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Product Owner Job Description

Product owner presenting its project to other 3 colleagues in a warehouse

A Product Owner is an essential and dynamic job in the realm of manufacturing and production. As the name suggests, a Product Owner has to treat the product a company sells as their own. Therefore, they oversee everything about the product – from the beginning till the end.

Let’s take a closer look at this job position.

What is a Product Owner Position?

A product owner works closely with the development team to ideate and discusses the product’s various functional aspects. A product’s smooth functioning is entirely a Product Owner’s responsibility.

The position’s responsibilities include ideating, setting, prioritizing, evaluating, criticizing, and approving a product development team’s work. No product can enter the market without a Product Owner’s thumbs up.

All the product development stages are to be overseen by a Product Owner to ensure the development and manufacturing are going in the right direction.

A Product Owner is also responsible for playing the customer for the development team to help them understand the market demands and needs. The result required by the Product Owner is to help the development team come up with winner products.

What Does a Product Owner Do?

A Product Owner’s job confers the responsibility to innovate and ideate on customer-centric products by collaborating with the company’s service partners and customers to understand the market needs and develop a roadmap for products to be launched next.

They work with the development team to create a blueprint of how the product in question will be developed and prioritize the business’s objectives and other factors, such as budget and scope, that affect its functionality.

The position has to supervise and oversee the different development stages and continuously review the products to check for developmental issues, ensuring the product is launched before the customer’s need is fulfilled. This is especially so in the case of immediate-need opportunity products.

The product owner has a communication role as well. They need to bring together all the company’s stakeholders to check if the company’s objectives are being met with the product at hand.

They will ensure smooth product development and functionality throughout the production process and improve the developmental process as or when changes are required without incurring unnecessary extra costs.

Product Owner Job Description

The Product Owner will be responsible for setting, prioritizing, evaluating, and approving the product development team’s work to ensure smooth and efficient functioning and attend to the consumer’s needs.

The product owner’s roles and duties include managing and overseeing the various product development stages, starting right from the ideation and representing the customer to the development team.

The product owner must also evaluate the products’ progress and anticipate consumer demands to develop the outcomes required to fulfill them.

Product Owner Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with the development team to create and define a sound vision for all the company’s projects.
  • Communicate with all the stakeholders, including the customers, to ensure that the products’ vision aligns with business/customer objectives.
  • Prioritize the needs based on the business’s objectives and other factors such as the scope, budget, and the stipulated deadline on the product.
  • Oversee the multiple stages of product development ranging from the ideation to the core of the development process, including reviewing the product.
  • Map our consumers’ journey to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to fulfilling their needs.
  • Work as the prime communicator and a connecting link among all the stakeholders to ensure that the company’s vision is realized and manifested in the products developed.
  • Gauge product progress at every stage of the development process to ensure proper functionality.
  • Continually updating and managing the product backlog based on the project’s ever-changing and evolving needs at hand.
  • Identify the development process areas that need to be improved and make all the necessary preparations for the following stage.


  • A sound understanding of the technologies used in the development of the product.
  • Good time-management skills and a firm understanding of the importance of meeting deadlines in a fast-paced business environment.
  • A knack for strategizing and analyzing market data to come up with product ideas.
  • Good interpersonal skills to develop relationships with team members and the consumer base.
  • A significant and proven sales and marketing experience will be an advantage.
  • Familiarity with every step of the product roadmap and a prior experience of working on building them.
  • A willingness to take up new challenges when nobody else is willing to step up.
  • Leadership and management skills are a must and a knack for being the motivator in the room.
  • Managing the expectations of all the stakeholders and anticipating the needs of our consumer base.
  • Creative thinking and a willingness to brainstorm while working within a team.
  • Understanding the company’s work culture and vision and communicating the same to the staff and the customers.

Position reports to:

  • Product Director
  • Product Marketing Director
  • Product Engineer

How Much Does a Product Owner Make?

Based on an average of seven job search/salary research websites, the starting salary of a Product Owner is $70,074/year in the USA, while the average salary is $101,790, and the higher paid ones make $137,903.

In Conclusion

A Product Owner works as the product’s soul. Their job is to ensure that the products launched in the market meet the consumer base’s requirements and expectations.

It is also because of the Product Owner that the product development connects various areas of the company.

This Product Owner job description sample will help you create a job application to attract the best-qualified candidates for the role. Feel free to use this outline for you and your company’s hiring purposes.

Ensure to send your comments and needs for whatever improvements you suggest to this Product Owner job description. Also, let us know if you need help on any other similar job posting, and we will post it here as soon as possible.

Skills Required

Business Intelligence, Customer Service, Global Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Niche Marketing, Product Marketing
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