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Business Development Coordinator Job Description

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A business development coordinator is responsible for supporting the growth and development of the company. It focuses on introducing new clients or lead opportunities by researching and analyzing industry data and trends.

What is a Business Development Coordinator Position?

The business development area is a blend of sales, marketing, and strategy areas. The Business Development Coordinator works in areas such as:

Product development, giving support or executing tasks related to product innovation,

Sales by leading initiatives for new market development, potential client prospection, and sales negotiation.

Marketing by proposing market research and analyzing customer problems and needs to develop insights for new businesses.

This position is relevant for the expansion of new products or new markets. It’s an important piece to enhance the company’s growth strategy.

What Does a Business Development Coordinator Do?

The role of a business development coordinator is crucial for a company’s benefit in their industry and meeting up potential clients for fresh sales.

The job’s responsibilities in this position have to first collaborate with the company’s management to develop business propositions. This way, they can introduce creative strategies to move toward profit-making.

Second, the coordinator must collect and share all the necessary information about the market and relevant players. This way, it is easy to focus on methods to overcome competition in its industry and be in the leading position.

Third, the business coordinator must collect detailed information about clients and apply them as required while working on their projects. Simultaneously, the work must operate under the company’s strategy.

Four, for better productivity of the team members, they must contribute to making a comfortable and motivating environment.

Business Development Coordinator Job Description Sample

The Business Development Coordinator will be responsible for contributing to the steady growth of our business. The ideal candidate should be aware of the importance of keeping in touch with the market to help the company achieve profit.

They will also gather and verify relevant customer data to ensure we continue to attend to them well.

The roles and duties include supervising and looking through the company’s growth plan, coming up with new business plans, enhancing the operations, and monitoring the execution.

Our company believes in giving the employees autonomy within some disciplinary boundaries. Yet, our senior management is open to any new ideas team members come up with.

Business Development Coordinator Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the company’s growth plan is executing in a positive environment and all the aspects of the strategy are taken care of.
  • Work with the senior management to come up with new business plans for the company.
  • Understand the company’s operational status and develop new ideas to make the work faster and more efficient.
  • Collect relevant data on the industry and the market and collaborate with other teams to utilize the data to increase sales.
  • Manage internal issues like print material for advertising and the content we put out on our website.
  • Work in tandem with the marketing and sales department to strengthen the company’s work culture and integrity.
  • Ensure that the new business strategies are executed properly and are clearly understood by all the involved teams.
  • Participate in the marketing campaigns and giving timely input based on the analysis of relevant research data.
  • Edit all the print material relevant to business development and new marketing strategies such as brochures, email copies, social media marketing posts, and the content put out on the company’s website.
  • Assist with all the cross-marketing initiatives that the company undertakes and playing the role assigned with efficiency.
  • Evaluate and identify any associated and professionals that can speed up the company’s plan for growth.
  • Identify and initiate interaction with potential leads to ensure that the company continues moving forward on the path of profit-making.
  • Flawless implementation of the company’s marketing plans ensures the smooth market transition of changed products and new ones’ arrival.
  • Work towards making the company lead in the chosen niche by developing strategies to overcome the competition in the market.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  • Significant experience working in the business development domain.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in fields such as public relations, marketing, and communication.
  • Ability to adapt to any changes in the working condition and coming up with solutions quickly.
  • Willingness to take up new challenges and the never-give-up attitude that is required to overcome them.
  • Sound knowledge about marketing principles and the important aspects of the market.
  • Ability to give the same output in flexible working conditions.
  • Ability to interact with clients and good communication skills to provide them timely and effective consultation as required.

Who Does The Business Development Coordinator Report To

  • Business Development Manager
  • Or Business Development Director

How Much Does a Business Development Coordinator Make?

According to an average of eight job search/salary research websites, a Business Development Coordinator makes an average of $60,859 per year. The entry-level salary is $36,207, and the top salaries are around $87,546. Commission, bonus, and benefits may differ from company to company.

In Conclusion

This Business Development Coordinator job description sample will help you create a job application to attract the best-qualified candidates for the role. Feel free to copy, alter, and use this outline for you and your company’s purposes and goals. Check out the free PDF available at the bottom of this article.

Make sure to send your comments and needs for whatever improvements you suggest to this Business Development Coordinator job description. Also, let us know if you need help on any other similar job posting, and we will post it here as soon as possible.

Skills Required

Business Intelligence, Global Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Niche Marketing
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