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Visual Designer Job Description

A visual designer is a vital position for a company’s internet presence. She is responsible for creating visually appealing designs for the company’s website.

Today’s internet marketing space is competitive, and there’s a lot of room for brands to experiment with visual content. As a result, every company needs creative visual designers. Let’s take a closer look at the position.

What Is a Visual Designer Position?

A visual designer works closely with the IT and business teams. She collaborates with them to discuss new design ideas and data visualization.

The responsibilities of a visual designer include creating graphics and designs for various platforms. These include designs for the website to brand merchandise. A visual designer first submits designs for approval. Once he gets the approval, she works with the IT team to integrate his designs with the campaign.

A visual designer either works for a company or under a marketing agency. The skills of most visual designers are often specific to a sector. That’s why companies look for candidates with a strong niche.

A visual designer creates eye-catching designs for the company to make the company stand out on the internet. As a visual designer, you will need to stay in touch with design trends in the industry. Also, you have to be familiar with the latest software.

What Does a Visual Designer Do?

A visual designer creates designs that fit the brand image. However, creating eye-catching designs is not enough.

The graphic or design should perfectly fit the brand and the campaign. However, they can make the most relevant designs only if they understand the brand and their customers. That’s why they start by collaborating with the business teams to learn more about the products.

A visual designer also requires good communication skills. She has to interact with various teams and participate in brainstorming sessions.

When working for an agency, she needs to understand the client’s preferences. Only then can he create designs that portray the brand image with clarity.

The work of a visual designer has got to do a lot with detail. From the color palette to font sizes, they keep an eye on every detail. They also have a keen eye for factors such as contrast and color balance. It is this attention to detail that helps them create visually appealing designs.

Visual Designer Job Description

The visual designer is mainly concerned with creating designs for the company’s website. She first submits a rough draft of the design to the product manager. Later, she makes changes as suggested. She also works with other designers to improve the visual aspects of the designs. The job of a visual designer needs you to have a keen eye for detail. After all, it is the most important quality for a designer.

Visual Designer Job Responsibilities

  • Work with the IT team to align designs with website functionality.
  • Keep track of the industry trends and designs that are catching eyes on the internet.
  • Edit designs based on the feedback from the project team.
  • Design original graphics with unique fonts and styles that capture the brand image.
  • Work on creating logos for the company on various platforms, including social media.
  • Submit new design ideas for approval and brainstorming within the stipulated deadline.
  • Collaborate with other designers to create a multichannel visual strategy for the brand.
  • Work with graphic designers to work on visual elements on the created designs.
  • Collaborate on making the company’s website easy to access and read for visitors.
  • Work with other designers to ensure a consistent style on the company’s website.
  • Translate the brand’s vision into interactive designs that the audience can relate to.
  • Present rough drafts to product managers and make changes as advised.

Visual Designer Skills/Abilities/Knowledge

  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, visual arts, or a related field.
  • Two or more years of experience as a visual designer or a similar position.
  • A knack for the visual medium and an understanding of how colors affect human psychology.
  • Good working knowledge of visual design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Excellent communication skills and the courage to share unique ideas.
  • The ability to learn new tools quickly and keep up with a fast-paced working environment.
  • The ability to work on multiple projects in collaboration with different teams.
  • Respect for deadlines and doing giving the best possible output in time.
  • The ability to work independently and as well as part of a team.
  • A keen eye for detail to ensure well-finished designs for the company’s website.

What’s the Salary of a Visual Designer ?

Based on an average of six job search/salary research websites, the starting salary of a Visual Designer is $41,354/year in the USA, while the average salary is $ 79,603, and the higher paid ones make $126,132.

In Conclusion

To accomplish their responsibilities, a visual designer needs excellent knowledge in design, and also good communication skills since the professional will interact with various teams and participate in brainstorming sessions.

This Visual Design job description sample will help you create a job application to attract the best-qualified candidates for the role. Feel free to copy, alter, and use this outline for you and your company’s purposes and goals.

Ensure to send your comments and needs for whatever improvements you suggest to this Visual Design job description. Also, let us know if you need help on any other similar job posting, and we will post it here as soon as possible.

Skills Required

Advertising, Brand Marketing, CRO, Customer Service, Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Field Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, Product Marketing, UI/UX, Web Design
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