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Fractl is a growth marketing agency specializing in building relevant organic traffic to your site. As a boutique content marketing agency, They’re agile and able to efficiently adapt to the changing world of digital sharing.

FRACTL Services

We are committed to developing strategies that align with exactly what a successful execution looks like, catered to your needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your website rankings and organic traffic by partnering with our technical SEO unit, conducting comprehensive site audits, and executing optimizations that will help you achieve first page rankings.

Content Development

Leverage audience insights and Ph.D.-backed research methodologies to develop content that increases brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Digital PR

Want high-authority press that will reach millions and niche industry coverage that nurtures your customer base.

Organic Growth Strategy

Capture new business through organic search by designing and implementing winning strategies across content marketing, technical SEO, link acquisition, and conversion science.



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601 North Congress Avenue Suite 206 Delray Beach, FL 33445, US

All Locations

Delray Beach, FL . Santa Monica, Ca . Denver, Co . Leeds

FRACTL Case Studies

In late 2017, addiction information specialists Recovery Brands asked Fractl to help migrate an older, underperforming domain——to a new domain——and position the rebranded domain as an authoritative resource devoted to educating the public about alcohol abuse and rehabilitation. Our strategy focused on producing best-in-class content at a massive scale and creating a truly authoritative brand, ultimately leading to becoming one of the top performing sites pertaining to alcohol abuse and treatment on the web.

The original site,, had significant site health problems and had flatlined at 6k visitors/month for years, despite continued content and link building efforts. Aggressive, holistic measures were planned to overhaul the site and put it on a path toward rapid growth.

18-Month SEO Content and Link Building Case Study

Our combination of SEO and content strategies elevated this new domain’s traffic by adding 700,000 organic visitors per month
Their number of backlinks increased by 342%, which included the addition of 700+ dofollow links.
Our link building content campaigns garnered media mentions from top publishers, including MSN, Yahoo!, The Miami Herald, and more.


NVISION Eye Centers, an ophthalmology medical group with 30+ offices across California, Nevada, and Oregon, came to Fractl having invested in SEO for some time with other partners that didn’t produce the traffic growth and authority improvements that they desired or expected. They held strong brand authority, but this wasn’t translating into organic traffic or conversions.

Through content analysis and research, we determined that there was ample opportunity to capture a significant chunk of organic traffic through content creation alone.

Our objective was to create a breadth of expansive and highly informational content that provides more value to users than anything else currently on the web. Producing a mix of general informational topics alongside highly valuable and “high-intent” content, we targeted customers that were at different stages of the buyer journey.

5-Month On-Site SEO/Content Case Study

Our team created 248 pages of content to improve keyword rankings and the brand’s authority in the space.
Organic traffic increased by 436% when comparing ~5 month periods.
Calls and form completions increased by 42%.

College Finance

College Finance is dedicated to helping students, parents, and graduates make informed choices about financing their college education. With over 400+ on-site content pieces completed and 20 campaigns promoted, we drove traffic and acquired backlinks to this brand-new site.


29,288 Monthly organic visitors added. Our ability to dramatically increase traffic for College Finance's brand-newwebsite was demonstrated by building up to 29K+ monthly organic visitors in the first year and a half of engagement.

Our team created 400 pages of content to improve keyword rankings and the brand’s authority in the space.
Our work with College Finance resulted in 29,000+ monthly organic visitors added
We earned the Featured Snippet position for over 136 search queries
1.5K Dofollow links added

Recovery Brands 3-Year Case Study

Recovery Brands came to Fractl at an early stage of their business, needing help with a new site focused on empowering people and their families in their recovery from addiction. The site needed more traffic, more authority, and more social media attention. We provided all of that and more, helping them stand out in a highly competitive niche. Our results in the first year were astounding.But we didn’t stop there…

As our success together grew, our team became an increasingly integral part of Recovery Brands’ marketing and growth strategy, allowing us to work on an increasing number of campaigns as the business expanded. Over three years we created and promoted 90+ campaigns that aligned with the client’s core brand mission.“Dan and his company have always been on the cutting edge of content marketing (since before it was even called that). I consider them a key piece of our team and growing success. If you’re willing to push the envelope and think in terms of “there is no box,” then you want to work with Fractl.” – Jeff Smith, CEO at Recovery Brands, LLC.All content for Recovery Brands needed to have a voice of authority so its audience would trust it as a go-to source for rehabilitation. We took an investigative approach involving in-depth research and inquiries every step of the way – from ideation through production. In addition to greatly increasing our client’s visibility, we have brought audiences across the world meaningful experiences that shed light on important issues.The goals set by by Fractl and Recovery Brands were top of mind when determining the types of content we’d produce. Once an idea was developed, we’d gauge which content media would be most effective for conveying the campaign concept. We used a variety of media, including:

Crowd-sourced content
Original editorial and long-form articles
Motion graphics and mixed media
Interactive features and original research
Contests, quizzes, and widgets
Kinetic typography
Interactive web and mobile applications
“We choose mediums that present the content in the most efficient way to the reader. Whether it’s a simple graphic or an interactive landing page, we like to let the data speak for itself.” – Mike Genevieve, Creative Strategist at Fractl.Our mission across all campaigns continued to evolve, and we continued to focus educating audiences in order to decrease the stigma around addiction. This would not only help those in need of treatment, but also educate people struggling to understand or help their loved ones with addiction.

