with their finances or filing for unemployment compensation claims.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities for service advisors are expected to increase at % faster than average from 2021-2031, around 15%. The average annual pay for this occupation is 63,116 USD; however, some individuals may be earning significantly more or less than this figure, depending upon how gifted they may be.

To succeed as a service adviser, you must possess good communication skills, multitasking ability, and an understanding of your industry's practices. Ensure that you maintain exceptional customer relations! If you're seeking a rewarding career in consumer services, don't hesitate to begin looking into possibilities!

17) Account Manager

With a high degree of flexibility and autonomy, account managers handle business-client relations. They develop effective strategies for maximizing profits by honing the relationship with each prospective client.

Ultimately, your success as an account manager depends on your ability to effectively communicate with clients and build rapport. This is where all-important sales skills come into play!

If you're looking for a job that offers ample opportunities for advancement, an account manager position could be ideal. Savvy entrepreneurs often seek professionals with proven track records and unparalleled expertise to assist them in their endeavors; these individuals are invaluable assets who possess the knowledge necessary to succeed!

Their salary can average a total of 61,965 USD / yearly.

18) Event Planner

If you are an ardent enthusiast of all things event-related, then one career path you may want to consider is that of a renowned event planner. These professionals are responsible for designing and executing events from conception to fruition, overseeing their organization's activities, and creating memorable guest experiences.

With an average starting salary of $49K, total earnings can go up to an average of 61K USD/year. Event planners can expect a rewarding career with room for advancement and excellent earning potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment opportunities in this field will grow at a rate of 18% from 2021 to 2031 – which equates to more than 200 thousand new positions being created! With such a promising outlook, it is no wonder why financial analysts predict that earnings potential could be quite lucrative!

If you have experience planning events or hosting parties or enjoy dreaming up ideas for gatherings, consider yourself lucky! Your time has arrived when you can work on your passion while making money.

19) Client Relations Specialist

Client relations specialists are indispensable in any business, offering a discreet yet essential element of customer relationship management. They provide professional guidance and assistance to all clientele levels, ensuring a pleasant experience throughout their interactions with the organization.

Fulfilling the needs of your clientele is paramount! This position will average earn an annual salary between $ 53K-$70K, averaging $59.5K. However, it can fluctuate considerably depending on seniority level or geographical location factors.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services (Between $30K to $59K)

There are plenty of opportunities in the consumer services industry.
There are plenty of opportunities in the consumer services industry.

20) Client Relations Specialist

All kinds of organizations hire a Client Relations Specialist. The role might seem the same as a CSR's, but it is different. Companies specifically hire them to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

They respond to customer concerns, conduct surveys, and seek out feedback from the consumer. All this is for the company to determine what customers say about their products and services.

Landing a high-profile role in the field might require you to have a background in customer service. Also, the average annual salary for the Client Relations role in the United States is $58,044. It is easily one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services.

21) Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers are in charge of the culinary aspect of their establishment and ensuring that patrons are content with their meals.

These professionals are responsible for hiring staff, planning menus and operations, and creating and operating a successful business – all while maintaining customer satisfaction at its apex!

The average range for entry-level restaurant managers is $51K to $63K, whereas 50% of restaurant managers make it in the US. The most popular salary is around 56K. However, this figure can reach upwards of $70,000 when considering experience.

22) Front Desk Manager

Remember that the front desk manager is an entry-level position requiring a bachelor's degree. This individual typically manages and oversees the activities of those employed within the establishment.

The primary responsibilities of the front desk manager include overseeing personnel processes, such as hiring, firing, and performance appraisals; operating an efficient queuing system to expedite visitors' check-ins while simultaneously providing excellent customer service; providing promptly resolved complaints or inquiries; maintaining records of transactions and communicating effectively with guests regarding their itineraries as well as any queries about lodging reservations.

While there are no specific requirements for experience, most businesses prefer to hire candidates with several years of experience in a similar capacity – mainly if the vacancy has not yet been filled. The average salary of this position is 52,667 USD/annually in the US.

23) Help Desk Analyst

Help desk analysts identify potential issues and seek resolutions to user inquiries. They assist end users and ensure problems are rectified quickly and efficiently.

To become a help desk analyst, you must complete an accredited assistance support technician program. This one-year course teaches students how to address issues, such as how troubleshooting works and basic computer skills. Additionally, they'll be introduced to standard troubleshooting techniques and have the opportunity to practice on simulated computers.

