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What is “Six Figures”? Learn About 30 Six-Figure Jobs You Never Imagined

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Everyone hopes to get a well-paying job and they heard about six figures, but never paid attention to it, until they face the job market. Also, all of us are aware of the usual options—doctor, banker, lawyer, accountant, engineer. We can see that you have begun yawning already. Do not worry; however, this article will not talk in detail about the career paths listed above. Instead, we will look at some unusual and offbeat six-figure jobs that you might not have heard of. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

  1. What is “Six Figures”?
  2. How Much Are Six Figures?
  3. How Common Is A 6-Figure Salary?
  4. Is a 6-Figure Salary Possible?
  5. Is a 6-Figure Salary Possible For An Entrepreneur?
  6. How To Make Six Figures?
  7. What Is The Average Age To Make Six Figures?
  8. Jobs That Pay Six Figures That You May Not Know
  9. Six Figures Through Side Gigs
  10. How To Make Six Figures Working From Home?

What is “Six Figures”?

For many people, six figures are the Holy Grail of income. It seems unattainable, but it’s not. If you want to know what six figures look like, read on.

A six-figure income can range from $100,000 to $990,999 per year.

This income level is commonly referred to as a six-figure salary. In general, six figures is the cut-off point for mid-level professionals: doctors, lawyers, accountants, and so on.

However, this income range is also common among self-employed individuals who are earning a high income from one or more sources. The vast majority of people who earn a six-figure income have a mix of salaried and self-employed work. The salaried work then provides the foundation for other self-employed work.

A six-figure income can afford a comfortable lifestyle, including a nice car and a nice home. But it’s not just about the money. A six-figure income also gives you the opportunity to live a better life. You can travel more, work less in the future if the money is well managed, and enjoy your life more.

If you want to know more about other salary figures, check out these two articles:

How Much Are Six Figures?

A six-figure income is usually considered to be $100,000 or more per year. It can also refer to a net worth between 100K and $999K/year.

Know what six-figure income means to your industry. This is not an easy topic, as many fields have different standards for what six figures mean in terms of annual salary or revenue. It’s important to know how much you can make if you choose the gig economy.

If you are just starting out, focus on building a portfolio and getting some experience in your field. Spend time educating yourself about the gig economy so that when opportunities come up you can be prepared for them.

How Common Is A 6-Figure Salary?

There’s something about the notion of a 6 figure salary that conjures up images of success and luxury. It’s no wonder why so many people are aspiring to make the jump from their current paychecks to a 6 figure salary. But how common is it?

Recent reports suggest that, while still relatively uncommon, there has been an increase in the number of individuals earning 6 figures over recent years. This is mainly due to high demand for certain industries such as technology and finance – which often require specialized training and experience – but also due to more employers offering salaries above this amount. Furthermore, certain cities have higher numbers than others; Seattle, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley are at the top of the list globally when it comes to 6 figure salaries.

All in all, a 6 figure salary may still be far away for many individuals.

Is a 6-Figure Salary Possible?

A six-figure salary may seem like an elusive goal, but with hard work and the right education, it is possible! Working towards a six-figure salary means setting lofty goals and having a plan in place to get there. It also requires dedication, commitment, and ambition.

Getting an education can take you far on your journey to achieving a six-figure income. Those who have higher educational degrees often have access to more job opportunities that pay higher salaries. With some research and planning, one can find an area of study that will provide them with the best chance of achieving their financial goals.

It takes dedication and hard work to achieve success in any field—and earning a six-figure salary is no exception! With the right attitude and approach, anyone can make their dreams of earning this kind of money come true.

Is a 6-Figure Salary Possible For An Entrepreneur?

It’s no secret that many entrepreneurs dream of achieving the ultimate financial success, particularly a six-figure income. But is it truly possible for an entrepreneur to make 6 digits? The answer is YES! With some hard work, dedication, and smart decisions, you can join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who are making six figures or more through their businesses.

Achieving a 6 figure salary as an entrepreneur requires more than just luck; it takes thoughtful planning and consistent effort. You must have a clear understanding of your target market, offer products or services that meet their needs, and develop an effective marketing strategy to reach them. Additionally, having key skills like networking and negotiating will help you generate business opportunities that can lead to greater revenue streams.

How To Make Six Figures?

