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WebFX is an award-winning digital marketing service and technology platform agency that help the business grow online leads, calls, and revenue. An expert digital marketing team gives you an unfair advantage over your competition.

Web FX Marketing Agency Services

WebFX is a tech-enabled digital marketing solutions provider, and they create custom strategies for each of our clients based on their needs and goals. Through our years of experience, they've also learned that while each channel has its own set of advantages, they all work best when strategically paired with other channels. They offer full-service strategies to each of their clients and use a combination of digital channels to increase visibility, conversions, and revenue.

Content Marketing Services

Make content marketing hassle-free with our content marketing services. With WebFX's content marketing service packages, their award-winning team develops, writes, edits, and promotes custom (and search engine friendly) content for your business.

Digital Advertising Services

Give your business the tools to grow with digital advertising services from WebFX. With our complete suite of online advertising services, plus custom strategies and a dedicated team of 200+ strategists, we can help your company improve its brand awareness, sales, revenue, and more.

Social Media Marketing & Management Services

WebFX is the industry’s leading social media management agency, offering competitive social media management services.

Website Design Services

WebFX is a leading web design agency with an award-winning design team that creates innovative, effective websites that capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, and maximize your revenue to help grow your business and achieve your goals.

PPC Ad Management Services

WebFX is a leading PPC agency that focuses on your success as a whole. Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, our tech-enabled PPC management services can help you reach your goals.

SEO Services

A custom SEO campaign with WebFX targets on-page and off-page SEO, which includes things like keyword research and content implementation, to help your most valuable audience find you online.

Digital Marketing Services

With digital marketing, your business can expand into new areas, hire additional team members, and achieve tremendous accomplishments in your industry.



Headquarter Information

WebFX, Inc. 1705 N Front St Harrisburg, PA 17102
(071) 76090360

All Locations

Harrisburg . Washington D.C. . Dallas . Baltimore . New York City . Tampa . Boston

Web FX Marketing Agency Case Studies

Ocean City New Jersey

Ocean City, New Jersey is a world-famous seashore community located in the heart of the Jersey Shore. With a population of less than 12,000, Ocean City is like a breath of fresh sea air, providing a welcome change of pace from those congested, casino-filled vacation resorts.

WebFx was assigned the task of adding a new, fresh look to the website that would emphasize the family atmosphere of Ocean City while also maintaining a sophisticated air. The website highlights the many things to do at Ocean City, upcoming events, local businesses, and real estate.



Cleveland Brothers

Cleveland Brothers has a long history of providing quality solutions to its customers throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia involving a full line of Caterpillar equipment, parts, and service. The primary goal was to maximize conversions and consolidate the operations of their four other divisional websites into a single intuitive brand experience. This would enable Cleveland Brothers to enhance its overall marketing strategies by providing better product promotion and streamlined integration with existing Caterpillar technology offerings.

Bringing together the Cleveland Brothers workforce, with the main website launch, Cleveland Brothers requested the redesign of their existing corporate intranet.


A clean and organized interface that makes finding information easy for Cleveland Brothers employees.

Cutting Edge Firewood

Cutting Edge Firewood provides luxury firewood, cooking wood, and accessories to the greater Atlanta, GA region. What makes their products top-of-the-line? Cutting Edge Firewood offers kiln-dried firewood, conditioned for 48 hours, 12 times longer than the USDA standard. Looking to increase market share and reach more local leads, Cutting Edge Firewood turned to WebFX after reading impressive reviews from our 400+ satisfied clients.

WebFX knows that a custom SEO strategy is about more than boosting site traffic, it’s about driving real results that impact your most important business metrics. In the words of Cutting Edge Firewood, “Increased traffic = increased sales!". With their R.O.C.K.E.T SEO process, we got started creating custom SEO and local campaigns for Cutting Edge Firewood.


According to Cutting Edge Firewood, our SEO approach helps their team achieve key objectives — and the guidance, direction, and suggestions from WebFX allow them to increase value for customers and the community.

As a result of our partnership, Cutting Edge Firewood has seen a 205 percent YOY increase in new users from organic search and a 167 percent YOY increase in organic search traffic.

Reflecting on the impact, Cutting Edge Firewood explained, “We are now dominating our industry in our area! We are now working to dominate the country.”

York Saw amd Knife

One of the oldest active industrial blade manufacturers in the U.S., York Saw and Knife specializes in custom machine knives, sawmill, and woodworking blades. Wanting to optimize their online presence and create an Amazon store to sell more products, York Saw and Knife turned to the experts at WebFX.


Since working with WebFX, York Saw and Knife:

-Increased revenue from Amazon ads by 2118% YoY
-Increased Amazon sales by 626% YoY
-Increased units ordered on Amazon by 442% YoY
-Increased organic sessions by 138% YoY
-Increased Google Ads conversions by 108% YoY
-Lowered cost per conversion by nearly 20% YoY

PaulB Parts

A Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. company, PaulB Parts offers agriculture, industrial, and mechanical equipment parts to farmers, contractors, and repair shops. Before working with WebFX, PaulB’s pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns didn't convert well and cost more than PaulB earned in return. Their online store makes it easy to find and purchase the necessary parts for your next project.

WebFX team identified the products that performed the best and reallocated PaulB’s ad budget to focus on four to five campaigns instead of more than 20. Targeting products with the highest conversion rates allowed PaulB to get more from their online ad investment. In addition to streamlining their PPC campaigns, we also helped PaulB optimize their Google My Business Listing to attract more local traffic.


In the first year managing PaulB’s PPC campaigns, WebFX boosted PaulB’s YoY ROI by 150 percent.

PaulB commented, “We are seeing the ROI that WebFX said they could deliver related to paid search and our eCommerce site.”

Since working with PaulB Parts, WebFX now manages search engine optimization (SEO) and local SEO campaigns for other PaulB properties with the goal of increasing qualified leads and revenue.

Take a look at the results we helped drive for PaulB Parts.


Elite SEO Results for a World-Class Client

HydroWorx develops and manufactures aquatic therapy pools for rehab, recovery, strength conditioning, and more. From healthcare and senior living to sports medicine and the military, HydroWorx designs innovative products to improve the lives of patients and athletes around the world.

SEO is a key part of HydroWorx’s digital strategy, and they wanted a partner they could trust to deliver results. After initially turning to WebFX through a referral, HydroWorx has partnered with us for over seven years. For HydroWorx, WebFX put together a robust digital strategy that includes:

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
Social media
Web design

HydroWorx also gets access to a dedicated WebFX account manager, responsible for interfacing with WebFX experts to drive results.


Since partnering with WebFX, HydroWorx sees most website visitors coming from organic search, and they’ve increased conversions and contact form submissions while maximizing their marketing spend.

Working with FX, they’ve seen:

- 236% increase in organic sessions
-131% increase in organic contact form submissions
- HydroWorx shared that while their goals have shifted over the years, WebFX always makes sure to focus on the most important key performance indicators (KPIs).

Web FX Marketing Agency Mission

At WebFX, it’s our mission to build exponential success on the web for our clients' businesses. We use the latest strategies in digital marketing, web design and development, and work together as a family to get things done.

We have the happiest employees in PA and grew our company by over 250% throughout the last 3 years. Now, we have our sights set on having some of the happiest employees all over the world!

Our existing distributed team includes 40+ members from around the globe. We're seeking more individuals who possess a growth mindset, a passion for the web, a positive outlook on life, and determination to succeed!