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Inkhouse is an innovative PR agency with integrated media relations, social media, creative services, and content marketing services and comprises innovative creators and thinkers. 

InkHouse Services

InkHouse helps you build trust and loyalty by engaging your audiences with EXPERIENCE and innovative digital means created by smart leaders and thinkers. They provide the clients with integrated marketing solutions and distribution strategies that help their business grow.

Venture Capital

InkHouse has represented startups, unicorns, and IPOs backed by a16z, Accel, Battery, Benchmark, DCVC, Lightspeed, and a number of others. They understand how to work with and target founders as audiences, and cut teeth on stage funding announcements.

Security Practice

InkHouse has built one of the most well-respected cybersecurity practices. Security innovators of all sizes and stages have partnered with InkHouse, for example, to drive lead generation, increase brand awareness, boost valuation and expand leadership.

Real Estate Practice

InkHouse team helps brands relocate corporate headquarters, develop messaging for new markets and build awareness of projects. They are experienced at targeting different audiences -- from developers to investors.

Healthcare & Wellness

InkHouse health care practice includes clients from a variety of market segments, including health information technology, consumer wellness, hospitals, medical devices, digital health, and insurance.

Energy & Climate Tech

InkHouse has experience working with a number of innovators across the climate tech spectrum targeting a wide array of audiences - residential and consumer, commercial and industrial, utilities, policymakers, and regulators.

Education Practice

InkHouse position our clients as leaders in the future of work, learning and digital transformation at large and are experienced at reaching all key audiences from students and parents to teachers and administrators.

Consumer Practice

InkHouse thinks big, execute quickly and evaluate regularly to ensure our strategy is moving your business forward. From name brands to early-stage startups.

B2B Technology

InkHouse is about to enter a golden age of digital infrastructure, cloud applications, artificial intelligence, and smart services that will mint this generation’s version of Google, Amazon, or Salesforce.



Headquarter Information

200, 260 Charles Street, Waltham, MA 02453, USA

All Locations

Waltham . New York . San Francisco

InkHouse Case Studies

Employee Loan Paydown program to help Graduates

Graduates today leave school saddled with debts of more than $40,000 apiece — collectively, more than $1.3b. Gradifi created a unique solution that enables employers to offer a new workplace benefit to help — the “Employee Loan Paydown” program.

Using earned media as its primary marketing tool, InkHouse began an aggressive campaign to launch the company. The goals were clear: generate media coverage to drive new leads from employers, while educating consumers on the availability of such benefits and simultaneously positioning the company’s CEO as a student debt expert.

InkHouse identified a key asset to “launch” the company and its concept — its partnership with Radius Bank, illustrating the banking industry’s endorsement of Gradifi.InkHouse followed the launch with campaigns to consumer, HR tech and financial services publications, bolstered by a steady stream of proactive pitching positioning CEO Tim DeMello as an expert on the student debt crisis.


With nearly 90 individual pieces of significant earned coverage, less than six months after launch, the company was acquired by First Republic Bank as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Gradifi still works with InkHouse post-acquisition.

Strategic Campaign that why consumers should use a password manager

LogMeIn’s LastPass sought to build its thought leadership profile among several diverse audiences — from college students and moms to IT professionals and entrepreneurs. InkHouse, for LogMeIn’s LastPass password manager solution, executed a strategic campaign that why consumers should use a password manager – more specifically LastPass – to improve their online security.

InkHouse developed a global consumer survey to highlight the ever-growing threat of poor password behavior on consumers’ personal and sensitive information. Using the survey findings for a foundation, InkHouse developed a multi-pronged communications approach that sought to land both business and consumer press coverage, focusing on LastPass’ key user personas.

Coverage of the survey spanned a broad range of key publications across consumer and business (NBC News, Glamour, Men’s Health, Mashable) as well as in key trade publications (Dark Reading, CIO Insight, eSecurity Planet), aligning with LastPass’ target audiences. In addition to media success, InkHouse developed quality evergreen content for LastPass to leverage with ongoing media efforts as well as social media and blog content.

Toyota's Billion Dollar AI Research Institute

InkHouse sought to demonstrate with the PR program for Toyota Research Institute’s annual event series, Onramp 2017, and to highlight Toyota’s unique perspective and experience when it comes to autonomous driving and robotics. The program's goal was but also to demonstrate that TRI is an exciting place for the brightest engineering minds to work.

InkHouse focused on creating a mix of traditional pre-event coverage with fresh ideas to help communicate the fun of the Prius challenge to outside audiences. The team also worked closely with TRI to organize a media Q&A for reporters to ask hard-to-reach TRI executives, including CEO Dr. Gill Pratt typically. It leveraged a small news announcement–the unveiling of a new research vehicle–to draw attention from reporters who could not attend the event itself.

The campaign resulted in 61 pieces of coverage. Twelve journalists attended, including those from the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, MIT Tech Review, and local broadcast outlets.

Bentley University Awareness Campaign

Bentley University hired InkHouse to create awareness for its #PreparedU initiative. Millennials were getting a bad rap as being unprepared for the workplace. InkHouse helped make this fresh perspective widely covered in the press and changed the conversation to one about the workplace’s readiness for millennials and how it will need to change.

InkHouse’s integrated strategy leveraged existing data and thought leadership, in addition to a commissioned, data-driven study of millennials to find out what they think about the workplace, their preparedness for their first job, and their career aspirations.

InkHouse used the survey results to create an ebook, infographic, video series, and Instagram campaign to create engagement around the topic and push forward the conversation about how higher education and businesses can work together to better prepare students for the workplace.

As a result of the campaign, Bentley’s president and faculty were positioned as experts on the successful employees of tomorrow. The Bentley University Millennial Minds campaign includes 50 secured pieces of coverage in target outlets, including Forbes, Slate, Politico, Huffington Post, and New York Magazine, which resulted in 313 million impressions and 22,500 social shares.

To this day, they continue to get organic coverage citing the Millennial Minds study.

Concurrently, InkHouse and Bentley implemented a faculty expert program, providing a platform for commentary in their respective fields.

InkHouse Mission

InkHead believes change requires work and dedication — to understand our own biases and see through our structural blind spots to create a more equitable foundation. Equality is a human imperative, but it is also a business imperative—in PR, we can’t communicate effectively to our clients’ audiences if we don’t understand them. Stories are how we understand each other. Even in narratives that bear no resemblance to our lives, we find pieces of ourselves.