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What is Rehireable? And The Impact Of Being Non-Rehireable?

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Are you looking to get hired again?

Job seeking can be hectic and frustrating. You are landing interviews and waiting for potential employers to respond. And when that offer letter seems to be in touching distance, you recall that you’re not rehireable.

What can it mean for your chances? We will discuss all that and much more in this article.

We like to believe our career trajectory is in our hands, and unfortunately for us, it’s not the truth. Our performance and behavior in previous jobs don’t go unnoticed, and our potential employers will know all about it with the background checks.

But what does it mean to be non-rehireable? And In what cases your previous employer deems you to be ineligible for rehire? And finally, how can it impact your job search? Let’s answer all these questions for you.

What Does It Mean to Be Rehireable?

A rehireable reference can increase your chances of getting that new job.
Being rehireable increases your chances of getting hired.

Most companies run a thorough background and reference check of prospective employees. As it is a goal to avoid hiring the so-called “bad apples”, it is a pretty important aspect of the screening process. And it is during these checks that they might also contact your former employers.

Say you have your former boss as a reference. The potential employers will ask her whether or not she will be willing to rehire you? Your former boss can only answer in a “yes” or “no” since the law forbids her from giving any further information.

So, if she says “yes,” it gives you the rehireable tag.

Your employers will see it as a positive, and your chances of getting the job will increase. But what if she says no? Well, that gives you the non-rehireable tag.

Why Did I Get the Non-Rehireable Label?

Now, there can be various reasons behind the label. But, as an employee, you should try to be honest with yourself.

For example, if you didn’t work hard enough and you know it? Well, you have your answer. But did you get the non-rehireable tag despite being a hardworking team man?

Well, there are cases when upset bosses deem former employees non-rehireable. And you can contact an attorney if you feel that is the case. But these cases are pretty rare.

Usually, the not rehireable tag is because of the following reasons:

  1. Indulging in discriminatory practices at the workplace.
  2. Failing to comply with the deadlines and underperformed during your time at the company.
  3. Quitting the job without giving any prior notice.

These are some valid reasons why you get the non-rehireable label.

So, did you give any right reasons to your former employer to deem you ineligible for rehire? If yes, you need to look within and improve yourself.

Either way, does being non-rehireable impact your job search? Well, there’s no simple answer to this question. So, let’s talk about the consequences of the non-rehireable tag.

How Can Be Non-Rehireable Impact Your Job Search?

stressed woman not getting hired
Make your job search easier by being hireable.

As we discussed, reference and background checks are a vital part of recruitment. When it comes to choosing between two candidates, companies look towards references. But what if a company finds you not rehireable at your previous job?

Well, as we said, there is no simple answer to this question. Some companies are strict regarding such references. And they won’t hesitate to drop you from their potential employees’ list. These companies give you no wiggle room when it comes to the non-rehireable tag.

In such cases, the non-rehireable tag can sabotage your chances of getting the job. But if the reference check reveals that you’re rehireable, it gives you an advantage.

In Extreme Cases

There can be various reasons why you are not rehireable at your previous job. In some cases, things take an ugly turn, and criminal charges are involved. If that’s the case, most companies will hesitate before hiring you. Even if you consider the charges unfair, it will harm your job search.

Also, former employers might deem you ineligible for rehire without a valid reason. This can be because you had a strained relationship with your manager. Such a situation can make anyone feel helpless and hard done by. After all, it is unfair on the part of your former employer. In such cases, it may be better to be counseled by an attorney.

These two extreme scenarios are different as one has you on the wrong end of things while the other is like a vendetta on your former employer’s part. Fortunately for job seekers, such extreme cases are rare.

Generally, non-rehireable labels aren’t as extreme. Moreover, you will get a chance to explain yourself. Either way, you should know how to overcome such a situation. So, here are ways to overcome the ineligible for rehire tag!

How to Overcome Being Ineligible For Rehire?

ways to deal with being non rehireable
Ways to deal with being non-rehireable.

So, you just found out that your previous employer has you ineligible for rehire? Don’t worry; there are ways to overcome it. And there’s no need to press the panic button just yet.

Be Honest and Upfront

In most cases, job seekers know about their non-rehireable status. Yet, they hope that it doesn’t come up in the interview process. But, unfortunately for them, it does come up, and they don’t know how to handle the situation.

The best response is, to be honest about it. The potential employer will give you ample opportunity to explain your non-rehireable status. Be forthright about why your previous employer labeled you non-rehireable.

Was it because you were late to work all the time? Or did you fail to comply with the deadlines? Was it because you felt demotivated for some reason? Tell your side of the story to your potential employer in a concise manner.

Avoid Giving Irrelevant Information

Giving irrelevant information in an interview is never good. But when you’re explaining why you’re not rehireable, it is a big NO! People often start going on a tangent when talking about their previous job and make sure you stay on the topic and be concise.

Also, try to take the blame where it’s yours. Don’t start blaming everyone at your previous job. If something unfair happened to you, feel free to talk about it. But don’t go on a tirade about your boss while hiding your shortcomings.

Give only the information they need and avoid irrelevant topics. Your potential employers don’t want to know about the guy in the next cubicle who always found a reason to criticize you. Be professional and explain why you may have got the not rehireable tag.

Look at the Positive Side

Reaching the background check stage means the employer wants to hire you. And you have to remind yourself whenever your non-rehireable status comes up. It doesn’t mean the end of the world by any means. And all you need to do is stay calm and explain your side of the story.

Note that some companies might drop you as soon as they learn of the non-rehireable status. But that will never be the case with all your potential employers. So don’t lose heart if one of the employers drops you without giving you a chance to explain.

Keep applying! There will always be recruiters willing to listen to your explanation. And whenever you get the chance, be honest. Because in these cases, honesty indeed is the best policy! And it can help you overcome the not rehireable tag.

Be Proactive and Communicate

When a company does a reference check on you, they are willing to hire you, which means you have made a good impression on your potential employers. Now, you need to be honest about anything that might come between you and the offer letter.

And if it is a non-rehireable label, it becomes more critical. As discussed above, explain your side of the story concisely. And try to steer away from playing the blame game. If you handle the situation with honesty, the not rehireable tag won’t bother you much.

Your Past Shouldn’t Decide Your Future.

don't let the non-rehireable label decide your future
The non-rehireable label shouldn’t decide your future.

As they say, change is the only constant. And people can change for the good. A lazy employee can turn into a hardworking one. Someone who didn’t take the job seriously can become a responsible manager in a couple of years. And the non-rehireable label undermines this factor.

But you don’t have to worry. Even if you have an extreme non-rehireable case, don’t lose heart. Keep applying for jobs that you have the skills for. And there are loads of companies that will allow you to explain your side of the story. And they will let you show how much you have improved.

All you need to do is remind yourself of this: your Past doesn’t decide your future. And the key is to learn from the mistakes and keep moving forward in the right direction. If you do that, the not rehireable label can’t stop you!

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  1. In 2002, I filed a lawsuit against my former employer for a multitude of charges. The EEOC gave me a Right To Sue. I was terminated as Permanently Ineligible For Rehire in 2008, from the same HR director. I was issued a second Right To Sue by the EEOC. I filed over 200 complaints in 9 years in this hospital. I soon releasing a book to share my story to help others.

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