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What is Telescope Marketing Agency?

Telescope Agencia De Marketing is a company present in three countries, made up of developers, designers, sellers, producers and everything in between. They not only love what they do, but who they can do it with.

Telescope Services

Telescope Marketing Agency's leads the industry in creating unique and engaging experiences that not only connect you with your existing fans, but go far beyond your base to engage and retain new audiences, empowering the fan experience through real-time campaigns and high impact.

Sweepstakes & Contests

Incentivize your audience, whether it be through prizing or just their 15 minutes of fame, and you will garner a new level of engagement. Whether it be a simple fan contest or a worldwide real-time sweepstakes, Telescope knows how to harness the benefits of data collection for any brand and create a rewarding user experience.

Live Streaming

Telescope delivers live streaming solutions for entertainment, news, sports, and brands. Whether you need full production or a simple turn-key solution, we have you covered. Your audience expects more than a simple broadcast and we have the tools and features to engage your audience in any social native environment.

Platform & CMS

Telescope constructs all of our products on the foundation of our robust and self-service platforms. These tools provide a scalable solution to help you create and manage whichever engagement application fits your needs most. Whether it be simple campaign management, content aggregation or full-scale production, these platforms are built to perform and deliver.

Content Creation

We know what it takes to produce a seamless user experience that aligns with a client’s brand. The first step in every project we undertake is to arrive at a deep understanding of our client’s needs—and, ultimately, the client’s target audience.

Second Screen & Play Along

Since the invention of the smartphone, second-screen experiences have become the fastest-growing opportunities for brand engagement. Telescope’s play-along products amplify the brand’s ability to engage well beyond the confines of a TV screen or event location. And well after the initial airing or event.


Voting – the house that Telescope built. No other agency can come close to the 19+ years of voting experience we have honed and perfected. Whether it be digital, social, toll-free, smart speaker, or whatever the next great tech unicorn brings us, no one understands quite like Telescope how a vote can, and should, perform and deliver.



Headquarter Information

10250 Constellation Blvd, Ste 2-170 Los Angeles, CA 90067 +1 424-270-2900

All Locations

Los Angeles, CA . Chicago, IL . London . Barcelona

Telescope Case Studies

Extreme E GridPlay Vote

Extreme E launched their first ever electric off-road X-Prix racing series, and turned to Telescope to power their GridPlay voting that put fans everywhere at the heart of the action. Bringing together adrenaline, off-road racing and electric SUVs while highlighting climate change challenges across remote locations of the world, Extreme E kicked off their first ever X-Prix racing series in March 2021. As fan engagement remained high priority for Extreme E, they turned to Telescope to power their innovative GridPlay vote that allowed motor fans across the nation to 'get in the driver seat' and vote for their favorite drivers to impact the race outcomes. Fans could vote twice a day via Extreme E's website or on Twitter by tweeting hashtags #GridPlay accompanied by #DriversName. When voting on Extreme E's website, fans were asked to sign up or log in to an existing account. Once successfully signed in, users could scroll through and easily submit a vote for their favorite drivers. Fans' votes for each driver were calculated into a percentage and displayed on the leaderboard, making it public on which drivers were in the GridPlay lead.
After the votes closed (an hour into the 'Crazy Race'), the drivers' votes were then totaled together by team in which the team that racked up the most votes got to hand pick its spot on the starting line for the final race. Enhanced fan engagement while additionally allowing fans to influence the outcome of a race

Drove traffic to Extreme E's website through daily GridPlay voting twice a day

Sharing of submitted votes to social platforms including Twitter and Facebook increased brand awareness as well as the promotion of event

