A New Way To Present Your Resume!

Show your teamwork and accomplishments
to increase your chances of getting hired.

Totempool is a new and exciting way to showcase you and your professional work to the world! Through the systems of accomplishments, teamwork and endorsements you can create a credible and modern resume validated by your team members.

This is the place where you can really showcase your expertise and skills in just the right way to land a new job or client.

How it Works?

Post Your Work And Accomplishments

Create a unique portfolio with your professional work and accomplishments along you life

Include the Team

Add the teammates with whom you worked together on your achievements

Build Your Network

Connect with other talents! Follow, like, endorse and team up with themin your industry or field of interest

Get Endorsements

Get recognition and feedback on your accomplishments and improve your credibility

Stand out from the Crowd

Add your Totempool Public Profile URL inyour Resume or any other jobapplication

Increase of Chaces
of Getting Hired

How to Upload your Professional Work and Accomplishments?

By teaming up with other Totems, adding an image and a brief description, your achievements begin to take shape.

Totempool Marketing portfolio Digital marketing portfolio

With Totempool you can:

  • show your professional work

  • bring recognition to your team

  • reveal the person behind the project

  • have a credible portfolio validated by team members

  • get endorsements

  • get feedback from others

  • learn from other people's accomplishments

  • acquire new opportunities

  • grow your professional network