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Mutual Mobile is an innovation consultancy that brings digital experiences to life through an integrated approach to design and technology. Turn ambitious ideas into products for their customers that people use every day. Apps, platforms, virtual and augmented reality-they created them long before they became mainstream.

Mutual Mobile Services

We dive in where you need us most on your product journey, helping you start and scale. By prioritizing your product features, we maximize budget, customer experience, and revenue stream.

Program Management

With new tech and agile practices, we enable entirely new business models, helping our partners rewrite the economics of their industry. We know better than anyone that launch does not mean done. That’s why we offer maintenance and reporting — to optimize along your path to product growth.

Technology & engineering

Ongoing collaboration between design and engineering is our proven formula to product success. Design informs development and our tech team advises on what’s possible, so no time goes to waste.

Design strategy

The tech giants know the secret to creating customer experiences. Because the tech giants work with us. It starts with a discovery to help us understand your customers and business goals. From there, we work backward to create an on-brand design that resonates with your users.



Headquarter Information

211 E 7th St, Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78701

All Locations

Austin, TX . Hyderabad, TL

Mutual Mobile Case Studies

AGCO AgCommand

As a $6.4 trillion global industry that employs 1.3 billion people worldwide, agriculture is experiencing a technological transformation. These technologies are paramount to feeding an estimated population of 10 billion people by 2050, which will require a 70% increase in food production.

In order to equip clients with the tools needed to meet current demands and scale for the future, AGCO’s VP of Product Management in Global Advanced Technology Solutions, Matt Rushing, and his team are responsible for helping AGCO dealers and farmers reduce costs and increase margins through Fuse, AGCO’s futuristic approach to precision agriculture.

With its core objectives in mind for taking Fuse and AgCommand to the next level, AGCO turned to Mutual Mobile to help build a mobile strategy and application experience to solve these very problems.

Primary features include:

-At a Glance Screen
-Maintenance and Service Interval Tracking
-Automatic Alerts
-Geofences and Asset Tracking
-Privacy Measures

"With the updated AgCommand driving Fuse Connected Services, AGCO is now in a better position to grow the agriculture industry in a more digital, non-traditional way that will continue to be advantageous to our customers."

Matt Rushing - Vice President, Product Management in Global Advanced Technology Solutions AGCO


BioLab Inc. develops, produces, and markets swimming pool and spa maintenance products along with their famous household cleaning supplies line.

Following the launch of their water test strips, Clorox realized they needed a web and mobile application to meet customers where they were and improve accessibility.

BioLab Inc. partnered with Mutual Mobile to create a seamless user experience and simplify water testing by troubleshooting pool care for their target audience.

Before Mutual Mobile, Clorox used Cordova, a hybrid development framework that provided a single code base for all platforms. During the project, the Clorox team had limited proficiency with Cordova. Mutual Mobile rose to the occasion by learning the technology on the job.

The Objective

Create a platform to market Clorox products while educating consumers.

Desired Product Features

-Instant water analysis results.
-Product and dosage recommendations.
-Easy access to helpful information on basic pool care and customary problem prevention.
-User-friendly eCommerce shopping platform.

Key Results
-The application made self-testing possible for pool owners. Customers now have a better understanding of proper care of pools.
-The first water-testing application on the market, the Clorox: Pool & Spa app elevates consumer experience across the pool market.
-Nearly 300,000 Clorox Pool & Spa App users.
-2 million water tests performed in the app.
-Over $150K worth of in-app purchases were made to date

Elevate IQ

Elevate Growth Partners is a brokerage firm using technology to reimagine the commercial real estate (CRE) space. Their mission is to link the industry's top talents to the technology that makes the lease transaction process seamless and efficient. COVID-19 hit commercial real estate hard. Elevate used this as an opportunity to expand by using their proprietary software ElevateIQ. ElevateIQ empowers tenant rep brokers to focus their resources on what matters most – delivering impressive real estate outcomes to their customers.

Asana, a popular but limited project management software, was Elevate’s primary internal tool for tracking properties.

Each time they acquired a new customer, Elevate had to rebuild a new project with all the available assets.

Additionally, brokers collected property information and prepared PDFs and flyers to share with clients, which involved more manual data entry.

All communication happened via email or phone, creating a clunky and often frustrating, non-transparent customer experience.

Elevate's functionality created problems in managing information as data was distributed through various locations. To make matters worse, there was no central platform for processing these transactions.

The brokers worked individually and provided properties to their customers without coordination with the rest of the brokers, resulting in a disconnect on additional properties. This siloed model resulted in several communication issues between the brokers and the customers.