Pure Storage uPic & Fan Feed

Pure//Accelerate Digital, a month-long virtual conference focused on creating business breakthroughs, put a spotlight on real-world tech "superheroes" and engaged their audience with Telescope's unique content creation and display products. From technology leaders to experts to visionaries all around the world, Pure//Accelerate Digital 2021 brought these everyday tech "superheroes" together to share key insights and best practices with the goal of informing the audience about new ways to harness the power of data. To deliver 'breakthrough' engagement with users everywhere, Pure Storage and Wilson Dow turned to Telescope to utilize our content creation products, Fan Feed aka "Pure//Accelerate Social Feed" and uPic aka "Superhero Photo Booth", to help launch this digital event with a 'bang'. Users had a chance to tune-in to guest speakers and panel discussions, partake in creating their own superhero photo with fun 'breakthrough' filters and even scroll through curated social content (as well as approved superhero photo creations) pulled from users' social platforms surrounding the topic of this event. After registering and signing in to the Pure//Accelerate Digital Virtual Event, users were presented with a superhero-themed landing page that showcased featured speakers, list of panel discussions, interactive Superhero Photo Booth and Social Feed.
Superhero Photo Booth (uPic): Once users clicked into the 'Superhero Photo Booth', they had the ability to upload a photo of themselves and choose a 'breakthrough' filter of their choice. The user could then use various editing tools (i.e. scale, rotate, contrast, brighten, etc.) to fit their photo perfectly within the filter, enabling them to create their 'Superhero Avatar'.

Pure//Accelerate Social Feed (Fan Feed): Users who posted on their social platforms using the event hashtag #PureAccelerate, the words 'Pure' and/or 'Accelerate', or @ mentioned Pure Storage, had an opportunity to have their posts be showcased within this feed. Moderators approved each post to be displayed on the Social Feed as well as user's Superhero image creations. uPic: A fun content creation tool that allowed users to create their own Superhero filtered avatar image using their own photo. Enhanced promotion of the event with the ability to share the created image to users own social platforms.

Fan Feed: Users were able to view curated social posts surrounding the topic of this event. The moderation tool enabled the best and most relatable content (as well as Superhero Photo Booth images) to be pulled into the feed, always keeping it fresh and current throughout the entire length of the conference.

Big Brother SMS Vote

To spice up Season 23 of Big Brother, CBS asked America to vote and reward their favorite Houseguests for the High Roller's Room utilizing Telescope's SMS vote services. The hit summer reality television show, Big Brother, returned with another drama filled season and an exciting twist for viewers at home. As millions of at-home viewers tuned-in each week, CBS looked for ways to engage fans further in Season 23 - in addition to watching along from their tv screens. Turning to Telescope for interactive solutions, Big Brother's SMS vote was initiated, enabling viewers across America to vote for their favorite contestants and use their voice to decide which Houseguest will receive the most 'BB Bucks' for the High Roller's Room segment each week. SMS Vote: Provided fans an elevated interactive experience while watching along to the episodes. Additionally, it gave viewers the power to drive the outcomes for their favorite Houseguests and have their voice be heard

America's votes were tallied up each week and results were shown on-air at the beginning of the High Roller's Room segment

allstate's concacaf gold cup

To bring excitement and elevated fan engagement to the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup, official partner, Allstate, turned to Telescope to power their in-stadium Gold Cup Trivia Challenge & Sweepstakes. The CONCACAF Gold Cup made an exciting comeback in 2021 after the postponement in 2020 due to COVID-19. As eager and loyal fans were ready to fill up the stadiums once again, Allstate (official partner of the Gold Cup tournament) looked for methods to elevate engagement for the die-hard fans cheering from the stands. Partnering with the agency Octagon, Telescope brought immersive engagement solutions directly into the stands during each live match by powering Concacaf & Allstate's Gold Cup Trivia Challenge and digital Scratcher sweepstakes. During the halftime of each match, The Gold Cup Trivia Challenge was promoted in-venue, in which users were prompted to text "ALLSTATE" to an SMS short code. In response, fans received a link to play along where they were presented a registration page that required users' full name, email, zip code and phone number prior to playing.
Registered users were then put to the test via three trivia questions utilizing Telescope's customized InQuizator product, followed by a 'thank you' page tied in with Telescope's instant win Scratcher for a chance to win a $50 gift card. All fans had to do was scratch away at the sweepstakes image on their screen, instantly revealing if they were a winner.

