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What Is Empower Marketing Agency Clients?

The Empower Marketing Agency Clients-Holding Company has a simple advantage: Customers first – not shareholders. Recognized by The One Show as the US Campaign Agency of the Year, as an Ad Age Agency A-List Agency and as MediaPost’s Media Agency of the Year, it has an integrated team of experts in Creative, Media, Analytics and Word-of- Mouth Marketing exceeds expectations.

Empower Services

Start smart and get smarter, improving media and messaging — with data fueling each new campaign. In adaptive creative, when the media and message match a finite audience, we see a 32% performance increase compared to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Empowering Media

Driving return on over a half-billion dollars of media investments. platform. Harnessing a wide set of disparate data, we illuminate the consumer’s journey and the best way for brands to intersect, not interrupt, customers along that path.

Preferred Partners

As a Premier Partner, we’re among the top 3% of the most qualified sources recommended by Google. Our Meta partnership allows for access to curated support and prioritized issue resolution.

Empowering Creative

At the speed of today’s attention span 01 Strategy Understanding the landscape, listening and observing consumers identify insights to inspire ideas and drive connections.

Creative Media Approach

Media informs creativity. Creative informs media. Backed by world-class data expertise, we outperform expectations and over-deliver till it becomes expected. Your customers take notice.



Headquarter Information

15 East 14th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA

All Locations

Cincinnati, OH . Chicago, IL

Empower Case Studies

20/20 Media Strategy

We started with data derived from search and our proprietary programmatic trading solution, ClearTrade® to identify appropriate audiences.

We then shifted dollars to top-performing tactics only and used dynamic creativity to deliver the most effective ads.

For hyper-efficiency, we activated real-time ad bidding linked to area doctors’ actual calendar availability. When doctors were booked, we decreased bidding to save costs, and when they opened up, increased bidding to drive bookings.


New appointments increased by 30% at all locations. Conversions doubled. And in two years we drove a 32% improvement in CPA which led to a savings of $30.7 million dollars for the client.

ICU for Health Care Ads

Challenge: Health care advertising can be invisible. Without a compelling message and precision placement, many ads in the category—with their well-intentioned platitudes and standard images of doctors with patients—go unseen and unnoticed.

TriHealth, a health system in Cincinnati, needed to stand out in this sea of sameness. Known primarily for a few select hospitals, they wanted to stabilize their business by getting consumers to understand that they are far more than that. They are a comprehensive hospital system, covering the entire range of medical needs.

Solution: We broke the mold of traditional healthcare advertising by pushing Creative boundaries. And our strong media chops helped inform Creative choices.

Social listening uncovered the true impact of the medium. We launched day-parted messages on Friday afternoons about relevant opening hours… because we know ‘your kid’s illness barfs on your schedule.’

We ran high impact outdoor campaigns that both informed and entertained – including a baby-counter billboard to showcase TriHealth’s delivery experience.

Our creative use of TV, radio, print, out-of-home and digital formats, helped TriHealth stand out.

Within only 6 months of the campaign launch, there was a 6% lift in awareness of TriHealth. Not only that, 78% of people exposed to it, and in need of health care, felt they should consider TriHealth.

Within one year, we helped gain over 77.2 million impressions for the brand, reaching nearly everyone in Cincinnati an average 5 times per week through either OOH, Radio, TV, Social, or Digital.

TriHealth was more visible than ever.

The Performance Brand Test

It’s not unusual to think of the sales funnel as a race to the finish line and, when working with Brooks Running, the thought fits perfectly, like a pair of their shoes. Heading into the December 2019 holiday sales season, it’s also why we analyzed their paid social audiences like running groups.

Traditionally, Brooks identified various prospecting audiences in the social space and ushered them through the sales funnel to the finish line. We had a hypothesis that some upper funnel groups were in the wrong race. We thought they’d function far more efficiently in the middle and lower levels of the marketing funnel. In other words, they were running marathons when they could’ve been doing 5ks—or even wind sprints—all along.

The test proved our hypothesis correct… resulting in:

19-point lift in ad recall
3.4-point lift in brand awareness
7.5-point lift in purchase intent
10.2-point lift in notable conversions – earning Brooks incremental revenue

We were able to shift audiences to their best-suited starting lines and the campaigns worked more efficiently than ever. All in all, it was a runaway success.

American Standard Flush2020

2020 was a year for the toilet. For American Standard, that’s an exciting prospect. They’re big toilet people. But this wasn’t the year they—or anyone—had in mind. So, we decided to give 2020 the sendoff it deserved.

We created custom toilet paper filled with some of the worst parts of 2020, like murder hornets, COVID and being stuck on mute, and gave it away in an online contest. Rolling out on social, the promotion wasn’t just a hit news feeds… it made national news.

30,000+ Entries
350+ Million Impressions
76,000+ Social Media Poll Votes
42.5% Engagement Rate on Paid Facebook Ads
Millions in Estimated Ad Value

GNC Flavor Story

GNC was ready to help consumers beat fitness boredom with their new “Flavor Story” product campaign. To make sure the right people saw it, Empower built a data-driven media plan to burst through the New Year’s resolution hype. We keyed in on consumer passion points to create compelling contextual alignments for GNC – to shift brand perceptions and build relevance with wellness-seekers.

We developed a full-funnel, digital-only, media strategy – removing Linear TV and focusing media dollars on emerging partners and tactics, along with custom sponsorships:

NBC Sports, & Apple News
Brooke Burke’s at-home self-workout channel on Roku
Virtual Influencer Instagram live workout and curated playlist via Pandora
TikTok in-feed video ads
Premium Podcasts such as the Bellas & Literally! with Rob Lowe
The results were the real breakthrough.

GNC hit record sales, beating its goal by over 40%.

+40% Sales Growth
Our media strategy helped GNC beat its sales goal by over 40%

10% Lift in Unaided Brand Awareness
We helped drive awareness across adults 18-34 demo

$.004 CPV
We outperformed YouTube benchmarks 12X

Empower Mission

We are Empower,
The Un-Holding Company.
Our advantage is simple. Clients first – not shareholders. From the day we opened our doors in 1985, Empower has challenged the media status quo. Decades later, this hustle has manifested itself as our Creative Media Approach.