In addition to being educational and authoritative, our campaigns needed to spread awareness and stimulate interest around serious topics. We also knew in order to garner significant attention the content needed to evoke strong emotions. By pairing compelling design with emotional hooks and an innovative approach, we found a winning recipe among publishers and audiences while staying true to our core mission.

“I can honestly say that almost every response I get compliments the interest factor of the topic as well as applaud the design and layout of a project. We cover all of our bases here, and it definitely shows!” – Chelsea Freeburn, Senior Media Relations Specialist at Fractl.Fractl’s promotions team leveraged their relationships with editors, journalists and influencers to get content published on high-authority sites with large audiences. Many of the featured stories including a link which allowed interested readers to click through to our client’s site to see additional campaign assets or learn more. This approach led to a huge surge in traffic and leads for Recovery Brands, which affirmed that our content was put in front of the right audiences.

12-Month Content Marketing Case Study

Work: Content marketing strategy, 12 large-scale campaigns with promotions, additional on-site content.

Summary: Tangential content and survey-based research campaigns earned our client a substantial amount of high-authority press resulting in significant organic traffic growth for their new domain: a rise from 0 site visitors to 20,300 per month in less than a year.By producing exclusive research, Fractl was able to drive the news cycle and earn press on high-authority sites including Business Insider, USA Today, and Forbes.Through survey-based campaigns rich with relevant data, we were able to produce both on-brand and tangential content.Fractl’s content strategy earned the client relevant and authoritative brand mentions which boosted their link portfolio, totaling a 7,400% increase in total portfolio volume over the period of engagement.n order to outrank their competition in organic search, this client had one goal: increase their link portfolio.Unique content with an emotional tie that relates to a broad audience in career, student, & employee-focused finance is more engaging to finance writers, publishers, and readers.Brands in dry, hyper-competitive verticals like finance should focus their content strategy on tangential topics that engage the masses to drive brand engagement.The client's openness to a range of content-types allowed for both a broad and specialized scope when approaching newsworthy stories related to finance.Due to the volume of newsworthy content we produced over the course of a year, this client developed positive brand recognition with several high-authority finance publishers.Fractl was able to forge a close relationship with one specific publisher, The Ladders, which significantly helped to amplify the reach of our campaigns and gave our client an authoritative name in the finance vertical.In acquiring placements with USA Today and iHeartRadio, the client was asked to participate in multiple interviews regarding the campaigns.

How Fractl Earned Links from 931 Unique Domains for

With more than 300,000 active professionals across the U.S., Porch is a leading home improvement marketplace that helps connect people with qualified home professionals who can help get their projects completed.From on-brand topics to tangential content, home improvement networking website's willingness to pursue topics that would engage the masses led to significant gains in high-authority press mentions, earning over 3,500 individual press mentions and nearly 38,000 social shares.Secured client interview opportunities and additional content requests from multiple writers at publications including and Fast Company, where Porch executives were featured as industry experts, furthering the brand's authority.Content landed regional and local placements among a variety of television and radio stations based on our client’s desire to focus specifically on Washington, Texas, Georgia, and other states, leading to Porch campaigns being published to large social audiences.Success earned Fractl an expanded contract into traditional PR services in the form of a monthly promotion of their network and press releases that resulted in placements on highlight-targeted sites The Mortgage Reports, Retail TouchPoints, and The M Report for the “Millennial Home Buying Trend Report.”Earned brand mentions on major TV networks including The View with Whoopi Goldberg, as well as reputable news networks like NPR and CNBC.Established a byline for Porch on (DA=80), a high-authority publisher in the vertical.Our campaign “How Different Generations Shop for Homes” earned a mention on CNBC’s digital show “Make It”.Media sources consistently responded to our content positively and enthusiastically, often indicating and even confirming interest in the story right away.Yes, I think we'd be interested in this! Thanks again for sending us this info!I'd love to cover this. Would an expert be available to speak tomorrow afternoon?Sounds like something our readers would be into - would love the exclusive, thanks!Understanding authoritative data sources in any vertical is essential to producing newsworthy content. Our team's experience with the Census Bureau's American Housing Survey is one example of how we leverage industry datasets to create newsworthy content for our clients.Instead of limiting ourselves to real estate topics, we produced content across a broad subset of verticals to expand our campaigns reach, including lifestyle, health, cooking, and others. Through this, we were able to tap into hundreds of publishers and their audiences, ranging from Better Homes and Garden and Food Network, to USA Today and Vice, to more on-brand publishers like and Apartment Therapy.Porch had a plethora of internal data and was eager to put it to good use in our content production, resulting in the campaign, Cost of Home Maintenance, which used their internal data to build a composite of expectations in the home improvement space, a big, on-brand win.

FRACTL Mission

The work we do at Fractl is no easy task – and it’s only made possible because of our team. We’re an eclectic group of highly engaged professionals whose talents range from data journalism to graphic design to media relations.

Working here is not the typical office experience – and we mean that in a good way. Fractlites are self-starters and innovators who are constantly seeking to top their biggest wins. High value is placed on employee growth, with ample opportunities for hands-on learning and mentorship. We seem to have a knack for nurturing talent – many team members who started as interns are now leading departments.

Having fun plays a big role in life at Fractl too. Whether we’re taking a ping pong break, dropping eggs from our second-story loft, or celebrating a food holiday (National Donut Day, anyone?), there is no shortage of fun at FractlHQ. At Fractl, partners are hands-on. We collaborate, we nurture talent, and we work hard. If this sounds like the right place for you, then we would love to hear from you!