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What is Performics?

The heart of Performics is Effective Marketing: they provide comprehensive, data-driven digital marketing solutions and strategies to grow our customers. With comprehensive solutions in paid, proprietary, and earned areas, Performics enables clients to find solutions in a more personalized and dynamic way to meet demand. Ongoing data analysis and performance optimization lead to our clients’ success.

Performics Services

With comprehensive solutions in paid, proprietary, and earned areas, Performics enables its customers to find solutions in a more personalized and dynamic way and provides a more accurate shopping experience

Planning & Insights

They bring the man on the other side of the screen to life, revealing his motivation and wants

PFX Consulting

Marketing consulting to help brands transform their businesses to increase profits.

Analytics & Technology

Data analytics and engineering contribute to the bottom line of business results.

Performance Content

Is their process of creating and optimizing content to achieve business results.

Performance Solutions

Developed and patented a set of tools and solutions to increase productivity and demand.

Performance Media

A special approach to media planning and purchasing, turning intentions into revenue.



Headquarter Information

35 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL, USA
+1 312 739 0222

All Locations

Chicago, IL . Santa Monica, CA . New York, NY . Seattle, WA . San Francisco, CA . Toronto, ON . Buenos Aires . Amsterdam . Atlanta, GA . Auckland . Barcelona . Beijing . Beirut . Bogotá . Bratislava . Brussels . Budapest . Cairo . Cape Town . Copenhagen . Dubai . Düsseldorf . Ho Chi Minh City . Istanbul . Jakarta . Kuala Lumpur . Kuwait City . Kyiv . Lisboa . London . Madrid . Manila . Melbourne . Mexico City . Milan . Montevideo . Moscow . Mumbai . New Delhi . Oslo . Panama City . Paris . Prague . Riyadh . San Francisco . Seattle . Shanghai . Singapore . Stockholm . Sydney . Toronto . Vienna . Warsaw . Zurich . Taipei

Performics Case Studies

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper mistakenly produced a batch of cars with body-colored roofs. The Performics agency was commissioned to create a campaign to sell these cars. The marketing campaign was designed so that Mini Cooper owners could paint these roofs to their unique design. They took it like art to the streets in partnership with artists and posted a video for their followers, challenging the following.


- Customers shared on social media.
- The wow effect was amplified by bloggers.
- SNS platforms went up in flames.
- Mini Cooper added the option of a roof sticker.
- The new Mini Cooper sold out very quickly.


Equinox is discovered at every stage of a potential consumer's use of the internet to enable prospects to convert when they have formed an intention. Adds immediate action, a marketing funnel with personalized feeds through understanding consumer intent and creating holistic media content.


Increased leads by 38% year-over-year.
Reduced brand promotion costs by 20%.

Marketing Agency's Mission

Performics Mission

Performics brings together the digital world's best to identify consumer needs and develop effective marketing campaigns to engage consumers in their moments of intent. They are mathematicians, writers, strategists, and creators.

Performics Testimonials

"Performics and BrightEdge were able to build a series of dashboards tailored to each market, freeing up a large amount of time and also providing our local staff with deeper insight than ever before. Thanks to this approach, we made SEO more accountable and ensured to put our SEO budget as much as possible into actual optimization of websites instead of reporting. This contributed to us achieving a marked performance improvement."

Alice Morgan
Chevrolet Europe head of digital

"Many brands are overlooking the potential of Goal-Driven consumers. Brands shouldn’t wait for searchers to ask them for a specific item; our research proves that most searchers have a variety of things in mind that could contribute to their goal and are open to ads aligned to that goal. More importantly, consumers are clearly signaling that they’re open to trying new brands and products in a Goal-driven mindset, which we wouldn’t want to miss out on."

Kelli Kemery
Market Research Manager at Microsoft