Here are some basic ideas:

  1. Start by looking at what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing.
  2. Pursue a career in what you love doing.
  3. Work hard for a company that pays employees based on meritocracy.
  4. Search for jobs that pay well and plan a career change or improvement.
  5. Work on a side project to make extra money.
  6. If you are a freelancer, be flexible and take on different gigs with the same skill set in different sectors.
  7. Create a marketing plan for yourself that includes online, social media, and blog posts about your freelance work and how it helps people as well as how it helps your business grow.

You can consult the following articles to get more information1:

What is The Average Age To Make Six Figures?

A 2014 study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that people generally need to work for an average of around 10 years before they’ve reached a six-figure income.

If you want to reach six figures, it will likely take you several years of hard work. However, if you have the dedication and skills necessary to make six figures as an independent contractor, it is possible for anyone to do so.

How fast you can get to a 6-figure depends on several factors, including the location of the job, how much time you’re able to invest in the job, how many clients you’re working with, and how exclusive the job you’re working on, among other factors.

Jobs That Pay Six Figures That You May Not Know

Six-Figure Jobs Related to Health

We will look at the 30 jobs that are either unusual, or you have never thought about it, or you never imagine they would be a 6-figure job. Please note that we have not arranged these jobs in ascending or descending order of salary.

six fihure jobs in healthcare
There are many options for that six-figure job.

Medical and Health Services Manager

Medical and health services managers are employed in the healthcare industry. However, they do not deliver clinical treatment. Instead, they focus on the management and control of healthcare and related organizations.

These professionals, often referred to as health care executives or administrators, may create budgets, supervise hiring choices, and establish strategic objectives for a hospital, clinic, or other related institutions.

One needs a bachelor’s degree to become a medical and health services manager. However, bigger businesses prefer to recruit someone with a master’s degree. Health administration, health management, and business administration are all degree choices in this area.

Managers may start in a clinical profession, like nursing. But later, they may move up the ranks and take administrative roles.

The median pay for a medical and health services manager is slightly greater than $100,000 annually.


During medical operations, anesthesiologists give local and general anesthesia and keep track of the patient’s vital signs.

It’s a good idea to start preparing for your future profession as an anesthesiologist in high school. To do this, one must enroll in advanced biology and chemistry courses and do volunteer work in hospitals.

An anesthesiologist requires four years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school, an internship, and three to four years of residency. For training in a subspecialty like pain management, cardiac anesthesiology, or critical care medicine, many choose to complete an additional fellowship year.

Anesthesiologists earn more than $325,000 a year on average.


A veterinarian is a doctor who safeguards the health and welfare of both people and animals. Animals that are ill or damaged are treated, and diseases are identified and controlled. They also advise owners on how to take care of their animals and pets.

six figure job of a vet
The six-figure jobs other than the most famous ones could be fun.

Veterinarians offer a wide range of services in many fields. These include private practice, education, research, government service, public health, the military, private enterprise, and so on.

Vets make close to $100,000 on average annually.


These doctors examine and treat problems with the rectum and colon. Patients may experience tears or terrible constipation. People also know proctologists as colorectal surgeons. They have some of the highest salaries of any profession in medicine.

Sports Chiropractors

Sports chiropractors earn more than $175,000 a year on average. They specialize in diagnosing and treating ailments connected to sports/athletic performance.

They have experience developing treatment regimens that enable athletes to return to their sport more quickly and are experts in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Clinical Ethicist

To assist physicians, patients, and families in making educated decisions, a clinical ethicist must have an objective stance on specific medical matters. 

People frequently have wildly divergent but vehement beliefs on topics like cloning and stem cell research. As a clinical ethicist, you would offer a fair analysis of a situation to assist everyone involved in making the best choice.

A master’s or doctoral degree in medical ethics or a comparable subject is required for this position.

They make more than six figures each year on average.


A podiatrist is a healthcare provider who evaluates and operates on the lower legs, ankles, and feet. Podiatrists are qualified to identify and treat conditions affecting the foot and prevent and treat deformities.

They also heal infections and ease foot pain. You must graduate from a recognized podiatric medical college to practice as a podiatrist. Podiatrists make more than $115,000 on average each year.


A dentist who focuses on the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease is known as a periodontist. In addition to being trained to install dental implants, a periodontist is a specialist in their maintenance and repair.

These specialists are masters in treating oral inflammation but also manage trickier dental issues, including severe gum disease.

