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As your partner, we do a lot, but what’s more important is how we help you move forward – agnostic of your industry or our output. Whether it’s to better align on your business challenge, understand the people you need to reach, or define the best process to get there, we do it together as one single, cohesive team.

Big Spaceship Services

Using data, expertise, and technology, 22squared creates personalized and connected experiences that deliver transformative business outcomes. They provide clients with integrated marketing solutions that can be scaled as their business grows.

content, & community

We balance strategy, creativity, production, and delivery to create truly resonant modern content across the proliferation of platforms and all channels.

experience design

You need a partner that understands more than just how to design great products and services. We understand how to create strong bonds with the larger world of your brand, which is how true loyalty is earned.

research & intelligence

Our deep practice in cultural and behavioral intelligence helps our partners center people in their operations with more nuance and flexibility. And our proprietary methods and offerings help you operate in both the now and the next.

brand innovation & transformation

We’re your partner in defining and articulating your brand as an entity that meets the changed expectations people now have for any organization – whether they’re considering becoming a customer or a member of your team.



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Big Spaceship Case Studies

Past is present

Ken Burns is America’s definitive documentarian, with a catalogue of footage that highlights the most important themes in American history: Art, Race, War, Innovation, Hardships, and Politics.

But for many, his work only exists on PBS and we needed to give him a way to be more accessible to younger audiences. Our idea, Unum, was to take his full body of work – 30 films and roughly 170 hours of footage – and turn it into a shareable, easy-to-navigate, interactive, digital destination that makes history relevant to the present, appealing to both buffs and laypeople.To change how people think about history, we had to change the way they experience it. We needed to create a platform that allows users to explore history in novel ways, uncover underlying patterns that span decades, and discover unexpected connections between past and present.We didn’t want a platform that presented a singular narrative or experience, rather we wanted something that presented the facts and allowed users to build their own experience and engage with history on their own terms.To do this, we began by breaking Ken’s films down to the “molecular” level, creating dozens of short, snackable clips. We then organized them not just chronologically, but also by themes – giving people a new way to explore history.We invited contemporary figures to lend their voices as commentary on the clips. From Barack Obama reflecting on the bravery of Jackie Robinson, to Glenn Beck discussing the dawn of the radio age, we brought together a diverse range of figures to help everyday people better understand present-day America through the lens of its past.

Find your new home

For 45 years The Corcoran Group has been one of the most well-known names in New York City real estate. But over the past few years, industry disruptors like StreetEasy and Compass made real-estate listing sites a commodity.

Our solution wasn’t just a new website, but a way to modernize the digital experience of Corcoran’s premium listings and their superior agent-client experience that addressed the emotional roller-coaster of buying and selling a home.Corcoran is such a beloved brand in the real estate world, our design system needed to reflect that history, while providing flexibility and moments of levity for a younger consumer base. Our design choices are always deliberate, helpful, and delivering important insights to our users.To position the special sauce of the Corcoran agent as the answer to so many house-hunting woes, we started by going deep on the home buying/renting/selling experience, and identified emotional inflection points along the real estate journey and ways that Corcoran could help.From the user’s first arrival on the homepage, the user is immediately welcomed in and inspired to begin searching for their next home.The initial research phase of buying or selling property can feel daunting and never-ending. We wanted to make sure that users always felt a sense of progress, ease, and access to the deep well of Corcoran’s knowledge and insights.Positioning the Corcoran agent as a source of insight and guidance, rather than a salesperson was a key task. While keeping a steady flow of clients to Corcoran agents was a core KPI, we needed to make sure that converting to working with an agent felt natural and helpful to our users, and that the benefits were clear.The listing detail page is, in some ways, more important than the homepage for Corcoran. Many users come directly to these pages from elsewhere online, and they provide an important moment for agents to uniquely market their properties. Each listing was easy and consistent to navigate – while allowing flexibility for agents to add unique insights, and always include the kind of deep neighborhood and market knowledge Corcoran can provide.

Today deserves delivery

In a world where you can’t walk around the block for a coffee break, we needed to find a new way to help Starbucks fit into your life. After all, the world keeps spinning, and coffee keeps it turning on time.

