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The challenges that marketers lose sleep over are the very things we dream about: uncovering, creating, and sustaining growth. While most approach it as a goal, we embrace it as a mindset. We drive growth for brands by leveraging data-driven intelligence to identify the most rewarding opportunities and to fuel creativity that delivers results.

The Integer Group Services

To identify and unlock new growth opportunities, outdated habits and conventions must be broken. We do that by digging deeper. Exploring new paths. And leveraging traditional touchpoints in fresh ways to reimagine and build platforms that deepen connections. The quest for growth can lead to new places. Our services are purposefully designed to get us there. Growth Sciences is at the core of our growth construct. It’s the data-driven heart that powers all of our services. Our Growth Scientists interrogate an unparalleled collection of data sources using proprietary AI predictors and data-mining modules to reveal hidden growth opportunities. This guides all our strategic approaches and enables creative activations.

Technology & Innovation

We develop innovative prototypes for value testing and assessment by combining research, behavioral change frameworks and service design models to build better, faster and more efficient customer experiences.

Connected Commerce Media

We help brands monetize their owned assets, such as their retail store environment and website advertising opportunities, to create additional revenue streams. It’s yet another crucial way to grow customer loyalty, retention and value.

Retail Experience Design

By blending data, strategy, design and technology, we create transformative experiences that allow brands to connect and grow across diverse commerce ecosystems.

Brand Communications & Activation

Data and culture fuel our creative ideas, turning them into growth-focused, commerce-driven campaigns and programs.

eCommerce & Social Commerce

Our eCommerce programs support and enhance the fundamentals of online shopping throughout the entire eCommerce ecosystem.

Retail Marketing

Engaging customers with immersive experiences create brand bonds that translate into brand growth. It’s why we create inspiring consumer promotions that deliver measurable impact across customer groups and fan bases.



Headquarter Information

7245 W Alaska Dr Denver, Colorado 80226, US

All Locations

Denver, CO

The Integer Group Case Studies

Social justice is our genre

Raised awareness levels for FYR

Created opportunities for fundraising resources

Drove engagement from other industry professionals

Getting the jump on Halloween

13.4% sales increase for Wrigley fruity confection vs YAG.
8.9% sales increase for Mars Chocolates vs YAG.

Feeding passion

The program shattered expectations, gaining significant share with 18- to 34-year-olds and delivering 3X the highest Kellogg’s Family Rewards response of any receipt redemption program ever.

+61.2% increase in incremental sales

+12.2% increase in sales

Give gifts, not GIFS

A seamless digital commerce experience drove 37.1 million impressions and boosted Snickers sales +7.4% resulting in an ROI of 5.61.

Growth Through Art

Digital activation generated a 10% increase in sales (compared to 2019/20)

Launch video attracted more than 380k views

GAME ON for growth

10.6% increase in Fiber gross adds

6.5% lift in Broadband gross adds

Additionally, The Batman Experience drove conversation around AT&T with more than 500MM media impressions.

Marketing Agency's Mission

The Integer Group Mission

We believe that when our people thrive, so do our clients and our communities.

If you’d like to know what it’s like to thrive at Integer, it’s best to hear it from the ones doing it.

The Integer Group Clients

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