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Saved Jobs on LinkedIn: How to Manage and Save Jobs For a Successful Job Search

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Synonymous with professional networking, LinkedIn has a special designation today. In a dynamic world with emerging technologies every other day, the tech company’s longevity is an ode to its dominance within its niche in professional social media. Saved jobs on LinkedIn help you track your opportunities and organize your day. Among several features, I will talk about one of the essential processes for job search: the possibility of following up on your job search with the saving job feature.

This and several other useful tools make LinkedIn the prolific platform it is. With the platform, it’s easy to connect with professionals that will potentially help you find your next job.

LinkedIn website on a laptop
LinkedIn has evolved with its new features.

With as many as 700 million active users in 2020, LinkedIn has come a long way to become one of the top social media platforms.

In 2019, LinkedIn was voted the most trusted network. Yet the platform has become much broader since its inception. It has evolved by adding new features. With a steadily growing user base, the LinkedIn audience is inclined towards career-minded professionals.

After Microsoft stepped in and took over, LinkedIn introduced several new features, such as Showcase pages, Calendar Chatbots, etc. AI technology has thus already made its way to the platform.

Whether one likes it or not, a strong LinkedIn profile is a must to exist in the professional world. Explore all features possible to differentiate yourself from others, keep your career experience and accomplishment updated, share your LinkedIn interests with others, create a customized Linkedin URL, and stay active.

If used optimally, LinkedIn can essentially be your career-management tool. So whether you’re searching for a new job, making the most of the one you’re working in, or looking around for new professional possibilities, LinkedIn is your destination.

Regardless of what designation you may hold in a firm, be it the CEO or a part of the labor force in the lowest rung, LinkedIn will prove invaluable in reaching your goals.

Managing Saved Jobs on LinkedIn

By now, LinkedIn has been used for marketing brands, posting industry thoughts and scenarios, or looking for dream jobs.

Saved Jobs on LinkedIn feature
Saved Jobs is one of the ‘hit features’ of LinkedIn

With an increasing number of recruiters and HR managers using LinkedIn to find new talent, it’s your online resume, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once you have built a rock-solid profile, i.e., a good summary, relevant sections filled out, and a professional picture, it’s essential to know how you can leverage LinkedIn and the various tools it offers to manage your career.

One such tool is that little option neatly cornered beside the Apply button on any job opening. Maybe you are perusing the job listings but don’t have time in your hands at that very moment to click on “Apply” and write a sparkling application.

LinkedIn conveniently provides that “Save” button to return to positions of interest when searching for jobs.

How to Save Jobs on LinkedIn?

After finding a job position you are interested in, saving it is a process you can get over instantly.

LinkedIn website Save jobs screen
Find a job you like and click the Save button to view it later

It is as easy as clicking the ‘Save’ button on the job details page. So find a job you like and click the Save button to view it when you are ready to apply. Check out the red arrow mark in the image.

Where do I find my Saved Jobs on LinkedIn?

Once you click the ‘Save’ button, the job position will be stored in your job tracker under “Saved Jobs.”

Here’s a step-wise guide to view your saved jobs on LinkedIn

  • Log in to your registered LinkedIn account.
  • Click on the ‘Jobs’ button on your account dashboard (shown in the image with the red mark).
LinkedIn home page
The Jobs option on your dashboard will take you to your Saved Jobs
  • Click the ‘Saved Jobs’ button over at the top of the dashboard to view your saved jobs on LinkedIn.
Saved Jobs screen on LinkedIn
Click on Saved Jobs
  • Then tap the job you wish to open. This will take you to the list of jobs that you would have saved earlier.
  • Once the list is open, you can either ‘Apply’ or Cancel (X) a particular job.
Saved Jobs list on LinkedIn
Apply or cancel

How do I Apply to a Saved Job on LinkedIn?

This one’s quick and straightforward!

Go to your ‘Saved Jobs’ list on LinkedIn and click on the job you wish to apply for. Scan the job description and details, and start the application process by clicking on “Apply”.

Voila! You’re done.

