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PureRed provides complete digital mindset which helps clients to move forward. The agency has unique ability to deliver right marketing services and digital content. Their team of expert is successfully handling pools of large number of organization with precision and speed.

PureRed Services

PureRED have the marketing solutions to help you compete in today's marketplace, whether retailer or consumer, they have been serving in this field. In retail, they are serving for around 54 years creating marketing solutions for some of the largest retail companies in the world.

PureRED Consumer team is agile in identifying “How to Win” and “Where to Play,” we help brands find success in the most competitive categories and the most dynamic media environment. The agency is a true partner in Consumer Package Goods and Professional Healthcare advertising.



PureRed job has been to drive buying decisions by placing effective content that connects with consumers in the way they shop today.


PureRED team has worked side-by-side for many years. We come from diverse backgrounds building iconic brands at big agencies. Few marketing partners,



Headquarter Information

2196 W Park Ct, Stone Mountain, GA 30087 (770) 498-4091
(770) 498-4091

All Locations

Atlanta, GA . Princeton, NJ . San Francisco, CA . Charlotte, NC . Pittsburgh, PA . Chicago, Il . Minneapolis, MN . Buffalo, NY . Harrisburg, PA . Cincinnati, IA . Portland, OR

PureRed Case Studies

ACT Oral Care Staying #1 Against the Odds (Consuumer)

For 71% of patients, a professional recommendation is a key driver of brand consideration and consumer purchase, making it critical for ACT® Flouride Rinse to maintain their claim as “The #1 Dentist and Hygienist Recommended Flouride Brand” for both kids and adults. A challenge made even bigger because they were being massively outspent and outmanned by market leaders Listerine® and Colgate®.

To stay #1, PureRED created an impactful, efficient marketing program that focuses on
4 key goals – for a fraction of what the competition spends.

1. Communicate the brand’s key equity and unique differentiator against the competition – flouride and its benefits.

2. Grow a robust and highly engaged HCP database to build a relationship and deliver value though product sampling.

3. Optimize our media and conference channels to expand reach to hygienists.

4. Create relevant marketing efforts that target key growth segments.


ACT® continues to be #1 in recommendations from both dentists and hygienists. In fact, hygienist recommendations are now 2X higher than the leading competitor. ACT® realized a 50% increase in sample requests YOY – which directly correlates to recommendations – and increased the HCP database by 41% over the last 5 years.

Arm & Hammer Slide Revolutionizing Cat Litter (Consumer)

Cat owners hate dealing with the litter box. It’s messy, smelly and gross. Brands in the category promise to make the job better than ever. Claiming it is easy. Proving it is hard. We had to show beyond doubt that the worst job in the house was revolutionized – Arm & Hammer Slide transformed litter box cleaning with a totally new category benefit.

PureRED created empathy with cat owners and amazement with a unique product demo. With a fully integrated online and offline campaign, “Slide over to Slide” used approachable humor to touch an emotional button that the awful ritual of scraping the box was over. All it takes is a tilt of the box and the litter would slide right out. The minds of cat owners were blown. The Slide Revolution was on.


Slide propelled Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal from #4 to #2, with the highest velocity of any product launch in the category. The website experienced a 35% increase in pages per session. Social media engagement increased 395% and saw an awareness and recall lift 2x category norms for Facebook.

Vitafusion: The New Voice of Vitamins (Consumer)

Vitafusion was the first gummy brand in the market. However, low awareness and functional marketing made people think they were the Costco store brand. In order to gain their sales and real identity back Vitafusion had to quickly position themselves as the flagship brand.

PureRED defined a “brand soul” fitting for the leader of this new form, the gummy, through rounds of creative development and testing. It was a fusion of fun and science that could only be Vitafusion. With the introduction of new SKU’s, we launched a breakthrough, multi-channel effort that established Vitafusion as the way to “Vitamin Better.”


The new positioning increased brand awareness, enabling the launch of two new lines – Organics and Goodness. Vitafusion achieved double-digit growth and the personality of the new work created an emotional connection with consumers that turned many into vocal brand advocates.

New Jersey Lottery Anything can happen in Jersey (Consumer)

New Jersey Lottery was struggling to get noticed and connect with their most important audience, young adults because New Jersey is sandwiched between two media markets, New York and Philadelphia. Overall sales were flat and even worse for the huge category of instant games.

PureRED invented a uniquely Jersey brand identity that embodies the quirky, can-do attitude of the state. “Anything can happen in Jersey” is a master platform that allows each game to have its own voice while also elevating the entire portfolio. The platform has grown even stronger over time with a new generation of game launches, the broadened appeal of draw games and the rebranding of instant games as Scratch-Offs.