A smart delivery partnership with Uber Eats meant a safe way to bring that coffee break to you, and with it a well deserved me-moment that can brighten any day.Short films tapped into authentic stay-at-home moments, from work to play. We showed customers how getting Starbucks delivered can take the everyday and make it something special, no matter how you spent your days.Our social campaign brought to life that rush of excitement you feel when the doorbell rings and you know your order is waiting right outside your door.

Playful content showed all the ways Starbucks fits into your life at home. Whether that’s ordering a treat for a special occasion, or just trying to make a normal day into something special.Starting with film and social, we launched a full digital campaign, including all owned channels – from the Starbucks homepage to their mobile app.

We reminded coffee lovers that whether it’s a big day or any other day, a delivery from Starbucks can transform it. Right from their home.

Whoa Nitro

While the explainer videos always kept the product front and center, it was our social content that really went to work repositioning Nitro Cold Brew as a mind-bending coffee experience. One capable of completely changing your perspective.

We leaned into our audience’s online consumption behaviors and created social content that visualized that perspective-altering eureka moment of the first sip.

Supporting ALL IN

We needed to create an engaging brand experience for college students — one that is trustworthy but speaks to their experiences.

Setting up ALL IN as an evergreen, trusted source of information creates flexibility in the site structure to evolve when elections are upcoming, and when they are not.
Provide access to trusted information
Expand on being a trusted source of information, delivered in a way that speaks to our target audience and their needs

Decode complex processes
Create clear, simple pathways for students to take the steps specifically relevant to them

Facilitate planning election day
Consider the broader purpose of a “pledge” to engage the community up to, on, and after Election Day.
Key features.

Homepage wizard;

1;Asking a few questions and giving students a personalized list of actions and articles to plan their Election Day.

2;Evergreen content;
Creating trustworthy, approachable content to guide students through the confusing parts of the election process, relevant far beyond the presidential election.

3;Expert partners;
Leveraging tech partners like BallotReady and to bring important functionality into the site to create a holistic experience

Building a fanbase for the future

The NFL, in its 100th season, was struggling to appeal to a younger generation of fans – a worrying proposition as the League looked to build for the future.

The rise of competing media, coupled with a perception that the League was losing touch with an ever-changing world, warranted an entirely new marketing approach. One that passed the torch to the next generation and unified the most diverse fanbase in NFL history.

Success relied on meeting Gen Z where they spend much of their time – social media. By understanding the trends, behaviors, and quirks of each platform, we were able to establish a youthful presence on social that was inclusive, celebratory, and showcased the personalities of the League’s players.To forge a meaningful connection with Gen Z we couldn’t simply post game highlights and player stats. As impressive as the onfield achievements of players may be, we knew that by introducing Gen Z to the larger-than-life personalities behind them, we could start to humanize the League and showcase the lighter side of its clubs and players.

With our new “helmets off” approach, we launched the NFL on TikTok, playing to the platform’s strengths and bringing together teams, players, and fans in a true celebration of fandom.

And at Super Bowl LIIV we took inclusivity to a whole new level by offering fans everywhere the opportunity to add a personal touch to the festivities and show support for the athletes they had come to know over the course of the season.We ensured fans everywhere could have a presence at Super Bowl LIIV by turning their tweets of support into the official game day confetti. As the Chiefs claimed victory, the canons went off, showering players, coaches, and the media with fan love. While the press had a field day reporting on the stunt, perhaps the strongest endorsement was found on eBay as fans swiftly took to the site to sell confetti they had plucked from the stands of Hard Rock Stadium, Miami.

Big Spaceship Mission

We foster a culture of inclusion and welcome applicants of all races, genders, ages, identities, orientations, beliefs, abilities, and experience levels. We pride ourselves on taking care of each other and do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or hate of any kind in our workplace. Our inclusive and non-discriminatory policies and practices permeate throughout every stage of employment at Big Spaceship, from recruitment to engagement to career development and beyond. Account management sits at the heart of what we do. We really like to understand what is at the core of a client's business and help bring that through to every stage of our work process. At Big Spaceship, the account team ensures clients feel we are an extension of their team, problem-solving through the challenges, and celebrating successes alongside them. We are inherently caretakers of each other and believe that leads to creating amazing work.