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10 Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities

Public utilities services.

Job roles in public utilities can be highly rewarding. Working in this industry involves ensuring that all critical services are available to the public. In fact, some of the best paying jobs in public utilities are very lucrative. So, it makes total sense for one to look for jobs in the industry.

In this article, we will talk about the best paying jobs in public utilities. We will also list the skills you need for a career in the field. In a world where it is incredibly tough to find a well-paying job, public utilities are the industry to work in with a diverse set of job opportunities.

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, there is always a job in the industry. It is a field that can be the go-to for anyone looking to kickstart a lucrative career. First, let us understand what exactly is the public utility sector.

Methodology: The salaries have been sourced from,, and We have also conducted secondary research before regarding the payscale.

Public Utilities: An Industry with Diverse Job Opportunities

Public Utilities include services that are vital for day-to-day life. The best paying jobs in the industry are in electricity, communication, water supply, etc. Naturally, these services are important for any community to sustain itself. The great thing about jobs in the industry is that the demand for professionals is always there.

On the educational front, some jobs in the industry require a college degree. Yet, there are other jobs that one can land without a degree. This is because many jobs in public utilities involve on-the-job training, making it an easy industry to get into.

Naturally, there is a wide array of opportunities in the industry. So, you have ample room to identify a job that suits your set of skills. Whatever job you may choose, a well-paying career in the industry is never far away.

So, without further ado, let us dive right into the best paying jobs in public utilities and find one for you! There are lots of different jobs available. Don’t forget to take a look at the salary.

Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities (Between $95K and $125K)

1. Gas Controller

A Gas Controller works for big Oil & Gas companies. They also monitor live pipeline data and respond to the readings. Adjusting Temperature, Flow Rate, and Pressure in the gas chamber is also part of the role. Monitoring equipment and suggesting improvements is also one of their responsibilities.

In other words, a Gas Controller helps fuel the world. The great thing about this role is that one doesn’t always need a Bachelor’s degree. But higher education will help you excel further in a career in the field.

The average annual salary of a Gas Controller is $121, 375. It is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities and is much easier to land as compared to other jobs on the list. So, do check if your skills suit the role.

2. Substation Engineer

In this role, one needs to know how to develop efficient equipment for electric systems. They also perform an audit and review of the quality of the existing equipment. This role also needs one to work with electricians to repair transformers, electric circuits, etc. Designing support systems is also part of this role.

For this role, one needs a degree in Electrical Engineering. Sound technical knowledge is a must for this role. Innovative thinking and organizational skills will also be a huge plus for this job role. After all, it requires one to be well-versed in problem-solving.

Strong written and oral communication skills are also vital for the role. On average, this role earns you $120,253 every year in the United States. The salary may differ based on qualification, years of experience, etc. It is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities with lots of perks as well.

3. Wind Site Manager

Running a Wind Farm involves several operations. The Site Manager is there to ensure these operations go on as smoothly as possible. Utility Companies or Power Producers hire for this role. And that’s where the Wind Farm Manager comes in.

This role also needs one to ensure safety on the wind farm. They make sure everyone working on the site is sticking to the regulations. In short, this role needs one to oversee the daily operations at a Wind Farm. Naturally, one also needs to be a strong leader in order to work in this role. One also needs good communication skills for the role.

On average, a Wind Farm Manager earns $97,500 per annum. It is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities and also comes with employee benefits. The salary will differ based on your experience.

4. Power Plant Engineer

A Power Plant Engineer oversees the manufacturing aspect of the power plant. They make sure that all the important systems are working well. Repairing the plant equipment is also an important aspect of a Power Plant Engineer’s job.

For this role, one typically needs a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Familiarity with power plant practices and designs is also needed for one to do well in the job. Strong Communication and Supervisor skills are also important in this role.

Preventive maintenance also forms a major part of a Plant Engineer’s role. They monitor any loopholes in the system and work on them before they cause a larger issue. It is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities with an average annual salary of $97,163. Any added certification and better skills can also mean higher pay and perks in this role.

Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities (Between $70K and $95K)

5. Nuclear Licensing Engineer

Safety is vital in every nuclear plant. Naturally, it needs experts to keep an eye out for safety. That’s where this job role comes in. In this role, you make sure that the nuclear facility complies with the regulations. They also respond to emergencies and ensure minimum damage.

