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Media Planner Job Description

media planner

Media Planners are professionals who plan the media buying process to hand over to the Media Buyer to Negotiate with publishers. They are in charge of identifying the right channels for advertising.

Let’s take a look at the details about this position.

What is a Media Planner?

Advertising is the backbone of any companies existence, and the media planner plays a crucial role in executing winning adverts.

Media planners or brand planners with advertising agencies to get the best strategy to deliver a client’s advertising plan.

They mainly work with advertising agencies by providing a combination of both message and platform that meets the client’s goals.

Their major focus is to organize the placement of the adverts with the media platforms to maximize the audience reach and message delivery.

These platforms include radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, social media, use of influencers,s or any media platform that can improve brands visibility.

Media planners have a thorough understanding of the audience and how they interact with the media. Thus they advise clients on the best channel, duration, and timing of the adverts to enhance a wider reach.

Further, the media planner must track the performance of the advert and recommend the best corrective action to be taken to improve its performance.

What Is a Digital Media Planner?

Digital Media Planners creates the media strategy to deliver a client’s digital advertising. Digital Media Planners mainly work with digital marketing agencies and provide a combination of communication and a plan for digital platforms that meets the client’s goals, including social media, PPC, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

What Does A Media Planner Do?

The media planner or brand strategist works with clients to ensure proper planning and execution of a media campaign.

Thus, the media planner knows how a campaign should be carried out, when it should be carried out, and the best platform to use to improve its reach and audience.

These avenues can be television, billboard, radio, print media, direct mail, or a combination of these platforms. Using their wealth of experience in the media and having a thorough understanding of the audience, the media planner knows which channel works for which age group.

For instance, if an organization is an investment company dealing with a range of products like investment, insurance, banking, and pension, the media planner must know which media platform is best to advertise a certain product.

For insurance, the media planner may reach the conclusion and plan that the best channel can be radio since it requires intensive explanations to understand. For banking, a billboard can be a great option since there is a need to remind customers continuously. For retirement plans, the print might be best since the older generation loves reading newspapers.

The media planner must know which age group watches news more and at what time do a specific age group watch television.

Ultimately, the media planner seeks to know the audience and help companies take their brand where the audience is.

Media Planner Job Description Sample

The primary objective of a media planner is to help companies take their brands where the audience is.

The media planner must work with the backend team to track the performance of the advert to know the return on investment on their campaign.

Further, the media planner must use mathematical computations or statistical modeling to analyze and understand the features of the target demographic population to know the best channel to use.

Media Planner responsibilities

  • Conducting research and evaluating market data.
  • Overseeing campaigns to ensure they remain within budget while negotiating the costs for advertising rooms.
  • Supervising the implementation of a media campaign.
  • Selecting the best media platform for a specific campaign.
  • Preparing and presenting the best campaign proposals to clients.
  • Monitoring trends in the media, including coverage, reach, and popularity, to know which channels are the best for the client’s goal and budget.
  • Ensuring there is compliance with regulations when advertising like adverts which should appear during watershed person should be pushed to later in the evening.
  • Ensuring the designed adverts meet the requirement requires human decency, like avoiding lying to make a sale.

Media Planner Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing with communication being the area of specialty.
  • Proven work experience in a media planner role.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to design campaigns that can advise an audience.
  • Strong background in public relations is an added advantage.
  • Creative, analytical, and passionate about customer services.
  • Ability to design, lead, and mentor a team, especially junior staff in the industry,
  • Experience in campaign management while ensuring budgetary allocation, customer goals, and rules regarding advertisement are met.

Media Planner Reports To:

How Much Does a Media Planner Make?

Based on an average of four job search/salary research websites, the starting salary of a Media Planner is $37,000/year in the USA. In contrast, the average salary is $54,651/year, and the higher paid ones make $87,400/year on average.

Wrapping Up

A Media Planner’s job involves a high responsibility as it deals with advertisement planning, generating sales, and building brands.

This Media Planner job description sample will help you create a job application to attract the best-qualified candidates for the role. Feel free to use this outline for you and your company’s hiring purposes and goals. Do not duplicate this for blog posting.

Make sure to send your comments and needs for whatever improvements you suggest to this Media Planner job description. Also, let us know if you need help on any other similar job posting, and we will post it here as soon as possible.

Skills Required

Advertising, Brand Marketing, Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Media Planning, Production Art, Social Media, Video Content
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