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Through the creation of impactful retail environments and turnkey store remodels. With the most cost-effective retail marketing solutions. And by providing retail execution technology for more efficient rollouts.

GSP retail Services

Whether it’s one store or a nationwide rollout, our expert project management team ensures the accountability, accuracy, quality, and timeliness of every job. With almost 40 years of in-store rollout expertise, we’ve developed proven installation techniques, combined with our proprietary technology platform, AccuStore®, which ensures store-level results.

Store-specific Marketing Guides for Efficient Campaign Rollouts

The Kroger Co. currently operates 784 convenience stores in 19 states under different banners, including Tom Thumb Food Stores, Loaf ‘N Jug, Quik Stop, Kwik Shop, and Turkey Hill Minit Markets. Tom Thumb Food Stores are located throughout Florida and Alabama. The stores offer a limited selection of private-label products, and Kroger distribution centers serve some stores.

Store Profiling Technology

AccuStore®, GSP’s proprietary store intelligence software, makes it easy to access real-time information about every aspect of your stores, anytime you want. Call it your own version of a central intelligence agency, where state-of-the-art site profile management provides you with store-level details that will improve your overall understanding of the differences between your locations and streamline your budget planning.

Retail Marketing

We provide innovative cost-effective retail marketing solutions that deliver store-level results. Our hands-on POP management team handles everything for you—so your marketing team can focus on your marketing strategy and your employees can focus on your customers.



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GSP retail Case Studies

Clothing Store Saves $30K in Shipping Costs

1. The Challenge
A privately held American retail company specializing in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment was looking for a new affordable and flexible retail environment solution to suit their stores’ current needs. They needed a way to quickly and easily swap out in-store marketing information. Its previous POS solution included wallpaper vinyl, which was failing on-site.
2. The Solution
We developed a variety of creative retail environment elements including faux picture frames for communication boards, as well as, unique navigation and wayfinding signage.
3. The Results 1. Reduced Shipping Costs: Providing more permanent, up-to-date, and evergreen in-store features has helped our client save approximately $20-30K in freight expenses.

New Branding Moves Giant Oil Concept Stores Forward

1. The Challenge
Giant Oil, a multi-branded, multi-state petroleum distributor and convenience store retailer currently operating in Florida and Ohio, was looking to create a new brand package to successfully move the company's On the Fly stores forward.
2. The Solution
After taking a closer look at Giant Oil’s Dayton, Akron, and Tampa stores, our Design team created a brand identity package intended to impact the overall customer experience. GSP developed a smart, modern, and welcoming design system that impacts the entire store, focusing on foodservice while creating a consistent look and voice.
3. The Results 1. Evergreen Solution:: We provided durable, evergreen solutions designed to stand the test of time as well as support future rollouts. 2. Increased Traffic: This new, exciting, and inviting exterior and interior helps entice shoppers into the store. 3. Elevated Experience: According to Giant Oil, our modern On the Fly concept will make a lasting impression on customers.

Budget-Friendly Remodel Updates Legacy Stores for Less

1. The Challenge
Kum & Go, a convenience store chain with 400 sites, wanted to remodel its legacy stores. They invested heavily in their new-to-industry, Marketplace stores and wanted to make a similar impact to the customer experience in the older stores – minus the major construction costs and disruption.
2. The Solution
Inspired by Kum & Go’s Marketplace concept, GSP’s Retail Environments team matched décor elements and developed new wayfinding, fixtures and fountain shrouds to bridge the brand experience in the legacy stores. GSP’s modular design and expert installation ensured minimal interruption to store operations.
3. The Results 1. Floor-to-Ceiling Impact: The legacy store now matches new store branding, which improved the customer experience. 2. Good-Better-Best: Providing mix and match options allowed Kum & Go to craft a plan that worked with its budget and still looked great. 3. On-Time, On Budget: From design to installation, GSP provided turnkey service as well as project management, saving the client time and money.

Walgreens Reduces Marketing Costs By 20%

1. The Challenge
The marketing department could no longer trust the accuracy of its data to make good ordering decisions for its 8,000+ stores. They had resorted to sending out a generic store signage kit – and up to 50% of what they printed was being thrown out.
2. The Solution
Walgreens implemented GSP's AccuStore® platform to house all of their store profile data. It helps them easily obtain accurate quantity information and customize their marketing down to the store level. Now they print only what each store needs – and nothing more – eliminating overage.
3. The Results 1. 20% Savings Accurate info helps Marketing order, and create distros with confidence. 2. No More Guessing Marketing can now tailor POP by the store to eliminate waste. 3. Better Compliance Site-specific kits are easy for stores to execute.

How Lucky’s Market Saved 50% On Store Installs

1. The Challenge
Lucky’s Market is a specialty grocery chain focused on organic and locally grown products. Their leadership team has an aggressive growth strategy in place with a slate of new store openings planned. However, the accelerated pace was leading to expensive signage overruns, was requiring too many resources to install and supervise, and it was taking too long to complete the installations. 2. The Solution
We analyzed their graphic spend and store distribution costs. Not only could Lucky’s Market benefit from lower unit costs by buying their POS in bulk, we also provided dedicated asset management and project management resources that understand rollouts. We leveraged our asset management technology to manage graphics and assets to dramatically reduce overall costs and expedite speed to market. 3. The Results
1. Install Time Cut in Half: Install time was reduced by 50%, awas the amount of labor needed for installs! 2. Reduced Cost: With dedicated product and asset management personnel, we were able to reduce costs by more than 30%. 3. More Local Personality: Time and budget reductions and lower demands on corporate resources allowed them to focus more on customizing each location for local emphasis and branding.

How We Helped Athleta Recycle 51K+ Lbs. of Graphics

1. The Challenge Athleta, a popular women’s activewear retailer and Certified B Corporation, is passionate about sustainability. Because malls and shopping centers were unable to recycle fabric graphics, the retailer approached GSP looking for a sustainability solution that was simple and cost effective. 2. The Solution GSP accepts the retailer’s used graphics and submits them to our sustainability partner. These materials are then upcycled and transformed into fuel pellets. To simplify the task of having store employees send the used materials to GSP, each campaign graphics kit includes easy-to-follow return instructions along with a prepaid return UPS label. 3. The Results To date, GSP has helped Athleta recycle over 51K pounds of marketing materials allowing the company to reduce materials that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. One fuel pellet provides approximately 9K BTUs and fiber fuel burns cleaner than coal, emitting only 2% sulfur and lower carbon dioxide.

Less reusable waste in the landfill
Additional fuel energy created
Over 51,000 lbs. of graphics recycled

“Our partnership with GSP has been so wonderful. With their Madison production facility being SGP certified, we are confident they are making the right decisions when it comes to production processes ... GSP’s focus on identifying new sustainable materials aligns with Athleta’s needs, and they have helped create innovative solutions for recycling our store imagery.”

GSP retail Mission

One of the important things that we do here is delivering the right marketing materials to the right stores at the right time. A significant part of our business is the expertise that accompanies each and every order that gets delivered to our clients’ stores’ doors. Sustainability is part of our expertise.