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What is iProspect?

iProspect is a marketing agency with more than 4,600 digital experts, focusing on evidence-based performance services. Their services are performance activation (Paid search, SEO, programmatic, etc.), experience optimization (SEO, CRO, content), and platform capabilities (analytics, CRM, among others).

iProspect Services

Using data, expertise, and technology, Iprospect creates personalized and connected experiences that deliver transformative business outcomes. They provide clients integrated marketing solutions that can be scaled as their business grows.

Platform Capabilities
Platform Capabilities

Site Analytics Advanced Attribution, Site and UX Management, Report and Insights, CRM

Experience Optimization
Experience Optimization

SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Intelligent Content, Voice and Assistant Management

Performance Activation
Performance Activation

Paid Search, Paid Social, SEO, Programmatic, Commerce, Affiliate Marketing



Headquarter Information

One South Station Suite 300 Boston, Massachusetts 02110 United States
+1 617.449.4300

All Locations

Boston, MA . Chicago, IL . Detroit, MI . Fort Worth, TX . Los Angeles, CA . New York, NY . Raleigh, NC . San Diego, CA

iProspect Case Studies

Sunglass Hut
SunglassHut Case Study

Working closely with Google and iProspect, SGH used a mix of attribution technology, geo-testing, CRM, and store sales data, along with third-party beta tests to correlate digital media to in-store visits. They built a model that used a multiplier to more accurately gauge how digital dollars impact offline sales.


- The overall improvement to business ROI led to the decision to shift media and increase digital by 25% YoY.

Chevy Purple Case Study

The agency designed an integrated campaign to help Chevrolet and the American Cancer Society drive awareness of World Cancer Day on February 4th. The concept included strong creative content (Purple Your Profile), supported by a paid media strategy.


- Changed their Facebook profile photo purple: 1.3 M
- Changed their Twitter profile to purple: 700k
- New likes on Chevrolet’s Facebook page: +467%
- Paid media impressions: 1.5 B

iProspect Mission

To be the most influential business performance agency and a true partner to our clients, helping them reshape their businesses to meet the demands of this convergent world.

iProspect Testimonials

“This campaign exceeded Microsoft’s every
expectation. We were able to increase spending
without compromising efficiency, and in fact
cut our customer acquisition cost by 27%. The
scale and rigor of the testing, highly
sophisticated and integrated use of data for
segmentation, and scope of our creative
personalization against those newly
segmented audiences were incredible - unlike
anything we’d attempted before.”

Lyamen Savy
Sr. Marketing Manager Microsoft - Office 365

"We needed to find a way to significantly reduce our customer acquisition costs so we approached our SEM strategy with a blank slate. We asked ourselves: What would our strategy look like if we built it from the ground up, with only the customer in mind, and didn’t have to limit ourselves to our organizational structure? iProspect was able to use their expertise to design a new structure which reduced our customer acquisition costs by 60%."

Furrukh Jawaid
General Motors National Manager