You must graduate from dental school and additional three years of specialized training to become a periodontist. They make more than $185,000 a year on average.

Unusual Six-Figure Jobs Related to Technology

Let’s talk about tech. These jobs are not only unique, but they are also so specific that you must not know the so here we are to show you.

Ethical Hacker

A certified ethical hacker is arguably one of the most significant roles in the technology and cyber security business. Still, since these hackers operate covertly, you probably haven’t heard of them.

All sectors of the economy require ethical hacking experts. They deliberately break into computers and other systems to look for vulnerabilities.

Ethical hackers earn more than $100,000 a year on average

Computer Network Architect

They run the foundations on which computer systems are built. Also, they design network architectures and strategies, pick network gear, and perform updates as new technology becomes available.

It’s a technical job that often requires a computer science bachelor’s degree and professional experience.

Computer network architects have not only a six-figure median pay but also a meager unemployment rate.

Data Scientist

Data scientists decide what questions their team should be asking and then work out how to use data to respond to those questions. They frequently create predictive models for forecasting and theorizing.

They also work on spotting trends in data. Additionally, they use AI and ML algorithms to enhance services or product offerings. Data scientists make more than $115,000 a year on average.

Information Security Analyst

An area with a large number of positions and job titles is the technology sector. Information security analysts are trained personnel. They work on designing and implementing security measures for systems and networks.

Also, they study the most recent security technologies, keep an eye out for breaches, and instruct system users on security procedures.

Information security analysts require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Some employers prefer a master’s degree when hiring analysts. Professionals may prove their knowledge by obtaining a voluntary certification, such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

The average and median pay of an information systems analyst is over $100,000 a year (Other sources:

Unusual Six-Figure Jobs Related to Business

Now that we have seen some first five six-figure jobs, let us focus on the following five job options in this section. Some of them, like the financial manager, are common but you never thought they could pay you well. Others are just unknown, such as Chief Listening Officer. What do they have in common? They all can pay you high dollars.


A marketing career path can take you to top dollars. Starting as a marketing intern you can go up to CMO, but already as a manager or as a director, you can make six figures. A director of marketing can make up to $150K, and in some companies even more!

Financial Professionals

Financial managers assist in enhancing a business’s financial stability. They evaluate and create financial reports, keep an eye on the books for their business, and make financial projections.

Financial managers aim to increase their organization’s profitability while also searching for new market opportunities.

Financial managers make close to $100,000 a year on average.

Training and Development Managers

They devise, organize, and oversee employee skill- and knowledge-upgrading initiatives. Training and development managers work in practically every industry.

Usually, they have jobs full-time and interact with others frequently. Some people work over forty hours a week. They often require a bachelor’s or master’s degree and relevant professional experience.

On average, training and development managers earn more than $96,000 a year, whereas their median pay is higher than $120,000.

Petroleum Engineer

Even though renewable energy is growing, oil and gas won’t go away soon. And petroleum engineers will continue to be in demand as long as these resources are required. This personnel is compensated well to assist businesses in safely and effectively extracting oil and gas resources.

Many petroleum engineers hold specialized bachelor’s degrees in the field. However, those with degrees in other engineering specialties like civil, mechanical, or chemical engineering might also be able to find employment. However, some employers may prefer people who have a master’s degree.

Petroleum engineers make more than $120,000 a year on average.

Business Operations Manager

To oversee departments and daily operations, every business needs an operations manager. Business operations managers may be tasked with various duties, such as employing staff, keeping an eye on finances, and creating long-term strategies.

Anyone considering a career in business should give these attractive positions a second look, given the low unemployment rate and typical six-figure compensation.

Either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration may be sought after by employers. Those with substantial job experience may also qualify for company operations manager positions regardless of their educational background.

They earn close to $100,000 on average annually.

Toy Designer

A toy designer develops and puts into practice toy ideas. Usually, he gets his inspiration from his imagination or observing another toy or product.

A toy designer could be a freelancer, a contractor, or an employee of a small or big toy factory. Toy designers make more than $65,000 a year on average. However, if your toy becomes popular, you could earn more than $100,000 a year.

toy designer six-figure salary
Every job will come with its own challenges and fun.

Chief Listening Officer

Since social networking is the center of this position, you should concentrate on blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and other sites like a social media manager would.

