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What is Location3?

Location3 is a digital marketing agency for the franchise and multi-unit brands, providing strategic solutions paired with a proprietary local marketing and data management platform.on3, our clients benefit from experts who understand the nuances of marketing franchise businesses and the power of a platform that gets the most out of digital marketing efforts on a local level.

Location3 Services

They create strategic partnerships by not only working with your brand team, but becoming an extension of it. The agency has a process that allows it to focus on creating smart marketing strategies that target the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Paid Social Marketing

At Location3, Paid Social marketing refers to all advertising efforts across social media channels. Social media is a crucial component of an omnichannel approach to digital marketing. We understand which channels hold the most potential for your brand and how to optimize campaigns across those different channels.

Paid Search

Location3’s Paid Search strategy balances corporate and local tactics. It delivers relevant messaging to potential customers in a highly targeted geographic area or region when they are looking for a solution. With a specialty in multi-location and franchise businesses, we owe our decades of success to a value-driven approach to every client.


Location3 is at the forefront of scalable marketing technologies for franchises; our Listings Management team utilizes in-house technology to guarantee data accuracy and update profiles at the macro and location levels.

Franchise Development

The most important factor in our franchise development services is an intense focus on efficiency. Our team of experts specializes in advanced targeting strategies, ensuring that your message is delivered to an ideal prospect at the lowest cost to your budget. Learn more about Location3’s strategic approach to franchise development below.


We create tailored local marketing programs for franchise brands, with local-level marketing options that are managed in conjunction with national campaigns. This centralized approach to digital marketing enables us to deliver quality digital ad campaigns, at lower costs, with strong ROI.

Data Science and Analytics

Location3 can help you build the framework to understand and achieve growth through a proven analytics strategy. Our efforts help your franchise network and local franchisees get the most out of your marketing campaigns, helping you spend more efficiently and attract more customers at a lower cost.


Our data-driven approach to programmatic media planning and buying focuses on creating omnichannel campaigns that place your brand and business in front of your target audiences, no matter where they are.

Content Marketing

Location3 provides scalable content marketing programs that help elevate thought leadership in your niche. With a multi-location and franchise businesses specialty, we owe our decades of success to a data-driven approach to every project.

Search Engine Optimization

Location3 provides expert digital marketing services to the franchise and multi-location businesses. Our Enterprise level SEO solutions help improve search engine visibility nationally while providing local market activation among your target audience. Our SEO strategies help you to attract prospective customers at all points in the consumer journey and lead them to further engagement with your brand.

Marketing Strategy

We’re your strategic marketing partner, not just another vendor. Marketing success and revenue growth aren’t achieved through a single tactic, channel, medium, or platform. Every moment of every day, millions of consumers are navigating their own personal journeys toward a decision or a purchase



Headquarter Information

820 16th St. Suite 300 Denver, CO 80202

All Locations

Denver, CO

Location3 Case Studies

Mountain Mike’s Pizza

Mountain Mike's Pizza partnered with Location3 to
develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to
funnel traffic to their local web pages for each location.
These pages were given hyper-local optimizations
that focused on adding internal links and meta-data
that spoke to the Mountain Mike's Pizza brand. By optimizing the SEO traffic for easy access to
Mountain Mike's Pizza locations allowed for
more customers to engage with more pages
(like Coupon Club, Menu, and Contactless
Delivery) then before and for longer. As a result,
there was an increase in session duration and
online order completions.


The Ask;
Take brand awareness DIGITAL:
Drive awareness and
conversions at 5 SoCal gyms
via OTT and CTV advertisements.

A digital video solution with unique
budgets & reporting per location.;
High-quality TV content, with
maximized reach and control
frequency across devices.

Local CTV campaigns that leveraged
demographic, behavioral,
addressable, keyword search &
customized audience targeting.
Conversion zones to exclude
employees and members and track
new customer acquisition.
Target zones to target users that
frequent businesses with the same
the key audience, like health food stores.

The campaign
.Produced 910,063 impressions
Reached 201,219 unique
.Drove 389 gym visits

Code Ninjas

About Code Ninjas
Code Ninjas teaches kids how to code with fun, game-based
To drive torm till submissions tor their upcoming summer coding camp.
We knew that using a medium familiar
to both parents and children would be
crucial. For this reason, we created
video campaigns to help Code Ninjas
achieve their goals!

Keplr Vision

In Focus: Seasonal Ad Copy
Optimizing digital ad creative to reflect seasonal changes can make a big impact! Our partners at Kepler Vision saw a boost in Paid Search and Paid Social advertising performance when Location3 made creative updates to reflect a key industry end-of-year selling point: use those FSA benefits for your eye care - before they expire!

Kepler Vision
Kepler Vision specializes in supporting private practice optometrists with collaborative partnerships, business support services, and supply chain management.

Seasonal Updates
Paid Search:

Seasonal ad copy was updated month over month in Q4 of 2021, with the biggest payoff in December due in part to ad copy updates encouraging customers to use FSA benefits for their eye care, before benefits expired. We also upgraded ads from Expanded Text Ads to Responsive Search Ads and added more top keywords.

Paid Social:

Ad copy and imagery were updated for the winter season, including ad copy around using FSA funds.

Paid Search:

We saw M/M improvement for Q4 and capped the year with an 8.05% Click- Through Rate (CTR) on Paid Search ads, far exceeding industry averages and representing a massive 33% M/M improvement.

Paid Social:

Engagement with our social ads was also higher in December, with a 10% increase in CTR.


Edible Arrangements

The Ask
Edible Arrangements partnered with Location3 to pilot their first-ever franchise paid search marketing program. Initially focused on 50 locations within the Boston, MA metro region, the goal of the pilot program was to create effective, scalable campaigns using non-brand keywords so individual stores could capture more local customers and in-store sales.

Edible Arrangements was also seeking to illustrate return on investment for hyper-local, franchisee paid search campaigns, evaluate the role of campaign management in responsiveness to local search demand and create company-wide benchmarks for core search engine metrics.

The Solution
We developed campaigns that targeted Edible Arrangements franchise paid search ads according to their brand marketing territory requirements, and relative to each user’s proximity to a particular location. Focusing efforts on non-brand keywords, campaigns were individually optimized based on store-level metrics to continually ensure online users were finding the Edible Arrangements location most suited for them, in order to produce the maximum amount of conversions. Daily share of voice metrics was also utilized to increase budgets in response to increased demand prior to important revenue-driving holidays like Mother’s Day. Lastly, Location3 account managers leveraged traffic and campaign data to provide budget recommendations ahead of seasonal spikes to ensure locations remained visible during high volume days and weeks.


Wild Birds Unlimited

"We signed up for LOCALACT last year after the
Enterprise Leadership Conference for the Google
search function. Our spend was the minimum of $200
and at the beginning of 2020, I wasn't sure it was
money well spent. However, we hadn't given the
social media a try yet and decided to add that element
before giving up on it.
"I had the opportunity to speak with Liz Cutrone
(fellow franchise owner) about her use of LOCALACT.
Her monthly spending was a bit of a shocker, but she felt
confident it was worth every penny. I made the decision in early March to up my spending for both
ISearch and Social] to over $700/mo beginning in
April as we approached the gift-giving season of
Mother's Day and Father's Day. Little did I know our
the whole world and how we do business was about to
change due to COVID19.

Location3 Mission

Our work goes beyond media buying, tactical execution, data collection, and analysis because we know that your business is made up of a diverse group of franchise owners who depend on your guidance and leadership. The result is a reflection of how our industry experts use our powerful platform to create a hyper-localized approach to digital marketing that is refreshingly...human.