Help desk occupation profiles vary widely, but most require a bachelor's degree with at least 12 months of hands-on experience.

The average salary for this position in the United States is $49,152/annually.

24) Receptionist

At the helm of a busy call center, a qualified individual is needed to answer incoming calls and direct visitors to their way efficiently. In addition, this role requires proficient English-speaking skills and the ability to provide outstanding customer service!

Being a receptionist is one of the most lucrative occupations within consumer services. On average, entry-level positions could offer upwards of $40 – $50k + benefits annually; such figures are nothing short of incredible for those seeking employment with little experience or education. The average salary in the US for this job is 46,071 USD yearly.

If you enjoy working with people but also appreciate a sense of order and routine, consider an occupation where you can utilize your organizational prowess more efficiently!

25) Client Solutions Manager

A Client Solutions Manager is a professional who works with clients to identify their needs and develop solutions to meet those needs. They may work in various industries, including IT, healthcare, finance, and retail.

The role of the Client Solutions Manager is to understand the client's business objectives and develop strategies to help them achieve their goals. They must be able to analyze and present data in an organized way to help the client make informed decisions. Additionally, they must be able to provide ongoing support for existing solutions and create new ones.

For those with a keen interest in business, various career choices are available. If you're looking for a well-paying job with potential advancement and wealth accumulation, consider becoming a Client Solutions Manager! The average yearly salary in the US is around 50.6K USD.

26) Technical Support Representative

Tech Support Representatives are required to master multiple platforms and software applications as part of their day-to-day duties. The industry has seen a surge in demand for support personnel within the past several years, with projected job openings set to reach 20% over the next decade!

These specialists keep your technology running smoothly by supporting both end users and IT departments. Dedicated Tech Support Specialists possess excellent communication skills and an affinity for technological tasks, all essential traits for this line of work!

A Technical Support Representative may make around 37.5K USD per year. If you are interested in helping others overcome their technical dilemmas, this could be a lucrative path for you!

27) Front Desk Associate/Receptionist

The Receptionist acts as the first point of contact between the business and the consumer. Usually, a Hospital, Restaurant, Bank, and similar places need a front desk associate. The job responsibilities of a receptionist include greeting customers, overseeing the check-ins and check-outs, and answering phone calls.

The great thing about becoming a receptionist is that you can learn on the job. Yes! You require no Bachelor's Degree or qualifications if you have the needed soft skills.

The average annual salary in this job in the United States is $36,644. Indeed, it's not bad for a role that requires no qualifications. It is also a job that is much easier to get.

28) Call Center Agent

The job of a call center agent involves handling outbound and inbound calls. They are also tasked with identifying customers' needs and working on them to provide quick resolution.

Other duties of a call center agent include placing customer orders and providing information about products and services. The must-have skills for a call center agent are good communication, listening skills, and a knack for quick problem-solving.

So, how much a call center agent makes in the United States? On average, the annual salary of a Call Centre Agent is $36,269. The ease with which one can secure it makes it one of the best jobs in the industry for freshers.

29) Social Media Customer Care Executive

Businesses today try to make the most of their social media presence. They try to build a brand identity online. They want to engage with their audience. Naturally, they need someone to monitor their social media.

The job responsibilities of this role include monitoring the company's social media platforms. Furthermore, they are also tasked with responding to consumer queries. Maintaining a smooth flow of communication between the brand and its followers on Social Media Platforms is a significant part of their role.

Regarding wages, the average annual salary for this job role in the United States is $36,000. This makes it one of the best-paying jobs in consumer services.

30) Member Services Representative

Member services representatives are behind-the-scenes employees who assist consumers with questions regarding mortgages, credit cards, or other financial services.

Membership service representatives typically operate out of call centers or branch offices as they liaise between members and financial institutions. They are responsible for providing information about particular products such as mortgages, checking accounts, and car loans, answering customer queries, helping them register for specific plans, and assisting in any way that may be needed.

Member services representatives can expect to earn an average wage of $35,572 annually in the field.

In Conclusion

So, are you looking to kickstart a career in the industry? Or are you willing to shift to consumer services?

Analyze your skills and see which consumer services job suits you best. Then, all you need to do is prepare your resume and start job hunting.

We hope you found the article helpful. Do your research before looking for a job in the industry. And we wish you all the best!

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