ElevateIQ partnered with Mutual Mobile to build a customer-broker communication platform to fix the problem and improve the customer experience.


Reduced Redundancy with Simplified Work and Transaction Management. With simple deployment and features, Mutual Mobile helped ElevateIQ save time and improve productivity and customer satisfaction.


To impress influencers at SXSW 2017, Walmart envisioned unveiling a fully virtual shopping experience that put shoppers inside the store, without ever leaving their homes. This ambitious project needed an experienced team to lead the way. But beyond the technical skills needed to assemble a strong VR experience, it also required a clear vision and a drive to create something new and impactful. Walmart approached Mutual Mobile to build this fully immersive experience.

This ambitious project needed an experienced team to lead the way. But beyond the technical skills needed to assemble a strong VR experience, it also required a clear vision and a drive to create something new and impactful.

Walmart approached Mutual Mobile to build this fully immersive experience.

A Collaborative Experience
The Walmart and Mutual Mobile teams worked together from the ground up, designing the environment, scripting the dialogue, refining the interactive elements, and making sure the whole experience felt fresh, engaging, and purposeful. Mutual Mobile’s engineers built a 3D environment that allowed shoppers to walk right down the aisle of a virtual Walmart.

Mutual Mobile’s team built integrated design and development processes around:​ Walmart’s Emerging Technology team demonstrated the impact of this experience for the company’s shareholders and its Executive Row – inspiring tens of thousands of people in the company to see its potential as a leader in the retail technology space.

Under Armour Xpress

Under Armour, Inc. is an American sports equipment company that specializes in footwear, sports gear, and casual apparel. Under Armour’s vision is to inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without.


Under Armour collaborated with Mutual Mobile to fix the backend for the project and develop a ground-up frontend from an app that allowed customers to personalize their gear before buying.


Mutual Mobile and Under Armour respectively developed the front end and back end of the app, with the quality assurance provided by Under Armour.

Mutual Mobile also created the design plan using style guides given by Under Armor's Design Team.

Design a user-friendly interface to allow users to quickly and seamlessly navigate through an interactive, personalized shopping experience.

August 2019
Mutual Mobile begins building the app, fixing backend issues, and creating a user-friendly frontend.

September 2019
The product is launched publicly on September 17, 2019. Results were kept in-house.

Key Results
End users can upload their artwork to an in-app personal artwork library.
Text can be added to their desired garment within the app.
By integrating with SlickStitch, users can see delivered items with their embellishments, including the better subtleties noticeable between various adornment types (heat transfer versus embroidery).
Users can make numerous custom items for individuals or groups.


AccuWeather engaged Mutual Mobile to help serve their Fortune 500 B2B clients through customized enterprise weather apps focused on saving lives and money.

To serve their Fortune 500 B2B clients, AccuWeather needed customized enterprise weather apps to align with their vision: to save lives, protect property, and help people prosper.


In 2017, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions (AES) was only accessible by browser. AccuWeather (AW) partnered with us to build native apps for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.


Deliver the MVP to AccuWeather’s clients quickly. Include the high-impact features while keeping the designs and elements standard for familiarity with the browser-based solution.‍


Step 1: Mutual Mobile planned and kicked off the collaboration with AccuWeather with a 2-week discovery workshop. Mutual Mobile’s delivery and technical teams worked closely with AccuWeather’s product and technical leaders. ‍

Step 2: Our team gets working on an MVP.‍

Objective: Deliver the MVP to AccuWeather’s clients quickly. Include the high-impact features while keeping the designs and elements standard for familiarity with the browser-based solution.‍

Step 3: Mutual Moibuilt iOS and Android apps to further establish AccuWeather as the number one provider of customized, relevant, and focused weather warnings to large enterprises. Additionally, we regularly made incremental improvements with the addition of customized features.‍

Step 4: Validate user feedback and implement high-impact changes. Likewise, we developed the UX by providing additional functionality and data sets to the application.‍

‍Step 5: Build a consumer-grade enterprise app. We have since added more new features to the app addressing new use cases not present in 2019.


50% of Fortune 500s
We delivered a quick, on-schedule MVP, earning AccuWeather increased profits, their customers greater productivity, and us a multi-year partnership.

Accurately forecasting helps people in organizations plan their day without losing employee time. AccuWeather currently has nearly 50% of Fortune 500 companies as their customers, demonstrating the scalability and efficiency of the new mobile app.

Mutual Mobile Mission

To be the most influential business performance agency and a true partner to our clients, helping them reshape their businesses to meet the demands of this convergent world.