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Croud is a global, full-service, digital marketing agency that works with some of the world’s leading brands. Through the seamless connection of data, technology, and creativity, Croud develops strategies for sustainable growth that drive immediate business impact.

Croud Services

We believe in the transformative power of data to push forward your marketing and commercial goals – enabling advancements in data-driven planning, first-party data activation, measurement and more.

In-housing solutions

Drive digital transformation and deliver world-class digital marketing in-house. Croud – was established to meet the specific needs of in-house marketers.

Global growth

Drive business performance on a global scale – we’ll enable you to reach, engage and convert customers across the globe.

Digital experience & performance

Grow your brand online and build lasting relationships with your customers – we’ll power your digital activation with sophisticated, data-led planning and creative optimisation

Data solutions

Realise the full value of your data – we’ll help you gain a competitive edge through sophisticated application of your data: from native platform integrations, to predictive models and first-party custom build.



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Croud Case Studies


Vans is a household name across much of the globe, producing iconic shoes and trainers for generation after generation. Having worked with the wider VF Corporation since 2016, Croud started working with the Vans brand in early 2018, with the goal of driving more organic traffic and revenue for six of their key European websites.

As part of this objective, the Croud team wanted to better understand customers’ interests and needs when it came to purchasing and looking after their Vans, in order to drive both brand awareness and affinity. By taking a smart, data-driven approach to content production, Croud’s content team hoped to support their SEO counterparts in boosting organic search traffic for Vans across Europe – from the UK to Poland.

Off the back of this, we put together a bubble graph to visualize where the biggest areas of opportunity lay for Vans. And we then worked with experienced copywriters on our Croudie network to produce 42 localized pieces of content (seven articles in six languages) to tap into these areas of opportunity – from ‘


The content produced to date has driven impressive organic visibility and traffic, contributing to a 24% year-on-year uplift in organic traffic for the brand. Not only that, but the content – which is largely post-purchase in focus – has contributed to a substantial amount of revenue, and has set the scene for the future of SEO and content collaboration for Vans.

year-on-year uplift in organic traffic

clicks to the ‘How to clean your Vans’ article

International Workplace Group

IWG had traditionally used network agencies that struggled to balance a centralized plan with the requirements for specialized local knowledge and expertise across the 120 individual countries. IWG engaged four agencies in a three-month PPC test in January 2015. Croud won the trial and was given 10 of their smaller markets that had traditionally struggled to see results from digital.

Following the initial test, Croud outperformed all of the other agencies and the decision was made to award Croud a larger number of markets to manage. Fast forward to today and we now run all of IWG’s digital performance activity, as the lead agency, across 120 countries and their extensive portfolio of customer-facing brands.

IWG is a highly complex business with a decentralized management structure. We use a combination of consultative in-house talent integrated into IWG’s business at a central level, and our Croudie network, who is situated in-market to deliver localized execution tasks. This frees up the internal team to focus on the strategy and gives us truly global consistency with local execution.

IWG is a highly complex business with a decentralized management structure. We use a combination of consultative in-house talent integrated into IWG’s business at a central level, and our Croudie network, who is situated in-market to deliver localized execution tasks. This frees up the internal team to focus on the strategy and gives us truly global consistency with local execution.

We go beyond individual digital channels to also provide business advice. Whether it’s advising on how their tech team operates or providing IWG with local market insights into competitors in offline channels, Croud proactively comes up with solutions and new ideas.


Since the beginning of our partnership with IWG in 2015, we have seen consistent growth through digital. Here’s just a snapshot of the award-winning work we’ve delivered for some of IWG’s brands.



years of partnership


Part of AMC Networks, Shudder is a premium streaming service for both casual and super fans of thrillers, suspense, and horror. Shudder was looking for new avenues to increase the reach of their customer acquisition activity and improve brand awareness.

In early 2020, Google released a new alpha product for audio ads run across the YouTube Music platform. This was a great opportunity to use digital audio campaigns to improve brand awareness and ad recall across the US market.

Croud’s creative team utilized the power of the Crowdie Network to develop 15-second audio ads – one with a female voice, and one with a male voice. The ads incorporated the best-performing PPC ad copy into the script and were unskippable. The music and SFX treatment were produced in line with Shudder’s product and brand guidelines.


