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Sales Operations Analyst Job Description

A sales operations analyst is a professional who plays an essential role in sales operations, from managing a set of business activities, developing well-structured sales processes including analytics, creating a sales strategy, evaluating the team’s performance, and helping sales operations to go efficiently and effectively in support of business strategies and objectives.

Let’s learn more about Sales Operations Analysts, their roles and responsibilities, and why they play a crucial part in the growth of organizations in detail.

What is a Sales Operations Analyst?

The age of data science is here, and every company is struggling to design data-driven sales strategies. Sales operations analysts combine technology, data, product knowledge, and passion for sales to enable companies to design and implement winning sales strategies.

Sales operations analysts work with all key departments to oversee the operations and workflow related to sales.

Thus, they collect, organize, analyze, interpret and present sales-related data to enable the marketing team and top decision-makers to understand the key insights into which strategies are working, which ones are failing, and what needs to be done to improve the working process. Further, the sales operations analyst must present unexploited business opportunities which can be pursued to boost the company’s revenue.

What Does a Sales Operations Analyst Do?

A Sales Operations Analyst is the key bearer of the sales process in an organization. This position is a strategic role in putting to life the sales strategies of an organization and ensuring the sales activities are geared toward meeting the organization’s strategic plan. Further, the Sales Operations Analyst must manage the business activities and processes like tracking sales, managing sales data, supporting the processing of commission, evaluating the general health of the sales process, and preparing the sales reports required for top decision-makers.

Sales analysts must analyze the operation performance metrics to understand the underlying trends in the sales of a product. These metrics are then evaluated against the company’s projected metrics to understand the measures to fast-track the performance. As the lead strategic implementer, the sales operations analyst must ensure harmony between the tactical, strategic, and operational plans. By aligning these strategies, they ensure that there is focus, consistency, and synergy in the organization, which is a prerequisite for success.

Sales Operations Analyst’s Job Description Sample

The primary goal of a sales operations analyst is to harmonize data, science, sales process, and product features to ensure the organization’s purposes are attained. For instance, if the organization has been experiencing reduced sales, the sales operations analyst must set out to understand the root course of the problem.

They would conduct intensive product and market research, including competitor analysis, analyze the data, and prepare an informative report explaining the cause and the necessary steps to reverse the situation.

Sales Operation Analyst’s Job Responsibilities

  • Conducting sales training for the sales team, supervisors, and senior management.
  • Collaborating with IT to design and manage an effective CRM system to keep track of sales leads and prospects.
  • Prepare, present and distribute data interpretations to improve communication.
  • Harnessing technology in the sales process removes hindrances in market entry and boosts market share and revenue.
  • Perform analysis of the inventory, sales practices, and rate of turnover.
  • Conducting data analysis and providing insightful reports to support informed decision-making and strategic planning process.
  • Give reports on revenue-related metrics to assist in assigning human resources to the appropriate department.
  • Analyzing the data to provide impactful visualization and dashboards to ensure complex data are understood and product efficiency to give the sales team the output needed to plan marketing activities.
  • Appraising the sell-out and stock-out levels and sharing with the production and logistic department to ensure adequate inventory is obtained and delivered to clients on time.
  • Recruiting and training data analysts and sales operations associates.

Sales Operations Analyst Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in business management with a strong background in marketing.
  • Competence in data science and data analysis with a strong background in data analysis tools.
  • Proven work experience in leading the sales force, maintaining a CRM system, and designing winning sales strategies.
  • Advanced Excel knowledge working with large data-set.
  • Detailed, organized, and good with numbers.
  • Passionate about customer service and strives to provide exceptional customer service.
  • Strong presentation and communication skills.
  • Creative with the ability to develop new ideas and solutions.
  • Sales-driven.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Ability to work in teams.

Reports to

  • Sales Director
  • Sales Managers

How Much Does a Sales Operations Analyst Make?

Based on an average of five job search/salary research websites shows that the starting salary is $ 49,695 in the USA. In contrast, the average salary is $ 73,553, and the higher-paid one makes $ 110,879.25.


The Sales Operations Analyst must undertake qualitative analysis of the data, which is why a strong background in data analysis is a qualification required for this job. By launching qualitative research, the sales analysts can present alternative solutions or strategies to achieve a target. The Sales Analyst can recommend improving the organization’s operations based on the results.

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Skills Required

Advanced Excel, Big Data, Business Intelligence, CRM, Database Software, Global Marketing, KPI, Marketing Research
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