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What is Diamond Marketing Agency?

Diamond is a North American advertising and marketing agency known for its collaborative approach to creating bold, impactful experiences for every channel.

Diamond Services

Diamond offers capabilities across a wide range of strategy, creative, and production services that our clients need. We’ve got ultra-talented in-house teams, but we also play well with other agencies and love collaborating with our client partners.


At Diamond Marketing Group, we take a holistic approach to integrating technology into the way we grow our clients’ businesses. We believe that including technology from the start of any program is vital to getting the most out of it. From augmented reality to data-driven dynamic advertising and AI, we strive to offer our clients innovative solutions at scale.


We believe partnership marketing is the intersection of shared stories and passions, connecting brands with audiences in a human way. Leading with objective-based strategies and building creative platforms allows us to proactively identify the best partners and marketing vehicles to bring your story to life. Better strategies upfront, leading to better creative expression, ensures better partnerships that deliver brilliant results.

Public Relations

Our PR team helps our clients have more control over their brands’ public image. We carefully craft how brands are perceived by consumers through calculated communications. Our expertise lies in curating opportunities to help forge strategic alliances, gain earned media, and build mutually beneficial relationships between brands and consumers. From helping organizations gain purposeful publicity to quickly quashing reputation crises, our PR capabilities are a key ingredient in the marketing mix.


The team is made up of channel experts, wizards, and unicorns that believe in innovation, collaboration, and boundaryless thinking. Under one umbrella, this team provides a seamless production process for integrated work.

Insights and Strategy

Our promise is to help you navigate the confusion of today’s exponentially changing world. We deliver actionable solutions based on understanding your consumer and how they live their daily lives.

Influencer Marketing

You can have the strongest insight or best creative, but if you don’t have the right influencers to share your message, your content can fall flat. That’s why we use a rigorous vetting process to find the ideal celebrities, macro-influencers, and/or micro-influencers for your campaign. Then, we collaborate with them to craft content that resonates with the audience through authentic messaging, while also achieving our clients’ objectives.

Full Service Video

At Diamond, we create visually stunning, emotionally compelling, intellectually engaging content. A roster of talented directors, can-do producers, and in-house editors create share-worthy videos for social media, long-form storytelling, VR/AR, broadcast, mini docs, pre-roll, and multi-platform productions. Ask us about our award-winning campaigns, viral successes, and what we can do for you.

Experiential Marketing

Carefully crafted and founded on strategic consumer insights, Diamond’s XM is designed to accelerate your brand. Our team builds experiences that connect with consumers and move your business forward. From event planning and spatial design to event production and securing brand ambassadors, everything we do is centred around delivering an experience to remember.


Diamond’s data-driven digital approach is applied across touchpoints to ensure the consumer journey features strategic messaging at the right time and place. From digital ads to websites to the latest innovations, we are experts at targeting and optimizing for extraordinary experiences across devices.

Data and Analytics

Data and analytics have an even deeper meaning here at Diamond. We believe data should be at the core of any strategy and creative work. We also believe that analytics help improve campaigns by carefully monitoring key indicators and applying learnings in real time and going forward. Bringing you better marketing results, more efficient work and improved ROI is what we’re all about.


We get out of bed in the morning (and sometimes in the middle of the night) dreaming up ideas that have purpose. With all the clutter and noise out there, breakthrough ideas are the ones people remember. That’s what drives us. We create ideas and experiences for brands to stand apart from their competitors and get our audience’s attention. When the idea stays with them and compels them to talk about it and share their experience, then we know we succeeded. That’s the Diamond difference.



Headquarter Information

345 Adelaide Street West Suite 600 Toronto, ON M5V 1R5
+1 (416) 479-3972

All Locations

Toronto, ON

Diamond Case Studies

See Yourself Differently

Over the course of three manic days, WayHome Music & Arts Festival attracted more than 45,000 fans, 65 artists, 55 food and drink vendors, and at least 15 major brands. With so many things clamouring for visitors’ attention, could Topshop—the festival’s official fashion partner—create a more meaningful experience than the nearest beer garden or taco truck? Four emerging artists were each asked to bring one of Topshop & Topman’s summer fashion trends to life in a 16’x16’ room. We then combined all 4 rooms into a 32’x32’ Insta-worthy space. The FOMO was real when hundreds of attendees shared their visually stunning Topshop/Topman experiences on social media.

