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Centerline Digital is a marketing agency of strategic thinkers and creative makers solving complex marketing problems. We build and activate custom marketing solutions for some of the world’s most progressive companies.

Centerline Digital Services

Centerline Digital crafts strategic marketing solutions for the world’s most progressive enterprises. Our clients include IBM, GE, Quintiles, SAS, Cisco, National Instruments, and Lowe’s Home Improvement, as well as other dynamic enterprises.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Marketing only works if you can prove it. We leverage your marketing technology stack to create end-to-end campaigns that power demand and lead generation efforts.

Consumer Experiences Strategy

Customer experience is the key to successful B2B marketing. For all the talk about the similarities of B2B and B2C marketing, the truth is the two are fundamentally different. B2B marketing is more complex – it just is.

Digital Experiences For Events

Events play a major role in the B2B customer journey. People prioritize events for gathering information, solving problems, and building relationships. But events are saturated with noise.Customer experience is the key to successful B2B marketing.

Brand Storytelling

Visual storytelling isn’t merely a core competency at Centerline, it’s the bedrock of our organization. With a specific focus on clients in the technology space, our success has stemmed from our ability to develop compelling and effective communication and marketing campaigns for our clients, rooted in telling the right stories to the right audiences.



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Centerline Digital Case Studies


The executive floor of IBM Headquarters in Armonk, N.Y. was getting a huge makeover and IBM hired the architecture firm, Gensler, to take the current space and reimagine it as a modern collaborative space where insights from real-time data provoke discussions. The main wall—a 32 foot long by 8 foot high screen—greets VIP visitors in the lobby as they wait to speak with senior IBM executives. IBM immediately turned to Centerline to consult on the content experience, and to partner with Gensler throughout the process. IBM wanted to highlight industry-transforming client stories and cutting edge IBM research that would play along with data visualizations and audio soundscapes.


Centerline tackled a number of unique challenges in order to create content for this huge video wall. We had to figure out how to tell complex client and research stories on a very wide canvas without relying on audio all while working with a customer content generation engine running the screen.
We explored several different visual styles and landed on an approach that used a few key images (usually high-frame-rate footage) and very sparse, punchy text. This style allowed us to focus audience attention on key messages and not have them get overwhelmed.
Over two phases we produced 15 client stories, 7 research project stories, 10 deep-dive documentary-style client stories, and 3 soundscapes for real-time data visualizations.


Today’s consumers expect personalized marketing, and brands that use data-driven campaigns are seeing results. Property needed to generate interest from existing and new clients in order to drive high-quality conversations and direct interactions with its sellers.
To do that, they began planning an Account-Based Marketing campaign to target 20+ high opportunity accounts in North America.


Centerline partnered with Protegrity to create a narrative that could be customized to both the industry and pain-point level for accounts. A variety of social and display ads were created and rolled out across LinkedIn.
Once users were hooked with the social/display ads or emails that they received, they were driven to an industry-specific landing page with deeper level content. A desk drop play was included for account contacts who were key decision-makers for the purchase of Protegrity.
Two separate email plays were created for the Protegrity Prime Account-Based Marketing campaign. All emails were personalized on an individual and industry level and were sent by each account’s sales representative.


Stigma and social norms have led many to believe that success can only be reached by way of a four-year college degree. Lowe’s was on a mission to change those norms and perceptions by focusing on the trades.


Centerline partnered with Lowe’s to create a social campaign to engage audiences and increase awareness about the skilled trades shortage in America. Centerline began by designing a social media content plan, followed by creating assets, buying media, managing the communities, and reporting weekly on the effectiveness and KPI’s of the campaign.


When IBM was launching the latest iteration of its enterprise computing platform — the IBM z15 — the goal was to communicate to clients and prospects that IBM Z is the best platform in the world for the cloud you want, with the privacy and security you need.
It was equally important to position IBM Z as cutting-edge and a means to gain a competitive advantage for its enterprise clients working with multi-cloud and hybrid cloud platforms.
So, how could the IBM Z team dive into the technical details of the z15 without losing engagement? That’s where Centerline came in.


