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What is Metric Theory?

Metric Theory strives to be part of their client’s teams. It’s 150 professional employees who are guiding brands to unexpected new growth. The marketing agency delivers results for its clients in every corner of the digital world. They try to understand and forecast the future, making marketing activities more strategic. Calling it “Performance Mix Modeling.”

Metric Theory Services

They let the numbers do the talking. Metric Theory's expertise and partnerships with leading marketing tools and innovators help make the most of it and tailor the best options to their client's goals. Core Services: Digital Video Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Paid Social, Display Advertising, Shopping & PLA, Feed Management.

Digital Video
Digital Video

Customers consume more video than any other type of content. Be there.

Product Feed Management
Product Feed Management

By customizing millions of attributes, manage promotions, and minimize errors

Shopping Ads
Shopping Ads

It's optimization down to the product, placing the ideal products before each search.

Display & Remarketing
Display & Remarketing

Everything is transparently displayed to increase brand awareness, attract new customers and return conversions.

Paid Social
Paid Social

They have a wealth of experience for finding your customers' signals in the noise on Facebook and outside of them.

Search Engine Marketing

Thoughtful, industry-leading strategies for competing and attracting new customers.

User Acquisition

Being a growth hacker is not easy. You need an affiliate who will relentlessly seek out a new source of growth, involve you in every ad beta, and provide you with active, revenue-generating users, not empty subscriptions.


The competitive environment in e-commerce is getting deeper and harder to beat. To continue to attract new customers, you have to use every available opportunity faster and more strategically than even the biggest retailers online.


Metric Theory Solutions. Full consistency strategies focused on cross-channel data and performance based on deep analytical understanding.



Headquarter Information

311 California St. 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94104, United States

All Locations

New York, NY . Denver, CO . Orange County, CA . Salt Lake City, UT

Metric Theory Case Studies


Zenefits was looking for new ideas and ways to grow. Already one of the most well-known HR software platforms on the market. Revolutionary new growth from Quora Ads saved the next-generation HR platform 40% of the cost of leads.

A 60% reduction in cost per lead
Decrease in price per click by 50%


Analysis and implementation of the strategy based on business intelligence and systematic testing has contributed to sustained growth and increased the supply of car rentals

72% increase in leads
53% increase in qualified leads
44% increase in Live Cars


Multi-channel strategy updates based on deep data analysis have led to a twofold increase in qualified leads for adaptive workday planning

107% increase in MQLs
49% decrease in cost per MQL
92% increase in SQL

Too Faced

The full-funnel strategy from YouTube to product feed management has brought unprecedented revenue growth and even greater customer loyalty.

821% increase in revenue for the period
2.4% increase in shopping revenue for the period
1.9% increase in media ad revenue for the period


When FabFitFun began working with Metric Theory, they wanted to reduce the cost of getting new customers and increase the number of new customers coming through the door.

370% year-over-year growth in new customers
70% Decrease in cost per new customer in search
40% Better price/new customer than goal for Video and Media advertising


Metric Theory and GoFundMe worked together on a plan to reach new markets, reduce the cost of engaging users on social media, and find additional fundraisers that allowed GoFundMe to propel the brand toward becoming the world's default platform.

Metric Theory helped effectively increase the volume of the new market by 130%.
20% increase in revenue from branded search
868% increase in the number of fundraisers created through social advertising

Metric Theory Mission

Metric Theory provides its clients with contextual, social media, and media advertising services with enhanced technology. They are data-driven, results-driven, and use the latest technology to achieve high performance.

Metric Theory Testimonials

"Our long-standing partnership with Metric Theory, and their deep understanding of our business and the advertising landscape, has enabled them to implement innovative strategies for shopping and bidding automation. Their efforts have established Search and Shopping as the highest-growth and highest-ROI channels for new customer acquisition at Winc."

Rohan Panjiar
Director, Performance Marketing & Business Insights

"What I’ve noticed since working with Metric Theory is really a level of sophistication that we had never seen before. At the end of the day, I feel very privileged that we were able to find such a great partner. "

Danny Gordon
Chief Business Officer GoFundMe