One must complete a training course at a Nuclear Facility for this role. Also, a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field is a minimum for one to work in this profile. Any experience with Nuclear Energy will work in the candidate’s favor. There is a lot of room for growth in this role. If you have the

In this job, one can earn $86,865 every year. Any added skills or certifications can add to the salary and are seen as a big advantage. So, if Nuclear Energy is your field of expertise, this can be just the job for you. After all, it also ensures constant career growth.

6. Water Engineer

A Water Engineer designs pumping systems, stations, and pipelines. They also suggest efficient water treatment methods. As Water Engineer, you will have to travel a lot and work in different weather conditions. They also conduct a cost analysis to suggest pocket-friendly ways to treat water.

In a nutshell, they make sure that we get clean and impurity-free water. This role requires one to work both from the office and on-field. In some situations, one might also have to respond to emergencies as well.

The average annual salary of a Water Engineer is $93,5115 in the United States, making it one of the best paying jobs in Public Utilities. Again, the salary will differ based on the years of experience one has.

7. Radiation Engineer

A Radiation Engineer checks how radiation impacts the environment around a nuclear power plant. They conduct experiments and research to gauge the effect of radiation. Preparing reports of systems and equipment before and after they come into contact with nuclear radiation is also part of their job. Naturally, the job needs you.

They also find out better, more efficient ways to use nuclear power. In order to get this role, one needs an advanced degree in Engineering or Physics. They also test harness designs and develop test plans.

On average, a Radiation Engineer makes somewhere around $92,000 every year. It is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities. You also need good experience in working in the industry. It is a role with many perks and benefits.

8. Renewable Energy Managers

The Public Utility sector is quickly moving toward sustainable sources of energy. Naturally, there is a special need for managers in the sector. A Renewable Energy Manager is one such job opportunity to be had. It is a well-paying job with lots of room for growth.

The job responsibilities in this role include devising strategies to use sustainable resources of energy. These include Wind, Water, Solar, and other sources of energy. It is a job that allows you to contribute to a safer planet. One for those who want to give back to society.

Working in this role will need you to have a degree in Environmental Science. An advanced degree in a related field is preferred by employers. The annual average salary in this role is $81,212, making it one of the best paying jobs in public utilities.

9. Utilities Manager

As a Utility Manager, your key responsibilities include managing power, sewer, and water systems. In this role, one has to make sure that all the infrastructure is up to the mark to support the services. Attending to any outages and complaints is also part of the job.

They also devise ways to improve the quality and reduce the cost of these daily services. This role also needs skills as they need to manage a team of technicians. Identifying customer needs and making important changes is also part of the job. Communication is one thing that you need to be sound with in order to do well in this role.

One needs good experience in the industry to be chosen for this role. The salary for the role depends on qualifications, the employer, skills, and so on. It is one of the best paying jobs in this industry with an average annual salary of $79,111.

10. Pipeline Controller

As Pipeline Controller, you will be responsible for checking pipelines for leaks. Monitoring and controlling Pipeline systems are some things that this role entails. They are also tasked with responding to emergencies and ensuring minimum damage. Coming up with safer technology for pipelines is also part of the role.

Observational Skills and a keen eye for detail are vital for one to do well in this job role. A certain level of knowledge in pipeline operations is also vital for one to get hired as an Operator. Also, they must be able to communicate their ideas and concerns properly.

The average annual salary of a Pipeline Controller is $71,200, making it one of the best paying jobs in public utilities. The salary for this role depends on years of experience, qualifications, etc.

All Set for a Career in Public Utilities

This was the list of the best paying jobs in public utilities. As you saw, there is a wide array of opportunities out there. From highly-technical roles to simpler managerial roles, the industry has everything. All you need to do is get your resume ready and apply for the role of your choice.

Jobs in the industry also allow people to give back to the community. So, apart from the good pay, one also gets to help and assist people in need. For a career in this industry, one should be able to plan, organize and communicate.

All you need to do is search for jobs in the industry and apply online. But before that, identify the role that suits your needs the best. After all, some roles in the industry require specialized degrees while others don’t. You can pick and choose among different roles in the industry.

There is also significant room for career growth in public utilities. So you will not feel stuck in your career. We wish you all the best and hope you find your pick from these best paying jobs in public utilities!

Happy Job Hunting!

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