YouTube Audio Ads demonstrated an effective new way to support awareness and reach-oriented campaigns while delivering positive brand lift, in an audio-first format that was not previously possible on YouTube and YouTube Music.

Off the back of the campaign, both Brand Lift 2.0 studies and Search Lift showed extremely positive results. The campaign managed to deliver over 2.8 million audio impressions, as well as driving a significant uplift in brand searches. The ad creatives proved effective, with listeners surveyed reporting a higher brand recall and brand awareness compared to the control group.

audio impressions

lift in ad recall

uplift in brand interest on Google Search


Skrill and Croud wanted to find a way to encourage customers to use the Skrill app to make more payments and transfers, in order to increase customer loyalty and ultimately lifetime value.

With Skrill’s core audience having an active interest in sports and gambling, the football World Cup provided the perfect opportunity to drive engagement with existing users across the globe. But with almost every brand looking to tap into one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar, Skrill and Croud needed to find a way to cut through the noise.

The concept of the campaign was to reward users for using their Skrill account every 90 minutes of the World Cup. After using the app, users received a reward code, giving them the chance to win anything from cash to holidays. The only link to football was the prizes being claimed every 90 minutes, meaning that costs-per-click and CPMs across social were more competitive, as we weren’t competing for the same messaging as other brands.

Croud’s internal creative and paid social teams came up with compelling messaging and video creative to be used across Facebook and Instagram Stories, complementing the promotion’s organic activity.


Over the course of the summer of the football campaign, 93% more transactions were made via the Skrill app compared with standard campaigns over the same time period – and all at a cost-per-action that was 78% below target.

new users signed up

lower CPA

more transactions


Croud was tasked with delivering an integrated campaign to support the release of their new game, Planet Zoo, which would be the spiritual successor of their successful Planet Coaster game.

The key challenge was to create hype and reach, in order to make the new title launch a success, whilst navigating an extremely crowded and competitive environment that was buzzing with hype for other high-profile releases.

In order to drive awareness, reach and purchase intent throughout the announcement phase, as well as continue momentum and engagement throughout the release, Croud implemented a strategic campaign that involved several stages:

Croud took a smart approach to audience segmentation: using a host of data signals including in-market, affinity, and intent audience data, to build behavioral subsets and strategically target those most likely to engage with the launch.

Croud’s programmatic team utilized key formats: – including Display, Video, and YouTube – from announcement to launch, with YouTube at the heart of the campaign due to its reach and targeting capabilities.


Despite reduced paid media budgets, the Planet Zoo launch was a resounding success, with the following results:

-By the end of the pre-order phase, Croud had driven an amazing 2.5m new users and 17.9m video views.
-Paid media activity saw a cost-per-action that was 75% lower than for the previous game launch.
-On YouTube, video ads saw a view-through rate of 55% – 83% higher than the platform’s average.
-Planet Zoo achieved a day-one PC launch record for Frontier, as well as being shortlisted for Best British Game at the 2020 BAFTA Games Awards


Avon offers a huge range of beauty, fashion and homeware products both online and through Avon Reps. A key objective for Avon and the Croud team is to ensure its online customers receive the same personalized, immersive experience online as they do through Reps.

Croud’s programmatic and creative specialists worked closely with Avon’s UK digital team to devise and deliver a dynamic product remarketing strategy, which would use precise targeting and eye-catching creatives to ensure shoppers are always shown the most relevant ad, based on their onsite behavior.

The first step was a full Floodlight tracking audit on Avon, to ensure all data points were being tracked and reported correctly. With the foundations in place, Avon and Croud then identified the six core product categories to be targeted through the dynamic remarketing strategy; namely make-up, fragrance, toiletries, skincare, haircare, and home and gifts.

Croud’s Programmatic experts then configured the Floodlight audiences and platform set-up to ensure they were capturing all users who visited the product pages. Croud’s overarching aim was to perfectly link the data, creative and media for every impression served.


Boosting conversion rate by 10% by joining up data, creativity, and media.

Croud Mission

To be the most influential business performance agency and a true partner to our clients, helping them reshape their businesses to meet the demands of this convergent world.