Marketing Communications Specialist Job Responsibilities

Marketing Communications Specialist

The Marketing Communication Specialist will be responsible for enhancing our brand awareness by sharpening our offline/online communications.
She/He will give a new edge to our marketing strategies and develop ideas to improve communication between the brand and consumers.
The role and duties include preparing promotional material that takes our vision to the customers, use effective and timely messaging to attract new customers, develop strategies specific to different media, and networking for brand awareness.
Also, the Marketing Communication Specialist will be our brand’s voice. He will work in a fast-paced environment that requires quick thinking and a willingness to adapt according to the situation.

Marketing Communications Specialist Job Responsibilities:

  • Developing creative messaging strategies to advertise the company’s vision and products on the top social media platforms.
  • Coming up with separate strategies for different social media platforms and gauging their impact had to keep the marketing graph on a high.
  • Preparing plans for promoting the brand and its products during social events where the most potential consumers are to be found.
  • Networking with clients and the biggest and most influential names in the industry to increase brand awareness and name the company in its niche.
  • Gathering and analyzing feedback data to develop new ideas to improve on the marketing strategy and advertising.
  • Monitoring social media platforms and coming up with interesting new ideas to enhance engagement with the customers by acknowledging and solving their problems and queries.
  • Laying out plans for press conferences and interviews helps send the required message to our consumer base.
  • Tracking ROI to measure the performance of each of the marketing strategies to work on them continually.
  • Becoming a part of social media groups to engage in the trending discussions within our industry.
  • Coming up with unique ideas for the company newsletter that is to be sent to subscribers to keep our valued customers engaged and attract new ones.
  • Collaborating with the sales team and providing them with customer feedback on the company’s products.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, Marketing, or Public Relations required.
  • Relevant experience as a marketing communication specialist and a good track record for the same.
  • Well-versed with working on MS Office.
  • Hands-on experience in using content management platforms like WordPress to execute the unique ideas you come up with.
  • Familiarity with working on B2B and B2C advertising campaigns and the ability to make any marketing campaign stand out in the crowd.
  • Experience of working on social media marketing and an awareness of different social media platforms and the content that should go on each of them.
  • Excellent presentation skills and proficiency in both written and spoken English.
  • The willingness to take challenges head-on and the courage to step up when others are reluctant to.
  • An eye for detail and the ability to come up with a unique and timely analysis of the feedback data received from the customers.

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