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What Are Some Good Signs You Got The Job?

What Are Some Good Signs You Got The Job?

Are you curious about what are some good signs you got the job? You just got home from the interview. Oh, wait! You forgot to grab your lunch on the way. And didn’t you promise your best friend that you’ll see her on the way back? You forgot that too. Why? Probably because you kept on mulling over your answers and wondering whether or not you did well in the job interview.

You are pretty sure that you didn’t do too bad. But you are also convinced that you didn’t boss the interview. This is the worst feeling when you’re unsure if you’ll get the job, even after hours of pondering.

Close up interviewer interview candidate apply for job at meeting room in office
Interviews can be unpredictable, but you can always look for the right signs.

What if someone tells you that there are signs you can look for during an interview? That these signs mean you will most likely get an offer letter soon.

Knowing these signs would surely take the burden of overthinking off your shoulders, won’t it? So, let us learn what some good signs you got the job are.

Interviewers Are Careful Not to Spill the Beans

Interviewers listening to the interviewee
Interviewers are super careful about staying neutral during interviews

Remember the countless movie scenes where the interviewer congratulates a teary-eyed candidate and tells him he got the job? Unfortunately, that’s not how things usually work in real life. You might even have to wait several weeks after an interview to get a reply.

You might have other interviews lined up in the meantime, such as a working interview, but every single one is sure to give you sleepless nights. Till the day you receive an affirmative answer from the employer, you keep mulling over your chances. Knowing what good signs you got the job will come in handy to avoid such situations.

Before we talk about these promising signs, we must talk about their limitations. Most importantly, interviewers are very careful not to spill the beans. Some of them might go the extra step to ensure they don’t even drop vague hints such as those we will discuss.

But interviewers and recruiters are as human as every one of us. So, they are prone to giving away these promising signs via body language, physical gestures, or their choice of words.

All you need to do is give these interviewers a taste of their own medicine and observe them for promising signs during an interview.

Know these signs before you take your next interview, and they will save you all the mulling that usually follows an interview.

What Are Some Good Signs You Got The Job During The Interview?

some good signs you got the job
Good signs you got the job during the interview

1) Casual Conversation

Interviews are strictly professional, and so are the questions by the interviewers. Did your last interview the same and did the interviewers ask you some casual questions? Did they ask questions about you that have got nothing to do with the job profile?

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If they did, it is one of the most common promising signs that they’re impressed. Interviews are strictly professional business, and a casual conversation usually signals a green flag for the interviewee.

It means that they have given you a nod professionally and are trying to know you better. Something they would never do to a candidate they are not interested in recruiting.

2) The Awkward Office Tour

Let us honestly admit it; office tours are awkward. You follow the interviewer around the workplace as they introduce you to other team members, and everybody stops what they are doing to look at you. But as far as promising signs go, this awkward office tour is right up there with the most obvious.

So, if you were given a short office tour but still haven’t received the offer letter, know that it’s a matter of when and not if. Take that tour thoughtfully and sincerely with as much interest as you can as that can be your next workplace!

3) A Long Interview Is a Good Interview

With whom would you spend more time? Someone you’re planning to work with or a person you’re not even sure of seeing again? The former, right?

It is a good sign whenever you’re held longer in an interview. It means that the interviewer is interested in your profile and is willing to be thorough with the conversation. Even if the interviewer was careful not to drop any verbal or body language hints, you could learn a lot by how long your interview lasted.

This might mean you got the job. In some cases, these long interviews don’t convert, which only means that the interviewer concerned couldn’t seize as much as he wanted about the candidate.

4) The Perks, Benefits, and Allowances

It is music to the ears. Learning about the many perks and benefits you will get along with the salary. If the interviewer discusses benefits and allowances in detail, consider it a promising sign that you got the job.

After all, they would never talk about specifics such as employee allowances if they were unwilling to recruit you. When talking about some good signs you got the job, it doesn’t get more obvious than a discussion about employee benefits.