In place of a more traditional — highly informative, but standard — product launch video, we looked to late-night variety shows for inspiration. By changing the format to a variety show-style webcast and leveraging a well-known industry influencer as the host and IBM subject matter experts across marketing, design, and management as the guests, we were able to dramatically increase engagement for the z15 digital launch.
Host Ray Wang served as a stand-in for the audience, asking questions about the features, benefits, and technology behind the z15 in one-on-one interviews with the SMEs.
The fast pace, multiple segments, and energetic host livened up a deeply technical launch story and allowed the leaders from IBM to play authentic starring roles during the 24-minute webcast. In their interviews with Ray, IBM SMEs were able to deliver their specialized knowledge in a digestible and engaging way.
The launch campaign also included 13 in-person interactive demos at invite-only roadshows in six key markets around the world to help share new capabilities and dive deep on features and benefits.


The Chemicals & Refining group at ABB tapped the digital marketing experts at Centerline to help them strategize and launch a digital marketing campaign highlighting their offerings—in just six weeks.

The campaign also needed to highlight ABB’s new and improved messaging pillars that aligned more closely to their goals and mission to be “Safe, Smart, Sustainable” technology leaders across all brands.

Centerline concepted and launched an integrated marketing campaign that included content recommendations, channel strategy, and paid media. We developed content for, launched, and monitored a paid social media campaign to promote awareness of the new messaging and ABB’s Chemicals & Refining offerings and executed a paid media strategy targeting key audiences and user groups on LinkedIn with a secondary goal to increase registrations for a deep-dive podcast hosted by an ABB thought leader.

The campaign was a clear success. On a short timeline, we were able to strategize, launch, and create assets for the digital campaign and blow past benchmarks that assumed less time restriction. Our paid efforts performed well above industry benchmarks with sponsored LinkedIn posts performing 37.7% higher than the benchmark and InMail performing 24% higher than the benchmark. Pushing the podcast out via social media resulted in 50 new registrations in just two weeks.


756 visitors
(736 new visitors) to the /Chemical page.

of the podcast page.

79 leads
captured through Pardot form submissions that can be used to power future e-nurture.


Centerline supports IBM Blockchain as they build a self-serving digital journey for Food Trust integrated digital campaign launch.

To support the launch of IBM Food Trust, IBM Blockchain needed a comprehensive go-to-market plan that would pique interest in the solution and provide deeper information to guide potential customers through their purchasing journey:

The Food Trust team sought to answer a few key questions for potential adopters:

Strategically, Centerline was tasked with building deliverables to increase brand awareness and creating a self-serving digital journey to ultimately close deals and onboard customers onto the solution with ease. Creatively, Centerline needed to understand both the food and blockchain industries to help guide a grounded visual aesthetic and brand tone for the Food Trust launch campaign.

Understanding the Food Trust audience, go-to-market goals, and desired touch points throughout the digital journey, Centerline, working closely with the Food Trust team, built content recommendations with creative concepts and execution methods to inform and nurture Food Trust customers in this early phase of the launch.


Since the brand’s launch, Centerline created more than 17 pieces of engaging and informative content to support this offering. The plan supported the goal of answering the following questions posed by the IBM team, encouraging deeper learning, and empowering a self-serving digital purchase journey.

Centerline Digital Mission

At Centerline, we are united by a common goal: to deliver the highest quality marketing content, created by an extremely talented group of individuals. This commitment to excellence extends not only to our clients, but also to the responsibility to our employees, our community involvement and leadership, and the impact we have on the environment. From our management down, we demonstrate our responsibility to be good corporate citizens whether we’re delivering innovative marketing solutions or participating in a local 5K for charity.

Also, as one of the select few approved vendors for IBM, we whole-heartedly adhere to the framework and values set forth in the IBM Supplier Code of Conduct and the EICC.