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Remote Internship: A New Era of Opportunities

Remote Internship: A New Era of Opportunities cover

Internships are an excellent means of gaining real-world experience in a professional setting. Many students nowadays understand the importance of learning from inside the industry. They look forward to doing internships, but the main obstacle in current times is finding a company hiring interns to be physically at the office. In that case, a remote internship can prove to be very handy.

What is a Remote Internship?

A virtual or Remote internship is similar to a traditional internship, the main difference being the location. You can work from anywhere using the Internet, message apps such as Slack, MS Teams, or regular emails, and have your performance measured by results, not by your schedule.

Students who complete these programs work distantly from their choice of location and submit tasks via the Internet. While offering many advantages, a remote internship is a viable alternative to a conventional internship.

Although internships are advertised as the ideal opportunity to gain experience and insight into your dream job, some people shy away from it. They are reluctant to spend time in a place with little to no pay nor any guarantee of a long-term position.

Monetary-wise, the benefits are uncertain. But in regards to your future, the impact is significant. And to save time and hassles of commuting, remote internship proves to be a better option. The following topics are the perks of being in a remote internship.

Work From Anywhere

Like online education, remote internships entirely eradicate any geographical or physical limitations that prevent students from taking advantage of an opportunity.

A remote internship can create numerous career gateways and expose students to previously inaccessible real-life experiences. Students can do their internship while being involved in a classroom curriculum. They can sit at home and do their work, gain experience, and earn pocket money!

Work With People Across the World

Remote internship opens up opportunities not offered by conventional “trainee-ships”. A significant benefit of internship opportunities is networking.

You can explore options from all over the world while pursuing interactive or digital internships. You don’t have a limited area to look within. Such programs give you a global opportunity to communicate with people from various backgrounds and develop your communication skills at the professional level.

Interns can build a professional network before they graduate college. Using contacts from your internship, you can find jobs and maybe connect with them for other tasks in your professional career.

Before the end of your internship, you'll have gained 30-50 new contacts in your LinkedIn network.

Convenient and Flexible Work Hours in a Remote Internship

Not only do remote internships allow students to work from wherever they like, but they also permit them to work whenever they want.

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Students already have much to look after, like class assignments and tests, keeping them really busy. The interns may work all day and night in remote internships. You could operate for the times you want since you work remotely and do not travel to an office.

Acquiring Industry Knowledge

College and school prepare you for professional life. They do a good job, and without a doubt, you've learned plenty from professors and textbooks. But no matter how detailed they are, they don't provide the full picture.

For example, soldiers learn strategy and techniques in military academies. They go through grueling courses to adequately prepare them for the day they'll face their enemy. But despite all the hours and effort, soldiers still find themselves in new and unexpected situations in battles unforeseen in their training.

Internship or remote internships are like small battles where you get a glimpse of what to expect in the real world and prepare you for what lies ahead mentally. You can find out what skills you lack, your weaknesses, and how to work on them well before graduating, and you still have your teachers' help.

Industry knowledge cannot be fully grasped within a classroom, and the only way to get it is by working in the industry.

Making the Right Career Decisions

Internship opportunities take you behind the scenes of a profession. It connects you with people currently working within the industry. Even a remote internship, for that matter, gives you a peek into what possible options you have in the future.

Your internship experience gives you the knowledge and insight that enables you to make well-informed career decisions and allows you to decide the right career path.

And if you're ever confused about a particular degree or job offer down the road, you can always send an email to one of your internship supervisors for advice.

Applying for Remote Internship

The procedure for applying for remote internships is similar to that of a conventional one. First of all, you are likely to submit a document with your resume and cover letter.

Then, you will have to submit some supporting content, such as writing samples, if they ask. If your sample work is approved, you might have to give a telephonic interview or do a task.

Getting a Job Offer

Internship opportunities also positively affect your chances of securing a job offer. Companies typically don't shortlist applicants with a CV that has a blank work experience section.

Even if you are a fresh graduate, they want some work experience. The only way to get it while studying for your degree is by availing of remote internship opportunities. Companies expect at least two internships before graduation.

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Your contacts at internships can also be beneficial in your job search. Companies are always looking for people they can trust and have worked with. Let your professional network know that you are looking because if there are any openings in their organization or anywhere else, they may let you know.

Where to Look for Remote Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities are not always advertised, which is why you have to dig for them. It is common to see university students visiting organizations in the spring with their resumes in hand.

LinkedIn website

Because so many people apply for internships these days, and the amount of space is limited, you should apply well ahead of your holidays. Print a couple of copies of your resume and cover letter for each company explaining your purpose.

Don't just leave your documents with the receptionist. First, try and arrange an appointment with the manager if possible, where you can briefly introduce yourself.

These platforms provide not only in-office internships but also part-time and remote internships. Advertised internship opportunities are often in the same places where you'd find job openings.

Below are some good places to skim through for remote internship opportunities.

  • Job fairs
  • Career services office at your college
  • Personal references
  • Job search websites
  • Newspapers
  • Places where your family has business with, like a bank, law firm, or insurance company
  • LinkedIn

Finding Remote Internships

Many remote internships are available in IT, advertising, media, communications, and application production. Jobs are created for remote work in such fields. Numerous companies nowadays offer online internships and training programs.

Some of the well-known companies that let you work from or have specific remote internship programs are Google, AT&T, and Microsoft.

During COVID-19, other companies moved their summer internship programs online: Twitter, IBM, Microsoft, Lyft, and Salesforce.


An internship is a realistic means of mastering new things in a corporation or organization instead of in class. It provides students with an outstanding opportunity to learn.

Completing an internship will allow you to learn what is going in a specific field, which is helpful in different professions.

Currently, especially with remote internships, it has become easy for interns to learn by working from home while managing and balancing their professional and personal schedules.

With the latest news, the world will speed up the projection for remote jobs. So get ready to find yours.

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