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Metova is a privately held leading technology company creating custom world-class mobile, web, and Internet of Things technology services for customers looking to respond to a disruption in their industry or looking to make waves as the disruptor.

Metova Services

Metova builds solutions. From mobile apps and websites to sensor networks and connected things, we’ve built game-changing solutions for hardware and software since 2006. We help companies transform their business through technology to meet the growing expectations of the customers they have and the customers they want.


We deliver functional, simple-to-use solutions enabling patients and doctors to easily connect

Heavy Equipment

We create IoT tracking, logistics, and management solutions to improve operational efficiencies and increase profits


We bring the connected car to life with in-car tech products, as well as solutions for web, mobile and more

Strategic Tech Partner

We define, design, and develop solutions for industries including FinTech, Telehealth, Hospitality, Heavy Equipment and much more



Headquarter Information

1125 West Oak Street, Conway, AR 72032, United States

All Locations

Conway, AR

Metova Case Studies

Pursue a Career That Moves You

Metova conducted interviews with TNAA nurses and ambassadors, as well as all of the executive stakeholders to ensure there was a clear understanding of not only what the business needs were, but ensuring that everyone’s needs could be addressed across all touchpoints.

The design also needed to convey TNAA’s image as a respected, trusted staffing solution. To accomplish this Metova coordinated a complete rebranding effort that impacted their entire business and technology. This effort included mapping out user action flows, primary and secondary UX flows, and content architecture diagrams as well as documents that drove the website wireframes.

TNAA also had a goal to be a market leader in their business vertical by venturing into the mobile application space – where their competitors didn’t yet exist. Worked to build a proof of concept mobile application to assist with referrals by their nurse ambassadors, to be used as a foundation for functional expansion and integrate ongoing web activities to solve their nurse’s most pressing concerns in the field while increasing efficiency with their recruiters and support staff.

TNAA desired a domain move from Nurse.TV to, technical SEO expertise was critical. Organic search is a large contributor to TNAA’s digital success and moving domains, if done improperly, can be devastating. Metova’s team of experts successfully navigated this precarious transition such that TNAA not only didn’t lose organic traffic nor domain strength but has since the transition consistently improved in rankings. The organic search traffic to the site is up.

Metova also took over SEM for TNAA and has since optimized all ad strategies bringing down the CPC (cost per click) while increasing volume with relevant traffic. Conversions via both SEO and SEM are up 100%+.

My Bambu Banking for Everyone

Metova started reviewing the source code in the MyBambu mobile and web applications in May of 2019, and we found that the state of the source code did not align with the launch date that MyBambu was targeting. Although the web portion of the code looked to be well-written and had tests in place appropriate for a quality product, the mobile codebases were in poor condition.

When it came to designing. Presenting a digital card through a mobile banking application required deep research on industry standards and competition in order to deliver an exceptional experience for users interacting with a digital bank.

To accomplish this, Metova mapped out user action flows, primary and secondary UX flows, and content architecture diagrams as well as documents that drove the website and mobile application wireframes.

Metova and MyBambu worked closely together, to define business requirement documents which led to the creation of thoroughly written user stories.

Those stories translated into features that appeared on the mobile application and Metova’s quality assurance team stayed in sync with development to ensure that the quality of each feature was on par with the expected release and that no new regressions were introduced along the way.

Metova took the reigns in ensuring the technical team was familiar with each SDKs documentation, and furthermore directly collaborated with the leads of each SDK or 3rd-party representatives, to reduce friction and optimize the work-flow in a manner that would allow for each of the vendors and SDKs to be implemented in a timely manner.

Research, Strategy & Tech Assessment

As a part of the volunteering program “MetoValue”, offered support to the SETF team to create a native app on both the iOS and Android platforms where people can get alerted to any type of reported attack in the Syrian war zone to safeguard as many people’s lives as possible.

Metova created a secure application to share updates on attacks, including a specific map of the location and type of attack, as well as specific comments seeking to increase awareness and provide assistance for the Syrian population.

The Syria Watch app receives notifications as soon as the SETF team creates them. Alerts occur in real-time as well as a historical view of recent activity which includes: the attack type, severity, description, and location. These alerts can also be shared to increase awareness outside of the mobile application.

One of the many challenges caused by the ongoing conflict situation in Syria is alerting civilians about areas of possible or current attacks by armed forces.

Having accurate and prompt information on conflicts is crucial to keeping the most unprotected people safe, which created a need to have a simple design focused on the most urgent needs: timely attack alerts which can quickly be used to determine key information about location and severity.

Metova built native mobile applications to be used as a platform for the SETF team to broadcast this critical information as well as to create a channel for the public to receive information.

This ensures that the application and its functionalities will continue to help SETF meet its goals within the Syrian community by providing a framework to create and distribute alerts while providing the public access to this critical information.

Metova Mission

At Metova – we’re always curious and we have a long history of staying on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. It’s our job, and our passion to employ tech to solve problems, improve business and make a customer’s life better.

Our focus on innovation is the key to maintaining a leadership position in all the markets in which we operate. And it is also the basis for improving the lives of thousands of people.