The New Jersey Lottery’s annual revenue had never reached $3 billion. Not long after PureRED won the business, that mark was topped and hit almost $3.5 billion for FY2019. Nationally, it’s the fastest growing large state lottery in sales per capita.

In 2016 and 2018, the New Jersey Lottery received the Fleurry Award as the Best Creative in North America as voted the Lottery Industry.

Xyzal An OTC switch takes off (Consumer Case Study)

"Xyzal" was a relatively unknown prescription allergy medicine and fourth brand when they decided to go OTC against established brands.

PureRED started by identifying an unrecognized category segment, sleep impacted allergy sufferers. Then the team invented Nigel, a character that broke through in the category along with his sticky tagline. Nigel’s timely wisdom quickly built awareness, enabled persuasive competitive comparisons,carve out a unique positioning.

The Results

Xyzal has experienced double-digit growth every year since launch and is one of the most successful brands in the history of Sanofi Consumer Health Care. On YouTube, Xyzal videos get millions of views, and the brand has received industry accolades including the IRI Top 10 New Product Pacesetter Award and Nielsen’s 2019 Top 25 Breakthrough Innovations Award.

Balducci's Food Lovers' Market: A Video Transformation Story (Retail)

New York’s first specialty gourmet food retailer, Balducci’s has a long-held reputation of bringing inspiration into all things edible. The only problem? Their marketing content was still lingering in the twentieth century. Focusing on print advertising for the last 100 years left Balducci’s struggling to compete with trendy food blogs and quick-hitting videos that were easily shared on social media.

PureRed was assigned to ceate an inspirational Epicurean 30-to-90-second videos that appeal to potential customers. They started by assessing the market and diving deep to identify opportunities to generate relevant content for Balducci’s epicurean customer base. No flashy prices. No gimmicks. Just pure, shareable, inspirational content for food lovers.


Balducci’s social media pages, website and weekly emails were reinvigorated with content tailor-made for the digital age — and their gourmet customers. Garnering thousands of views, these videos breathed new life into the Balducci’s brand and attracted new bon vivant customers.

Stein Mart: A Photography Partnership Story`by PureRed (Retail)

Stein Mart is known for their fashionable and continuously evolving selection of clothing, accessories and home furnishings. In 2014, they were seeking a photography partner with streamlined process to help bring their expansive E-Commerce selection to life.

PureRED was up for the challenge. Their challenge was to build visually relevant language that celebrates products & brands.

PureRED developed a completely embedded solution, opening a 5,000-square foot studio inside Stein Mart’s main distribution center and staffed the site with a team of expert photographers, stylists, retouchers, content writers and copywriters. By integrating our internal workflow system within Stein Mart’s existing Item Content Application, all product samples were received, tracked, and content uploaded seamlessly.


Within the first 12 months of photography partnership, PureRED produce over 55,000 images and copy descriptions by doubling the goal Stein Mart initially requested. Stein Mart’s e-commerce channel studio space has doubled and the expected sku count continues to increase yearly.

Raising the bar for a regional business in a digital marketplace (Retail)

For the first time, BevMo! is facing increased competition from super chains. Many major retailers now offer craft beer, fine wine and premium liquor. Meanwhile, other specialty alcohol purveyors have emerged.

This shift in the market allowed BevMo!’s competitors to increase in size and scope. In order to fortify its regional stronghold and maximize its promotional capabilities, BevMo! needed a holistic approach to marketing with an emphasis on digital transformation.

PureRED introduced a 3-Point Plan to confront BevMo!’s challenges.
Reshaping the agency model, started by streamlining BevMo!’s internal marketing department, providing their leadership team with the flexibility to be more innovative and tactical. PureRED consolidated the responsibilities once outsourced to numerous entities. Our office is close to BevMo!’s headquarters, offering boots on the ground with devoted brand experts and account executives.

Differentiating the brand from the competition and by modernizing their digital ecosystem and successful marketing partnership through enhanced communication.


-Increased comp sales despite being outspent by larger competitors.
-New responsive website, boosting e-commerce sales and web traffic.
-Nearly doubled the volume of email deployments without adding expense.

PureRed Mission

Purered uses technology to create marketing possibilities to personalize high-volume, database-driven, and completely customizable solutions. One of the largest pharmacy retailers in the nation approached PureRED, looking to automate their promotional process. They knew it wasn’t as simple as throwing a PDF of their print circular online. They wanted to reach customers beyond direct mail. Something personalized. Something that could be done thousands of times an hour. But how? We set out to bring their digital vision to life.