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9Rooftops is a marketing agency for brands that need fast results. Their data-fueled strategies help brands grow faster than the competitors with culturally relevant and creative solutions that generate sales growth.

9Rooftops Services

Rooftops is a marketing agency for brands that need fast results. Our data-fueled strategies help brands grow faster than the competitors with culturally relevant and creative solutions that generate sales growth. We offer digital and creative solutions to regional, national and global brands. WE are don't say they are the best, but we say they can prove it. We use talent data and creativity to reach our clients' goals. Check out our services and see how they're helping our clients thrive.


9Rooftops/MARCA is the trusted partner in making brands relevant across "The 3 Americas Markets" (U.S. General, U.S. Hispanic, and Latin American).


9Rooftops is a connector. We are experts in pinpointing effective partnerships that drive relevancy, consideration, and ultimately, purchase.


Our specialized behavioral science, shopper insights, and retail design teams know how to get you more floors, more eyeballs, and more sales despite the common chaos and cacophony of retail.


The greatest brand experience means nothing unless it leaves the footprint. Remember: everyone is an influencer. Everyone.


9Rooftops doesn’t just activate social and PR channels, we build active relationships that consumers choose to seek out and spend time with.


9Rooftops uses content to move your targets throughout their decision-making journey by delivering the right content to the right audiences at the right moments.


We make stories consumers seek and share. Stories of meaning and substance.


It’s about their journey. 9Rooftops helps brands develop a single view of consumers to drive individualized engagement across email, mobile apps, SMS, social, paid, customer service, direct mail, and more.


Having a digital presence isn’t enough today. Consumers aren’t thinking about which channel or platform they are in — they simply experience it.


Unlock hidden performance opportunities with the knowledge, experience, and flawless execution of 9Rooftops/Cogniscient Media.


We measure data and answer the most pressing questions in marketing today by decoding data.


It’s not enough just to look good. You need to mean more, be relevant, pop off the shelves and immerse consumers in your “why.”

Brand Strategy

9Rooftops dives deep into consumer motivations, trends, and market opportunities to best position your brand’s differentiated head- and heart-space.

Integrated Marketing

There’s no such thing as a non-integrated big idea. At 9Rooftops, everything is built to live beyond the media dollar.



Headquarter Information

325 North LaSalle Street Suite 750 Chicago, IL 60654

All Locations

Chicago, IL . Bluffton, SC . Boston, MA . Pittsburgh, PA . Atlanta, GA . New York, NY . Birmingham, AL . Baltimore, MD . Miami, FL

9Rooftops Case Studies

Danny Trejo Gives Small Business Advice With A Winning Attitude.

Launching a small business is tough. A food truck? Even tougher. So we recruited and signed an entrepreneur with attitude from “Dusk till Dawn.” Cult film legend and owner of Trejo’s Taco and Trejo’s Donuts, Danny Trejo helped Progressive communicate the edge and acumen it takes to compete in today’s economy.

“Small Biz Battles: Food Truck Edition” is an integrated campaign with social, digital and experiential activations geared to supply small businesses with actionable insights through real world situations. The episodic content series included a food truck battle filmed in Venice Beach, CA, refereed by New York Food Truck Association President David Weber.

In support, our agency took that competitive spirit to the nation’s largest food convention, the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Here, we challenged thousands of foodies to “Experiment With Food, Not Your Insurance” by eating exotic, strange and usual delicacies from around the world. These engaging and conversation-creating activations drew new appreciation and understanding for Progressive as the insurance brand for passionate entrepreneurs.

A Campaign That Brought Its Objects to Life — Literally

Many car owners see their vehicles not as possessions, but as extensions of themselves. It’s their baby, their buddy, their companion. And when you love something that much, you protect it at all costs.

We created a disruptive campaign that positioned STA-BIL 360° as an essential, everyday product, when it comes to car care regimen. How? By personifying vehicles and using those voices to urge their owners not to leave the job unfinished.

We’re Ready When You Are.

To help keep South Carolina top of mind during the Covid-19 shutdown and ensuing fallout, we had to completely rethink the "Discover" themed campaign and messaging. The resulting effort was broken down into three phases. The first phase sought only to inspire travelers to dream about their future travel plans, ingeniously replacing "DISCOVER South Carolina" with a new "DREAM South Carolina" logo and the tagline, "Dream Now, Discover Later." The daydreaming was helped along with sweeping imagery of the state's bountiful beaches, mountains and outdoor recreation.

Phase two was themed "When you're ready, we're ready." and sought to invite people back to the state on their own terms while highlighting the various ways in which destinations were thoughtfully preparing for visitors. Once normal travel could be safely resumed, phase three was designed to transition the marketing back to the more open-armed "Discover South Carolina" campaign.


We developed a truly disruptive and fully integrated retail program for the brand's very first Californian wine, appropriately named Snoop Cali Red. It was the first initiative from 19 Crimes in a multi-year partnership with Snoop Dogg, the entertainment icon, whose cultural cachet makes him the perfect partner for 19 Crimes, a brand that embodies the spirit of rule breaking, culture creation and diversity.

The retail launch included a wide-ranging suite of point-of-sale and marketing tactics, from life-size retail displays and social media content to a fully-wrapped tour Hummer and wild postings.

The initial launch results surpassed all expectations and added to the continued success of the brand. 19 Crimes was recently named the #4 most admired wine brand of 2020 by Drinks International and Shanken's IMPACT named 19 Crimes a Hot Brand for the fifth year in a row.



+ Conair has traditionally been known for hairdryers and other small beauty appliances targeting women

+ Building brand awareness with Millennial men was critical as Conair was unknown

+ While there has been increased interest in the male grooming category, men needed to be educated on how Conair products fit into their lifestyle and express their personal style


+ The influencer content had an average engagement rate of 17% — nearly 20x higher than the industry average engagement rate

+ In the first 10 weeks, 35 pieces of “Respect the Ritual” social content were created, reaching 2.6M people

+ The influencers helped us increase the @ConairMan Instagram page following by nearly 480% in six months

+ “Respect the Ritual” positioning — combined with a successfully executed strategic, measurable and optimized social/digital campaign — led to a YOY sales increase for ConairMan


QDOBA is the second-largest brand in the rapidly growing and highly competitive Mexican fast-casual category. It is outpaced by the category leader Chipotle in revenue and locations.

When Cogniscient Media won the business, QDOBA was facing several Media challenges:

+ Limited analytics, insights, measurement or reporting into what media channels were/were not working and the ROI on media spend

+ Media KPIs were not focused on measuring sales and in-store foot traffic

+ No sophistication in Media budget allocation and market prioritization was typically based on the previous year’s allocation


Before developing specific tactics to address both Brand and Marketing challenges, we first prescribed a roadmap for QDOBA.


Through our roadmap, we were able to achieve the following results in just one year of our partnership with QDOBA:

+ Over $10M in incremental, trackable revenue generated by Paid Search in just one fiscal year

+ Outpaced Cost-Per-Incremental Store visit vs. fast-casual QSR benchmark

+ Achieved 3x same-store sales increase for Fast Casual QSR category benchmarks

In re-tiering of markets, markets with lower awareness demonstrated higher ROAS against awareness/interest building tactics like social as consumers continue to be exposed to QDOBA messaging

9Rooftops Mission

To be the most influential business performance agency and a true partner to our clients, helping them reshape their businesses to meet the demands of this convergent world.