5) Lengthy Conversations About the Company

When the interviewer begins talking about the company, consider it a positive sign. He/She might speak of the company’s vision, the work culture, or how they care for and value their employees.

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They might be wanting you to understand the culture of the company. Isn’t that a good sign already?

Whatever the specifics of the conversation may be, the lengthy company talk from the interview usually means that you’ll soon be a part of that company.

6) The Salary Talk

If the interviewer isn’t interested in hiring you, they usually wrap up before reaching the salary discussion. If you have reached the stage in your interview where the interview is discussing your salary expectations, consider it a promising sign you got the job.

Apart from these fairly obvious ones, other subtle gestures often mean you got the job. For instance, if the interviewer keeps nodding with a genuine smile on his/her face, it probably means that they’re enjoying the conversation and are interested in hiring you.

In simple words, if the interviewer is visibly interested in your answers and doesn’t look bored or frustrated, it is a promising interview sign.

7) The Very Detailed Talk

If the interviewer is talking beyond the role and position and has started talking about projects or specific work, this could be you hitting your jackpot!

Generally, interviewers are quite cautious about being neutral. But you can certainly assess those little details we mentioned here and guess your pending offer as now you know what are some good signs you got the job.

Some Not-So-Promising Interview Signs

An interviewer listening to his interviewee
Know the bad signs too

Here are a couple of not-so-promising interview signs. After all, if you know some good signs you got the job, why not check out the red flags?

  • One of the significant signs of a bad interview is when it is abruptly cut short. If the interview was supposed to be 20-minute long and an uninterested interviewer let you go in twelve minutes, it might be time to start applying again.
  • Secondly, if the interviewer did not care to explain the job responsibilities or talk about the work culture and the company, they aren’t impressed.
  • Body language signs such as repeatedly staring at the clock or not letting you complete your answer show that the interviewer is unwilling to give you a nod.
  • If the interviewer seems distracted and makes less or no eye contact with you, that might also count as a not-so-promising interview sign.

What Are Some Good Signs You Got the Job After The Interview?

Good Signs You Got the Job After The Interview

1) Follow-Up Calls

When the recruiter or the hiring manager usually gives you a non-requested or before-mentioned follow-up call, it usually is another sign that they liked you. They are just waiting for a few confirmations to make you an offer. They want to keep touching base to know if you’re already employed or on another interview process.

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2) Follow Up Emails

Similar to the follow-up calls, follow-up emails can come as a request for further missing details during the recruitment process or the interview, such as a request for a vacation period or salary requirements. Usually, these calls can be accompanied by an offer afterward, but there are not mandatory.

3) The Friendly Tone of Voice

In a call or in any further contact after the interview, you receive a friendly tone of voice from a recruiter, hiring manager, or anyone at the company. It seems like they are trying to attract your attention positively. It’s not only being polite, which you expect all the time, but more than that, a friendly tone of voice may be a good sign you got the job.

How long does it take to know if you got the job after an interview?

It can take up to a month on average to get a job offer. Of course, there are exceptions, either because the company changed plans, or has several levels of approval. Don’t expect a quick job offer, since they are less common, although it can happen.

All Set for the Next Interview

Group of candidates lined up for interview
Prepare well for your next interview; now you know about the good signs

Interviews are hard, and the weeks that follow are even more demanding.

The constant looking back at what went wrong and what went right never seems to end. The minute you step out of the interview room, the mulling-over begins, and it can take a toll on your confidence and mental health.

After all, it is a matter of employment, and it is sure to affect every aspect of a person’s life.

But the interview signs and hints we talked about can make the weeks following an interview easier. Now that you’re aware of these good interview signs, you will come out confident after a good interview.

As a result, you will not forget to grab your lunch on the way, and you will remember to meet your best friend and tell her you’re feeling good about the interview. All because you know some good signs you got the job and noticed most of them during the interview.

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