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Technical Business Analyst Job Description

The Technical Business Analyst’s main job is to ensure constant improvement in the process, products, services, or systems in the organization. The Technical Business Analyst uses data to bridge the gap between information technology and the process by recommending data-driven procedures that can be adopted to ensure the organization meets its objectives. Using data analysis, the technical business analysts assess the business process, determine the requirements, and give a report to the stakeholders on how the organization can improve its operations.
By engaging with the major stakeholders, they communicate the role of data science in enhancing an organization’s operations.

They analyze the system or products to understand the underlying challenges or inefficiencies and come up with ideas on how the inefficiency can be removed. This requires them to articulate their recommendations or ideas to the top management.

Organizational vision, the allocated resources, the feasibility of the idea, and the overall macroeconomic factors must be considered while making the recommendation to ensure budgetary, resources, and legal framework is incorporated in the presented ideas. Further, the idea must be technologically, legally, financially, and socially feasible for it to be accepted by the organization.

Depending on their expertise and knowledge, the technical business analyst can give ideas to improve the products, software, hardware, services, products, or processes in the organization

What does a Technical Business Analyst do?

The Technical Business Analyst uses data to assess the process, products, services, or system of an organization to determine the business requirements and offer a recommendation to stakeholders on what measures to take to improve.

This position requires a tech-savvy professional who is passionate about systems and process improvement. They identify the opportunities for digital transformation and using data, justify to the top management why exploring these opportunities is economically, technologically, and financially viable. Further, using the data, they demonstrate to the management how technology can create value for the organization.

Technical Business Analyst Job Description Sample

The Technical Business Analysts’ core objective is to improve productivity from the operations perspective. Thus, they analyze the operations, teams, systems, and processes to identify the weak link in productivity and implement measures to streamline and enhance productivity. For instance, if an organization is facing a persistent problem of stock-out in the market, technical business analysts would seek to understand the course of the problem.

He would examine the production department, the distribution channel, the warehousing, and all the players in the supply chain to understand how they link.

The key focus of this examination is to identify the weak links in the supply chain, which are contributing to stock-out. If the analysts discover that the stock-out is caused by late deliveries due to an inadequate transport system, he/she would recommend that the transport is outsourced to a transport company. This way, the organization can focus on production and marketing.

Technical Business Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct system analysis like software, hardware, and product or service analysis to ensure that the system is operating at the optimum level.
  • Determining the efficiency and functionality of systems and processes in liaison with other stakeholders including the end-users, management, supply chain, and others.
  • Integrating new systems, applications, programs, methods, customer portals, or software with the business operation to ensure there is a harmonious transition in the organization.
  • Analyze and improve the performance of customer portals and other online systems.
  • Improving the user experience of the end-users when installing new systems, processes, or applications.
  • Interviewing the end-user, employees, management, and other stakeholders to understand areas of weakness and develop a mechanism to address the challenges.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the product licenses to ensure compliance with the law and general regulations in the industry.
  • Constantly update and enhance the systems to ensure compatibility with new operating systems and other industry improvements.
  • Promote the efficiency of the system by integrating performance metrics, security, encryption, and other measures to promote system integrity.

Technical Business Analyst Skills/Abilities/Knowledge

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, or a similar field.
  • Accreditation certificate in data analysis from a reputable organization.
  • Extensive experience in technical business analysis.
  • Proven competence in advanced programming languages including SQL, system integration solutions, and others
  • Demonstrated ability to facilitate end-user proficiency.
  • Ability to design, maintain and improve internal business operations.
  • Team leader with demonstrated ability to lead a tech-savvy team.
  • Solid knowledge of relevant technology concepts (i.e., client-server, mainframe)

Technical Business Analyst Reports to

  • PMO Director

What’s the Salary of a Technical Business Analyst?

Based on an average of six job search/salary research websites, shows that the starting salary is $ 37435.83 per year in the USA, while the median salary is $ 89,801.33 and the highest makes $ 182,949.30.


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Skill Required

Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Global Marketing, SQL, Statistics
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