You monitor all social media platforms to find out the social media chatter about your business. You then communicate client feedback, suggestions for new products, or complaints to the various divisions within your company.

Chief listening officers must have excellent active listening abilities since they must listen objectively to customers and staff. These officers should be very analytical in assessing employee and customer feedback and offer pertinent advice.

Finally, chief listening officers must be skilled at persuading organizational management to follow their suggestions.

While a chief listening officer’s exact pay range is not mentioned, top executives’ median pay is close to $180,000.

Six-Figure Jobs Related to Social And Environmental Responsibility You May Not Have Heard Of

Since we are talking about unusual and different six-figure jobs, here we list three more related to one of the most desired in modern days, social and environmental responsibility.

Diversity and Inclusion Managers

You will create plans to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture in your capacity as a diversity and inclusion manager. Developing new corporate rules that support the diverse group will also fall under your purview.

You should know about labor and human rights laws to be successful in this position. Diversity and inclusion managers should be able to address difficult situations. Also, they should have good communication and time management skills.

Diversity and inclusion managers make more than $92,000 a year on average. However, in prominent organizations such as Gap and Meta, this is well into six figures.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers help to develop renewable energy sources, maximize the use of already-existing materials, and optimize the utilization of natural resources. They create systems and procedures for reducing pollution and eliminating contamination. Their median salary is close to $100,000.

Golf Ball Divers

Golf ball divers are skilled recyclers who recover golf balls before cleaning, repackaging, and reselling them. They have a formal meeting with the golf course’s owner or management to discuss the job’s details before they start working there.

For instance, the diver must pay a fee to participate in the course’s pond harvesting opportunity. The diver and the course agent must agree on a price and decide whether to accept cash, salvaged golf balls, or both forms of payment.

Golf ball divers can earn up to $150,000 a year. However, it is not a stable income.

Six-Figure Jobs That We Bet You Never Thought About It

We finished up the first sections of our list in this section. It is now time to show you the crème de la crème. The jobs you most probably haven’t thought about, either because you don’t know they exist or because you never thought about pursuing this career.

makeup artist
You may get an opportunity to work with celebrities – based on your career path.

Feng-Shui Consultant

Ancient Chinese art, science, and philosophy are all incorporated into the practice of feng shui. Consider this vocation if you have a lot of energy and wish to aid others in finding balance.

Feng shui consultants go to the homes and workplaces of their clients to find ways to arrange objects in a manner that promotes harmony and organization.

One can take up numerous online certifications to pursue a career as a Feng Shui consultant. The most considerable earning potential is in the six -figures for those who charge a higher hourly rate and work with celebrities such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more.

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist enhances human beauty using cosmetic procedures and techniques. Its most basic form involves utilizing cosmetics to improve someone’s look by emphasizing their features and colors while concealing or minimizing defects.

Extreme makeup applications can provide innovative characters and special effects for theatre, cinema, television, and other visual media.

Makeup artists can work in broadcast radio, television, motion pictures, and video, as well as in theatre and performance. Their median salary is close to $135,000 a year.

Airline Pilot

Before every flight, they check that the aircraft is entirely operational and secure and that the weather is suitable for takeoff. They submit flight plans and modify them in response to the weather, delays that arise before takeoff, and other variables.

The other responsibilities of an airline pilot include communicating with air traffic control and checking fuel levels before takeoff. Also, they work on using instruments optimally to fly an aircraft.

The median salary of an airline pilot is close to $135,000 a year.

Special Agents

They gather information for criminal investigations on behalf of law enforcement organizations like the FBI. For special agents, a criminal justice bachelor’s degree and prior law enforcement or military experience are often necessary.

Special agents have an average salary of more than $108,000 a year.

astronomer (six-figure salary)
Some of the jobs could be your childhood dream.

Cruise Director

The calendars on cruise ships are packed with events, including sports competitions, concerts, trivia contests, cooking lessons, parties, board games, storytime for youngsters, and happy hours for adults.

Managing such diverse events and people on board requires who is firm and assertive yet fun-loving.

Cruise ship directors make $ 65,000 on average. However, their salaries can go up to $200,000 a year or more.


They investigate the cosmos’ origins, development, and potential futures, including its galaxies, stars, planets, and solar systems. These astronomers research models of galactic and stellar evolution, planetary formation, and interactions between stars as well as develop and test hypotheses like string theory, dark matter, and dark energy.

