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What Are Open Interviews? 10 Ways To Ace Them

open interview setting
Everyone is always in search of a good job opportunity. But, to be able to land that coveted job, you need to appear for multiple interviews and different kinds like...

What is Intent-Based Marketing? Why is it Called the Future of Marketing?

What is Intent-Based Marketing? Why is it Called the Future of Marketing?
This article will look at what intent-based marketing is and why many consider it the future of marketing. The text will explore how intent-based marketing has the potential to be...

What is The Incentive Theory? How To Apply It In Your Company?

employee motivation
The world we live in is highly complex. And yet, the basic needs and drivers of human actions have remained the same for millennia. These drivers have been well documented...

How To Make A Successful Closing Call. A Step By Step Guide

Business woman celebrating after closing a call
Society needs a large variety of products and services to function smoothly. Individuals set up businesses, big and small, to fulfill these needs. However, the essential condition for companies to...

What is a Career Path? How To Choose The Best Career Path For You?

career path
We spend a significant part of our adult lives pursuing a profession. Hence choosing a career path is a highly crucial decision. In this piece, we shall take a holistic...

Is Healthcare A Good Career Path? An Overview

healthcare professional with a patient,
Is healthcare a good career path? Read ahead.Careers - These are something that determines the future trajectory of our lives. While it is very much possible to change your career...

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Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent is redefining how employers and talent connect. By applying data-driven consumer marketing best practices to Talent Acquisition, we provide personalized engagement between your employer brand and candidates through...

Partners + Napier

Partners + Napier helps brands leave a mark on people, business and culture by creating work with lasting impact. We are an insight-led creative agency with expertise in CPG, food...

Havas Media Group

Part of Havas Group, Havas Media operates in over 140 countries and services its clients through a portfolio of specialist teams that span media, strategy, digital, data consulting, programmatic buying, performance marketing, mobile,...

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