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What is Schawk?

Schawk, part of Matthews International Corporation’s SGK Brand Solutions group. Based on their previous experience advising clients in the retail, consumer goods, and supply chain industries, they take a comprehensive approach to delivering content in a timely and effective manner that drives results. Schawk shows outstanding achievements in digital printing.

Schawk Marketing Agency Services

They create designs that can be printed consistently, keeping the design concept's integrity throughout the process. Ensuring competent management of even the most complex large-scale initiatives. The same knowledge and experience they bring to the world of digital media daily.

Online Media

Online media production services help ensure a consistent brand experience online.


Photography services range from art assignments for any media channel to large-scale digital e-commerce.

Production Art

Packaging services for 150 years. They work with manufacturers, retailers, and printers.



Headquarter Information

1695 South River Road, Des Plaines, IL, USA
+1 847-827-9494

All Locations

Appleton, WI . Atlanta, GA . Battle Creek, MI . Chicago, IL . Cincinnati, OH . Des Plaines, IL . Kalamazoo, MI . Kalamazoo, MI . Marietta, GA . Minneapolis, MN . New York, NY . Pittsburgh, PA . Redmond, WA . San Francisco, CA . Sterling Heights, MI . St. Louis, MO . Sunnyvale, CA . Woburn, MA . North Sydney . Wien . Antwerpen . São Paulo . Mississauga . Guangzhou Shi . Shenzhen . Bao'an . Goslar . Jülich . Leipzig . München . Nürnberg . Vreden . Hong Kong . Dunakeszi . Chennai . Shinagawa City . Simpang Ampat . Queretaro . Lódź . Singapore . Alcira . Cleckheaton . Gateshead . London . Salford . Witham

Schawk Marketing Agency Case Studies


BP wanted to demonstrate how their fuel helped run the 2012 Olympics with an immersive merchandising booth. Schawk produced a 3D rendering, a new framework that magnetically drew people to feel like they were participants in the Olympics.


- Extensive excitement.
- A three-month roadshow presented at BP's global directors' office.
- Awarded 2nd exhibition booth project.


Helped the global CPG company support its growth plans in emerging markets and ensure its long-term success in the Asia-Pacific region. Schawk simplified the process from design to print and achieved improved print quality in a strong regional graphics management model.


Saved $300,000 in the first year of the partnership.
- Shortened project cycle time by 30%.
- Instruction phase errors corrected by 10% within the first 6 months.
- Solved gaps in design intent between European agencies and printers in Asia.
- Newly mapped graphic process and continuous improvement program implemented.
- Improved print standards and ensured continuous protection of digital assets.

Schawk Marketing Agency Mission

Schawk is an expert at identifying and addressing weaknesses that accelerate brands' market penetration across all channels. They increase the odds by improving efficiency, cycle time, and brand profitability.