Unsaving a Saved Job on LinkedIn

Did a saved job on LinkedIn lose its charm, or did you find one even more interesting to stick to? Here’s how you can easily organize your Saved jobs’ list by Unsaving the ones that no longer interest you :

  • For Desktop Users –

Click on the ‘Cancel’ icon (X) on the right-hand side of the job title.

  • Alternatively, you may also click on the respective job and click the ‘Unsave’ button located at the top of the job details page.
Saved Jobs screen
If you are no longer interested in a job, click on Unsave
  • For Mobile Users –

If you’re an Android user, tap on the More icon right next to the job (the one that looks like three vertically arranged dots). Find the ‘Unsave This Job’ option and tap on it.

If you’re an iOS person, the only difference for you will be that the More icon appears as three horizontally arranged dots rather than vertical. Rest assured, every step remains the same.

Are Saved Jobs on LinkedIn Visible to Recruiters And Your Current Employer?

The answer to that will be a straightforward No. The function of ‘LinkedIn Saved Jobs’ is only reserved for your convenience. Bookmark and save as many jobs as you wish. Recruiters will not get a whiff of you doing that.

Coming to the question, if it is visible to your current employer, the answer is again Negative.

According to LinkedIn, all your application activity is discreet and private. It is not visible to any of your connections, forming your network.

LinkedIn For an Organized Job Search

With more than 50 million companies active on the platform and more than 20 million open jobs, it’s no surprise that recruiters focus on the regular usage of LinkedIn. So, having a solid profile can get you brownie points.

The ‘Saved jobs on LinkedIn’ is a wonderful feature. It quickly helps you bookmark the jobs you’d want to apply to shortly. This feature effectively prioritizes your time.

In addition to efficiently managing your saved jobs on LinkedIn, it also offers a plethora of ways and features that can maximize your advantage and secure you excellent jobs.

Optimize and Update your Profile regularly

LinkedIn profiles with a professional profile picture get more traction than those that don’t. A list of skills and a profile with updated, relevant information about yourself can help you stay ahead of your competition.

Also, remember not to skip past any past experiences you have had.

Give and Receive Recommendations and Endorsements

Your Feedback Matters, message on note paper, computer and coffee on table
Recommendations are important

Recommendations are personal testimonials that emphasize your professional skills, while Endorsements confirm that you have particular expertise.

Leverage this feature by making sure that your connections write recommendations for your profile and offer your skillset endorsements.

Also, do keep in mind to return the favor. It is as important as receiving a recommendation as it is a sign of professionalism, which can help you build a close network with the person in concern.

Observe Professional Ethics and Etiquette on LinkedIn

Code of Conduct

LinkedIn can prove to be highly useful in building your career, but a faux pass here can lead to embarrassment and damage your career too.

Success depends on creating and maintaining a good reputation. LinkedIn isn’t like other social media platforms. It’s essential to appear professional at all times.

Quality over Quantity – Build your Network Cautiously

Before reaching out to someone or adding someone to your network, research about that person a bit. Even if you know that person beforehand, it is not about the number of Connections. Period.

Network of business concept
Build your network cautiously.

Everyone appreciates a strong network. Employers might even hire you because you know people in and around the industry.

The fact that your profile is transparent and lists everything about you means that recruiters can take an in-depth look at what you’re capable of before reaching out to you for an interview.

Hence, LinkedIn is the ultimate cover letter and a live record of who you are and what you know professionally.

LinkedIn Secrets

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LinkedIn could honestly bring rich dividends for your career or business if used diligently. Unlike other social media networks, you don’t have to waste too many hours scrolling through your feed. Make sure to use LinkedIn and the variety of tools it offers wisely. Build your name and credibility online.

Even a small tool like Saved Jobs on LinkedIn, as aforementioned, can be useful in locating, saving, and applying to jobs that you like at your convenience.

Use such tools to your full advantage, keep a keen eye on what’s coming and going – look for perfect opportunities to reach out to the HR Department of that company you have been eyeing to join. Keep up with the current trends of your interest field and the challenges the industry faces.

You may have signed up because everyone around you has, and you felt the need to, but great results will come your way if you focus on building meaningful connections. More opportunities will knock on your door even when you expect them the least.

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