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Business Development Executive Job Description

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Many businesses have an essential role that chases long-term success goals, growth, and expansion. Their primary roles are to plan business management strategy, relationship management, and company growth. Opportunities This role is performed by a business development executive.

What Is A Business Development Executive?

To thrive and reach its target, a company needs a business development executive. Business development executives are in charge of driving companies’ business sales, generating leads, and bringing new clients. Also, they improve sales strategies, sign new deals, bring in new clients and organizations and make sure they fix all the loopholes to ensure the business is lucrative.

A business development executive is familiar with fundamental drivers of source business, clients, and competitors. They are creative and thus spend most crucial time executing a business plan and creating long-term business value.

What Does A Business Development Executive Do?

A business development executive drives all the business roles in a company. They look for what is trending, and what other competitors are doing to succeed and create a vital business idea. They Create long-term relationships with existing and new clients and have a significant role in developing business opportunities and new sales strategies to ensure the company’s growth.

A business development executive plans for promotion campaigns and the supply of quality products. The business development executive conducts research regarding leads and business targets. They are also involved in creating their marketing strategy to provide the essential process with the prospects. They train and offer mentorship programs to other staff.

Business Development Executive Job Description Sample

The aim of having a business development executive is to ensure smooth running and well-structured strategies for a lucrative business. They learn new business ideas, implement them, and put them into practice. An example, suppose the company is losing clients, not growing, and the sales are not pleasing; it is the business development executive to solve all this and bring the business up again.

They would execute the problems and create more ideas to improve sales, create promotion campaigns for the products and services, and create a good relationship with existing and new clients.

A business development executive is an essential thing a company shouldn’t miss. Most businesses are doing well in markets because they have the crucial person. They conduct your business with the whole experience they had. Who loves to see their business at a loss? No one. Every business owner is happy when the company is doing great and expanding.

Business Development Executive Responsibilities and Duties

To become a business development executive, one needs to carry out the following responsibilities;

  • Provide a new strategy on how to run a lucrative business
  • Conduct research to look for what news in the market, business opportunities, new clients, what’s trending, and growth
  • Expand business database
  • Introduce new marketing skills like trading shows and exhibit
  • Maintain and expand the relationship with clients and organizations
  • Conduct training and mentorship to other staff and offer them social and technical skills to improve sales
  • Attend meetings to interact with existing and new clients
  • Be active in conferences to report business progress and status updates to clients and management
  • Promotes the company’s products and services
  • Cooperate in team works for long term profits
  • Help marketing members develop advertising and promotion programs
  • Maintain and update customers’ data daily
  • Organize all sales preparations like deliveries
  • Help in making RFPs responses to clients
  • Ensure clients satisfaction by delivering quality products and services
  • Plan sales campaign

What is The Required Qualification for a Business Development Executive?

Mainly graduates have a high possibility of acquiring a job. To qualify for this high position, they must have specific academics and experience. Below are some of the required qualifications of a business development executive.

  • Have a degree in Marketing, business management, finance, economics, and any related course
  • Extensive experience in Marketing and business management
  • High communication skills, both spoken and written
  • Extensive work ethics
  • Excellent listening and understanding skills
  • High knowledge of sales principles, strategies, and technics
  • Be able to create and maintain long-term relationships with customers
  • Ability to work in teamwork and individual without supervision
  • Extensive presentation skill
  • Good negotiating skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Excellent decision-making skill

Business Development Executive Reports to

  • Business Development Director

What’s the Salary of a Business Development Executive?

Based on an average of six job search/salary research websites, the starting salary of a Business Development Executive is $73,104/year in the USA. In contrast, the average salary is $152,998/year, and the higher paid ones make $232,607.

In Conclusion

A business development executive is expected to have an analytical skillset with solid communication and presentation skills to accomplish their responsibilities. It requires a person to be proactive and multitasker to support essential areas for the company’s growth.

This Business Development Executive job description sample will help you create a job application to attract the best-qualified candidates for the role. Feel free to use this outline for you and your company’s hiring purposes and goals.

Ensure to send your comments and needs for whatever improvements you suggest to this Business Development Executive job description. Also, let us know if you need help on any other similar job posting, and we will post it here as soon as possible.

Skills Required

Business Intelligence, Global Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Niche Marketing, Product Marketing
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