Product Developer Engineer Job Description

Product Development Engineer

Product Development Engineers are employed in various industries to design the prototype of a product and lead in scaling the product produced from the prototype.

Thus, a Product Development Engineer should have extensive knowledge about industrial and engineering design principles.

Let’s dive deep into the job title.

What is a Product Development Engineer?

The product development engineer is the liaison between the product concept on paper and the actual physical product.

The job of a product development engineer entails the management of the design, prototype, testing, development, and product deployment.

The product development engineer leads the development team in designing the prototype of a product and scaling the product produced from the prototype.

They must assess the product’s mechanical, physical attributes, and other features to ensure that the final product meets customer expectations, management expectations, and industry standards in terms of functionality, physical appearance, and environmental concerns.

The product development engineer is tasked with conceptualizing product ideas, putting the concepts in a 3-D model, and preparing a product proposal for the management for financing.

To do this accurately, the product engineer must plan all the necessary steps required to be undertaken from concept generation, product modeling, preparing the 3-D models, designing the prototypes, to final product scaling.

The plan must include all critical aspects like materials required, the proposed designs, proposed potential clients, marketing plan, system process, and other vital elements.

At every step along the production process or during the prototype stage, the product development engineer must document every step along the way and prepare the required reports.

What is the Job of a Product Development Engineer?

The primary goal of a product development engineer is to transform an idea into an actual product.

Thus, once the product idea has been generated through brainstorming, the product development engineer must mold and develop the concept to sell an existing product.

They begin by creating a product concept for the product. Once the product concept is approved, the product development engineer must develop a prototype from the concept paper.

The product development engineer must select the best materials to be used in the manufacture.

Further, they choose the best production techniques that are efficient and cost-effective.

The engineer must provide the drawings like a 3-D model, which enhances product training.

Product Development Engineer Job Description Sample

The product development engineer manages the design, prototyping, and testing of a new product to ensure that the product meets the standard guidelines, management expectations, and customer expectations. For instance, once an idea for a new product has been generated by the company, the product development engineer must develop the product concept.

The maturation of the product ideal requires a set of conditions that must be fulfilled, including financial constraints, human resource constraints, timelines, product goals, and assigning duties.

The product development engineer must develop a plan that addresses all the concerns and present it to management for approval.

Once approved, the product development engineer leads the team in developing the prototype. In subsequent productions, the engineer steers the team to ensure the timelines like budget, dateline, goals, and product functionality and maintained.

Upon approval of the prototype, the product development engineer leads the team in scaling the production of the product to meet customer demand.

Product Development Engineer Responsibilities

  • Conducting market research to understand the market demand requiring the development of new products.
  • Identify customer needs by integrating market research with company policy.
  • Using the relevant software like CASD, conceptualize new product ideas and develop the necessary prototype.
  • Product testing throughout the product design stage to troubleshoot any potential problems.
  • By different sampling materials, the product development engineer selects the best material which meets the stakeholder expectations like budget, product quality, and environmental concerns.
  • Fine-tune and adjusting the product design to endure the approved plan is the best for market, budgetary and environmental concerns.
  • Deliver the product specification, process, and procedures to the delivery team for production.
  • Develop quality control; program for the developed products. The quality control policy must meet safety guidelines by industry standards, policymakers, and company policies.
  • Documentation of all the documents at every stage during the production process.

Product Development Engineer skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably in computer engineering.
  • Certification certificate from a reputable organization.
  • Proven work experience in product development
  • Problem-solving skills; ability to identify and diagnose problems.
  • Experience in 3-D modeling software and good report writing skills.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Industry-specific knowledge in product development.
  • Ability to build and mentor a strong team

Position reports to:

  • Product Engineer Director
  • Product Development Engineer Director
  • R&D Director
  • R&D VP
  • Product VP

How much does a Product Development Engineer make?

Based on an average of seven job search/salary research websites, the starting salary of a Product Development Engineer is $70,127/year in the USA. In contrast, the median salary is $93,423, and the higher paid ones make $120,392.

In Conclusion

Product Development Engineers have a significant role in product development as they collaborate with the manufacturing, marketing, engineers, and designers during the product development process.

Thus, a Product Development Engineer develops the technical aspects of the product connecting with design and marketing to develop products to meet production and customer requirements.

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Skills Required

Business Intelligence, Customer Service, Global Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Niche Marketing, Product Marketing
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