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Schlesinger Group is one of the top-notch agencies providing multi-prong solutions in the area of qualitative and quantitative research and in-depth surveys.  Their expert global team takes care of international healthcare studies in any country, any language, and any culture.

Schlesinger Group Services

Schlesinger Group possesses global experience in international markets and providing remarkable services to their clients by gathering reliable and compelling data with deeper insights. Furthermore, their high precision data collection techniques pave the way for the success of the client's business.

Schlesinger Clinical Research

Whether clients require an end-to-end solution or just a piece of the puzzle, deliver compelling insights by combining our high-performing online qualitative platforms.

Online Qualitative

Schlesinger Group offers services from traditional and in-field studies to online surveys in addition to explores their portfolio of global quantitative solutions.

Qualitative Solutions

Providing services from the qualitative classics to online and more emotional measures, single or hybrid methods, explore their comprehensive portfolio of qualitative solutions.

Schlesinger Clinical Research

At Schlesinger Clinical Research, their expertise in participant recruiting and clinical project execution provides unparalleled access to your target audiences for data clients can trust.

Recruitment Specialists

Recruiting for thousands of studies annually, clients trust them as their research partner to deliver high-quality recruitment for their important and most challenging projects.

Hybrid Research Solutions

Researchers choose to combine research methodologies to achieve a cost-efficient and time-effective solution that encompasses every aspect.

Global Solutions

By taking a consultative approach to supporting client’s studies and advising which methodologies are likely to be most successful in each international market.

Research Labs

Clients can gain deeper insights and compelling data visualization with qualitative research technology labs implemented by the team.

Product Tests

Product optimization is critical and Schlesinger Group’s team is highly adept at planning and executing complex testing programs.



Headquarter Information

101 Wood Avenue South, Suite 501 Iselin, NJ 08830
+1 (732) 906-1122

All Locations

Iselin-NJ . Atlanta . Baltimore . Boston . Charlotte . Columbus . Dallas . Houston . Kansas City . Los Angeles . Minneapolis . Miami . New York City . Philadelphia . Phoenix . Orlando . San Francisco . Nashville . London . Paris . Berlin . Frankfurt . . Hamburg . Munich . Barcelona . Madrid

Schlesinger Group Case Studies

Child Nutritional Supplement Trial

Focus Pointe Global (FPG) partnered with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine to facilitate a research study to determine how 5 to 12-month-old infants would tolerate a nutritional supplement that introduced a proprietary blend of proteins from commonly allergenic foods into their diet. For this purpose they recruited 700 infants/parents in four weeks, leveraging its national panel of research participants.

Titled ‘I’m Eating’, participants kept an online diary and completed an online questionnaire at the end of both 28-day usage periods. After the successful completion of the study, FPG was asked to extend the research for a longer-term understanding of the impact of future outcomes of children’s allergies. Schlesinger Group continues to have zero adverse events requiring pediatrician follow-up related to the supplement.


This trial has limitations but strongly suggests that feeding a single daily dose of multiple allergenic protein food supplements to healthy infants is accepted by parents, given the high trial completion rate. The absence of any reported IgE-type reactions or need for medication or medical care supports tolerability in infants. The null hypothesis in a non-inferiority analysis of the proportion of reported symptoms was rejected.

The Effects of COVID-19 Lockdown

In this online study conducted by Open Evidence, in collaboration with BDI Research and researchers of various universities, 3,500 recruited to participate in a weekly online survey for 3 consecutive weeks. It aims to better understand the effects of Covid-19 and lockdown on populations in Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

For three consecutive weeks, participants will answer survey questions and take part in three randomized experiments to assess the effects of Covid-19 and lockdown. This study dataset is unique as it combines information on health, socio-economic status, psychological conditions, exposure to shocks, actual and future behaviors.

The study is ongoing, with three consecutive waves:

-The first completed between April 24 and May 1
-The second launched May 2 will be completed May 9
-The third will be launched May 10 and completed May 17

See Voters Neuro-Reactions to Biden’s Joint Session Address

Schlesinger Group sponsored the recruitment and facility for the latest Neuro Political study, partnering with IVP Research, HCD Research, and Shimmer Inc to measure voter responses to President Joe Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress.

Schlesinger Group’s team hosted two in-person groups during the live broadcast on April 28. Each participant’s psychophysiological response to President Biden’s statements, demeanor, and stage movements was measured using biometrics sensors by researchers.


By partnering with IVP Research Labs, HCD Research, and Shimmer, the Schlesinger Group’s team successfully gauged voter response to President Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress.

Flexible Research Technology Solutions by Schlesinger Group

A consumer packaging business with a company-wide travel ban hired Schlesinger Group to conduct a one-week recruitment event and host a large in-person hybrid study in Minneapolis during a pandemic by following physical distancing requirements.

Schlesinger Group team leveraged their highly-profiled proprietary panel, telephone, and social media recruitment tactics to find qualified respondents who were enthusiastic about sharing their opinions in person. They hosted four groups simultaneously with four respondents per room, with plenty of room to physically distanced. Snacks and beverages were individually packaged for safe distribution.

The client was delighted with the 93% show rate. Respondents arrived on time, on-spec, and eager to participate, so the research team was able to focus on answering their business questions.

Schlesinger Group Mission

For over half a century, they’ve been continually perfecting the art and science of qualitative and quantitative data collection and our research services.

Put simply, they provide answers to your important business questions through practices of partnership, quality and service excellence, powered by an expert team with a genuine passion for research.

And as the world transforms, we reach for new heights, redefining our services beyond our clients’ expectations.