Esports Team Brand & Launch

OverActive Media Group hired Diamond as their agency of record to help declare to the world that a new, gritty Overwatch esports team had arrived. They asked us to develop their brand and throw a killer launch party to reveal the new franchise. We developed a truly Torontonian franchise brand with international appeal. We developed their logo, visual identity, brand personality, and market strategy to help catapult the team into the spotlight. Rather than mimicking traditional sports franchises, we generated unignorable hype and a sense of unity—no mascot needed. We launched the brand with a gritty teaser video shot in the streets of Toronto to get fans around the world excited about the new team. Toronto Defiant was unveiled to a sold-out stadium of screaming fans, as well as thousands of live stream viewers who wanted in on the action. The launch event at Berkeley Church sold out in 30 minutes on Eventbrite with live streaming available on Twitch and Twitter.
In addition to designing the full brand kit, from the team logo to the jerseys to the tone of voice guidelines, we also developed a coveted full line of merchandise. A temporary online store housed our exclusive merchandise online throughout the last couple months of 2018.

IKEA Catalogue

The IKEA catalogue is a highly anticipated source of inspiration, but we want consumers to take the next step after finding inspiration to purchase their favourite products. We reminded customers they can still discover great finds at IKEA, regardless of how their tastes have evolved. By developing venn diagrams that show opposing personas with IKEA products in the middle, we made it clear that no matter what your style is, there’s something for everyone at IKEA. To generate hype, we strategically placed varied iterations of the campaign across the country, keeping IKEA top of mind for countless Canadians. We rolled out the venn diagram concept in video, allowing us to showcase a range of products while expressing how they can complement any lifestyle.

La Grille Was Here

Customers love La Grille’s flavours. How can we get them to love the brand too? We positioned La Grille as the BBQ expert by showcasing the aftermath of flavourful feasts, like a devoured plate of ribs, paired with the catchy tagline “La Grille was here”. Take one look at these nationwide out-of-home ads, and the sentiment of satiety is immediately clear. It’s that moment when you’ve finished every last saucy bite and you sit back and relax into a triumphant food coma. That’s how you know, La Grille was here. BBQ isn’t just a flavour or way of cooking, it’s a sensorial experience. We created bite-size videos that deliciously convey the taste, smell, look, feel, and sound of BBQ to rouse consumers’ cravings. These videos spread through paid media, but live on as organic YouTube content.


Each year, TD celebrates Customer Appreciation Day to show customers how much they care. In 2018, TD wanted to celebrate Customer Appreciation Day while promoting TD’s Ready Commitment values. We turned banking into thanking by allowing TD employees to nominate customers as hometown heroes. We celebrated the selected heroes and provided additional funding for their important causes to help them make a real difference in our communities. TD Thanks You is an example of how marketing can do good for the world while also doing good for the bottom line. Seeing TD make a difference in the lives of real people is why consumers love this campaign. TD’s message, and that of their customers, was delivered through multiple channels by pushing format-specific edits for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TD’s campaign microsite.
We shared our heroes’ stories and surprised them with cheques to go towards their causes to help them continue doing great things. We made sure they knew how valued they are as inspiring TD customers. Then for one great day, on July 27, TD thanked customers across the country with special events hosted in every branch. We made sure that every customer felt special and further highlighted local heroes on a micro level in their own town or branch.

Now With These

General Mills asked us to introduce Lucky Charms' new unicorn marshmallows in a playful way that appeals to adults. We tapped into the unlikely demographic of millenial men through strategic targeting and ironic creative. The self-deprecating tagline ‘Now With These’ was used to poke fun at the new ambiguously shaped marshmallows. We worked with skilled animators to insert the new marshmallow into cultural contexts that resonate with millennial men. We created iterations inspired by Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and street culture. With the cereal category in decline as consumers opt for healthier alternatives, we sparked excitement about the brand by launching the first new Lucky Charms marshmallow in over a decade. Our target audience was social media savvy and fluent in meme. That’s why we created GIFs that integrate seamlessly with their own communication style. Millenial men are skeptical of advertising. To get them on our side, we used our out-of-home ads to poke fun at traditional advertising language and introduce the new marshmallow. We built a playful website that allows users to take a 360° look at the new marshmallow. It’s peppered with droll tidbits that leave the user even more confused yet amused about the mysterious ‘THESE’.

Diamond Mission

To be the most influential business performance agency and a true partner to our clients, helping them reshape their businesses to meet the demands of this convergent world.