Research could refer to a wide range of activities, including data calibration and analysis, using numerical models, and testing theories.

Since a lot of time is spent in front of a computer, knowledge of programming and computers is a requirement for this field. Administrative tasks or research are frequently included when working in an office.

Astronomers’ median wage is greater than $125,000.

We are down to the last ten jobs of our exhaustive list. Let us look at some more unique six-figure jobs.

ice cream taster
Don’t stop exploring your options. You might find something you’ve never heard of and is truly fun!


They study the movement of water across the earth’s crust. They investigate how river flows and groundwater levels are impacted by rain, snow, and other types of precipitation, as well as how surface water and groundwater evaporate back into the atmosphere or eventually end up in the oceans.

Hydrologists study the relationship between the quality and quantity of water and the environment, as well as how environmental changes affect those relationships. They apply their knowledge to address issues with a water supply and quality.

Their median pay is close to six figures. However, many hydrologists earn more than $100,000

Ice Cream Taster

Unsurprisingly, an ice cream taster’s job is to test ice cream’s flavor. A full-time taster could be expected to adhere to a rigorous daily sampling schedule and evaluate the quality of each flavor not just based on taste but also on the basis of texture, color, fragrance, appearance, and other elements. An ice cream taster can earn up to $100,000 a year.


They compete in sporting competitions at the national and international levels. Their daily routine involves putting in several hours of training under the watchful eye of a coach.

Also, they are supposed to perform at their best. This is along with displaying a tactical understanding of the sport within the framework of the rules. The median pay of sportspersons is more than $77,000 a year. However, the top professionals earn a few million dollars easily.

Six Figures Through Side Gigs

People who earn six-figure incomes often have a string of side gigs that help them reach their financial goals. Many of these gigs revolve around the gig economy, which is a growing part of today’s workforce.

The gig economy takes advantage of the fact that many people have extra time and skills through websites like TaskRabbit or Mechanical Turk. These sites connect independent contractors with companies or organizations that need assistance with a task or project. To make money as an independent contractor, you need to be ready to handle several projects at once and accept opportunities as they come up.

You also need to be familiar with the price points and industry standards in your specific field, so you don’t take on more than you can handle financially.

How To Make Six Figures Working From Home?

Are you tired of the nine-to-five grind? Do you want to make some serious money? If so, you may be wondering how to make six figures working from home.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to do this. For example, you could start your own business, become a freelance writer or consultant, or even launch an online course.

Gigs That May Take You To 6-Figures

Of course, making six figures is no easy feat. But if you’re willing to put in the hard work, it is definitely achievable. Here are a few gigs you get started, either as a side job or your full-time one:

  • Start a blog. Write down your thoughts and ideas, while they’re still fresh in your mind, so you can create valuable content later. Remember that SEO is essential to get successful, however, you can also use PPC.
  • Start a podcast on something you love and know well.
  • Start your web development business. If you know to code. If you don’t know, try a BootCamp, they usually give a 6-month training to know a good level of HTML, Java-SCript, and CSS, among other languages.
  • Create an online course on Udemy or Skillshare. You can also market your own course by creating a website and adding links to the course everywhere you can find them.
  • Use your talents as a freelance writer or social media manager to make a side income.
  • Become a virtual assistant and take care of business-related tasks for businesses large and small. These companies offer their employees flexible schedules, which gives them more hours during the day to work on additional projects or gig opportunities.

Remember, if you want to make six figures working from home, you need to choose a business idea that has the potential to generate a lot of revenue. Do not choose to manage a niche blog, for example, it won’t move the needle for you.

In Conclusion

The bottom line, getting a well-paying job is something we all hope for. However, we often don’t pay attention to the details until we’re in the job market ourselves. All of us are aware of the usual options like becoming a doctor or banker. But there are other, less conventional ways to make six figures. So if you’re looking for a well-paying job, don’t limit yourself to the usual suspects. Keep your options open and explore all your possibilities.

The above piece shows that there are more than opportunities that combine special skills, talent, fun, and money. All these and the benefits of a six-figure job, such as an improved lifestyle and financial security. All one must remember is to constantly enhance his skill set and bring his learning from experience to the fore.

Also, a person must keep his eyes and ears open and reach out to his network for the right opportunity. This, along with perseverance, will work wonders in the long run.

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