Telescope then sent out SMS messages to the winners for an easy retrieval of their prize. InQuizator: The Gold Cup Trivia utilized Telescope's customized InQuizator product, adding a spin to our original product allowing fans to get notified of their correct and incorrect answers with each trivia question

Scratcher: a fun way to reward fans via instant win sweepstakes by enabling users to 'scratch' away digitally to reveal if they had won

SMS Messaging: Telescope managed the SMS bounce back campaign, as well as the messaging for delivering the winners' gift card information. "Best Of" Awards Vote and Sweepstakes

With the launch of's yearly "Best Of" Awards, turned to their fans to vote for their favorite cars through Telescope's Category's annual "Best Of" awards showcases the best of the best cars across various categories with the goal to help individuals easily select the best cars that fits their needs. In addition to their "Best Of" award sweepstakes, wanted to take fan engagement up a notch from the previous year by tying in Telescope's interactive Category Vote. Across 6 different categories, fans and car enthusiasts could vote on their personal favorite cars all while entering's sweeps for a chance to take home one of their award-winning cars.The 6 categories fans could vote in included: Best Electric Vehicle, Best Luxury Car, Best Value Car, Best Family Car, Best Pickup Truck and Best of The Year. All fans had to do to enter the sweeps was to head over to's sweeps site, watch a short video (brief info of the nominated cars) on each category page, and vote for their personal favorite car.
Throughout the campaign duration, fans had the chance to enter up to 6 times by voting + watching the videos and then an additional entry per category just by sharing their vote to socials via Facebook or Twitter.

Post-campaign, a randomly selected sweeps winner received one of’s award-winning cars just by participating!Category Vote: a fun vote method where fans could vote across various categories and voice their opinions on their favorite cars

Sweepstakes: Incentivized and rewarded participants who voted and watched the videos for each category throughout the duration of the campaign

Zack Snyder's Justice League Red Carpet Live Stream Event

After 4 years of fan outcry and requests, the highly anticipated Zack Snyder's Justice League premiered March 2021. To promote the premiere, HBO Max turned to Telescope to help power their Red Carpet event live stream and engage fans everywhere along the way utilizing our immersive audience engagement tools. As if fans weren't excited enough for the #SnyderCut premiere, they were treated to an hour long live stream full of never before seen behind-the-scenes clips, trivia and cosplay, "fan pen" conversations, live Q&A with Zack and Deborah Snyder and host Kevin Smith, and much more.As fans anxiously waited for the Zack Snyder's Justice League Red Carpet event to begin, we pulled fan tweets and comments into our Social Wall product, which focused collection around the hashtag #SnyderCut. The best tweets collected were then pushed from our moderation platform and featured in the cascading fan wall which was showcased prior to the main live stream at the start of the event. The #SnyderCut Social Wall also included a countdown to ensure fans were aware of exactly how much time was left until the start of the main red carpet event.

Throughout the Red Carpet virtual event, fan comments & questions (also collected via socially moderated tweets) were pushed live to air, making this fan experience all the more memorable. Telescope also ran two Twitter hashtag polls, allowing at home audiences to engage and impact conversation in real-time.Remotely produced the live stream, providing a complete remote video equipment kit to host Kevin Smith to ensure quality and production value

Multi-platform simultaneous streaming to Snydercut's Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as DC Comic's and HBO Max's YouTube channels for maximum audience reach

Social Wall featured fans' #SnyderCut comments from around the world

Tweets to air enabled real-time fan engagement and created connections between brand and audience

Hashtag polling allowed fans to voice their opinions and vote along during the event

Live Q&A between Kevin Smith and Zack and Deborah Snyder gave the audience more insight into the premiere from the filmmaker himself.798+






Telescope Mission

To be the most influential business performance agency and a true partner to our clients, helping them reshape their businesses to meet the demands of this convergent world.