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Mspark is a national advertising company providing cost-effective, measurable advertising results through national reach, precision targeting & integrated campaigns.

Mspark Services

Mspark has been delivering value-oriented advertising solutions through direct mail to partners since 1988. Mspark’s comprehensive data-driven insights on consumer behavior help organizations like yours access and activate the target audiences they want to reach.

Quick Response Postcard

Reach your target customer in 2-3 days with Quick Response program postcard solution that can target consumers down to the household level.

Targeted Inserts

Does Your Business Require Various Size Options for a Shared Mail Piece? Then Our Targeted Inserts Will Work for You.

The Wrap

Make Your Business the Star
of Our Shared Mail Package
by Placing Your Message in
the Wrap.

Impact Postcard

The Impact Postcard mails outside of our shared mail package and is the first thing a person sees when they open their mailbox.



Headquarter Information

5901 HWY 52 E Helena, AL 35080
(877) 620-6283

All Locations

Alabaster . Moody . Indianapolis . Shreveport

Mspark Case Studies


A national fast-casual chain wanted to maintain and gain back market share in a tough economy.

Campaign Strategy:
- Utilize barcoded Impact Postcard around locations.
- Collect data from the restaurant’s point of sale (POS) system.
- Analyze who their customers are, where they’re coming from and what offers they respond to.

Campaign Results:

- With each additional mailing the client experienced.
- Increased Response.
- Higher Average Tickets.
- More New Customers.
- Direct mail is a proven method to grow your customer base.

Pizza Restaurant

A national pizza chain customer wanted to enhance their current print program by combining loyalty and acquisition messaging in the same mailing to save money and increase return on investment. They were also looking to increase year-over-year sales and drive more customers to their stores.

Campaign Strategy:

- Target full zip codes within the delivery area around each location.
- Create multiple consumer segments:
* Current Customers & Loyal Customers based on online ordering frequency
* New Customers
* Potential Customers
- Vary messages with different offers to each group.
- Establish a mailing frequency maintain customer attention, and stay top-of-mind

Campaign Results:

- Compared to the previous month:
* 2,713 additional orders.
* $29,497 sales increase.

- Compared to the previous year in the same promotional period:
* 9,747 (59%) additional orders.
* $54,128 (179%) sales increase.

Hardware Store

A hardware retailer wanted to increase store traffic and sales.

Campaign Strategy:

- Target top zip codes and zip splits with consumer expenditure data and demographics​.
- Mail to over 56,000 surrounding households promoting their annual Anniversary Sale (April 30th – May 2nd)​.
- Utilize strong coupon offers to drive traffic​.

Campaign Results:

- $54,000 In pre-and first-day sales during Anniversary Sale Event.

- 30% ROI Increased.

Hair Salon

A Great Clips franchisee recently opened a new location and needed an effective way to attract new customers while being able to maintain his existing customers in the market.

Campaign Strategy:

- Develop a 3-month Grand Opening marketing plan.
- Profile households in the trade area to identify households most likely to use Great Clips.
- Mail the Impact Postcard during the first two mailings offering a $5.99 haircut.
- Mail the Wrap to saturate the market on the third mailing to increase awareness to the most households possible in the most cost-effective manner.

Campaign Results:

- 567 coupons were redeemed during the first month’s promotion for an overall redemption of 3.8% from the Impact Postcard.

- 392 Of those 567 coupons, 392 coupons were redeemed by new customers.

- 1,000 coupons were redeemed from the Wrap during the promotional period and produced a 256% return on investment.


After a successful corporate mailing, a large regional grocery chain decided to change its marketing strategy from newspaper and television to shared mail.

Campaign Strategy:

- Saturate ZIP Codes around store locations, reaching 150,000 households​.
- Utilize strong weekly offers to drive traffic throughout the month​.
- Incorporate gas & pharmacy offers with each mailing to further incentivize consumers​.
- Mail the oversize sheet to showcase strong offers: free $25 gift card for a new or transferred prescription; 10 cents off every gallon of milk purchased on Mondays; free 16 oz. Garden salad with $10 purchase.

Campaign Results:

- 40% of stores saw increases in sales ranging from 11-40% when the Mspark piece hit mailboxes.


After a recent relocation, this furniture retailer needed to increase awareness of the new location while promoting their annual Customer Appreciation Event to new and existing customers.

Campaign Strategy:

- Perform lifestyle analysis utilizing client-provided customer data.
- Identify key geography around the new location based on lookalike customers and propensity to purchase furniture.
- Segment customers by geography to receive varied, targeted offers.

Campaign Results:

- 60% increase in sales YOY.

- $86,000 in sales directly attributed to the mail campaign.

Health & Fitness

A Planet Fitness franchisee owner wanted to increase gym membership and grow market share for an existing location.

Campaign Strategy

Target consumers surrounding locations, reaching 71,000 households

Utilize aggressive offers and highlight key differentiators:

- Open 24 hours.
- Extensive equipment.
- FREE training.
- $10/Month- No Commitment Membership.
- Mail the Impact Postcard due to cost savings over solo mail options.

Establish a mailing frequency to keep the Planet Fitness name in front of their current and potential customers

Campaign Results:

- The mailing produced over 800 new members and grew market share for the location.

Discount Stores

A discount store client with over 650 locations contacted Mspark for a cost-effective solution from the current solo program to promote their grand opening pharmacy stores.

Campaign Strategy:

- Use the client’s customer database to find look-alike households to target and tailor varied consumer messages.

- Segment households based on current and potential customers.

- Mail Mspark’s Impact Image Postcard with personalization.

- Offer store gift cards to potential customers for transferring prescriptions and reward current customers for promoting loyalty.

- Establish a mailing frequency to announce the grand opening in advance, announce the day of the opening and continue to mail after the opening to mailing customer interest.


- 10% Redemption for current customers.

- 0.8% Redemption for new customers.

- $5 Almost $5 in sales for every $1 spent on advertising.

Tire & Auto Service Centers

An automotive service company was looking to increase foot traffic and drive new business and reaching the mspark team for a solution.
Mspark Campaign Strategy
- Identify key ZIP codes around the store that are more likely to use “Auto Dealer Service Centers.”
- Target 11,000 households.
- Utilize the Fixed Impact Postcard with special offers to increase appeal.


-$10,000 Net Sales

-$8,200 ROI

-$4.56 In Sales for Every $1 Spent on Shared Direct Mail

Mspark Mission

Mspark was founded in 1988, and we have been growing and expanding our reach ever since. From our beginnings with a handful of employees, we have extended our capability to serve 116 million households across America. Through it all, we have stayed true to the idea that we are more than a shared direct mail company. We strive to be a valued partner for our customers and take joy in helping their business grow. Speaking of our customers, we owe you guys a huge thank you. Without you, we would not be where we are today, and we hope you continue to grow with us.