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Iconmobile group is an international experience and innovation company delivering sustainable solutions that change.

IconMobile Services

With our clients from various industries like automotive, consumer products, financial services, and health care we aim for innovative solutions that are both commercially successful and game-changing.


They continue to support the development lifecycle as you scale revenue and active users for the product/service.


They develop, industrialise and launch products & services with scalable infrastructure and high quality.


They iterate from a tech, business & design view and validate demand and value propositions with real market signal.


They calibrate market & tech trends with company strengths to derive opportunity areas, a vision and a prioritised roadmap.



Headquarter Information

Wallstraße 14A, 10179 Berlin, Germany

All Locations

Santa Monica, CA . Detroit, MI . Shanghai . Berlin

IconMobile Case Studies

Schwarzkopf Professional Salonlab Analyzer

Until today, a customer’s salon experience largely depended upon each salon’s environment and of course as the most crucial factor; the stylist. The mission for Henkel was to support every stylist before, during, and after a consultation to provide each customer with the best and most individualized service based on their needs.

An opportunity like the digital ecosystem for Henkel cannot come to life without a clear strategic approach – venturing into new territory just presents too many unknowns and pending decisions to rely on a pre-conceived plan. The SalonLab Analyzer experience has radically changed the in-salon consultation experience for both stylists and customers. It was essential for us to consider both perspectives for their acceptance and adoption of this new technology.


The SalonLab ecosystem leverages the power of data-based components, and the value we can provide grows with every additional component we integrate.

IconMobile Mission

We believe in compelling user experiences to establish successful customer relationships. Design is at the very heart of what we do. It is our way to think and to act, across all disciplines.From user research, innovation and product strategy, via digital and physical product design to hardware and software development we are driven by our creative curiosity and passion to deliver the impactful results.