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    What is Fleishman Hillard?

    Fleishman Hillard was founded in 1946 and still helps executives be the primary communicators for their organizations. That’s why they created Executive Studio, which reflects personality, style, and themes that are right for the individual. Help build, maintain and protect their clients’ brands and reputations — FleishmanHillard’s has 80+ offices in 30 countries.

    Fleishman Hillard Services

    Fleishman Hillard pushes their clients to win in the marketplace and drive their growth. They draw on their expertise to drive key audiences, transform behaviors and help build, sustain and protect their customers' brands and reputations.

    True MOSAIC

    Turning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) into the foundation of reputation.

    Crisis Management

    FleishmanHillard uses the ARC™ certified methodology for anti-crisis reputation management in a crisis.

    Brand Marketing

    Using the power of ideas and creativity to develop an appealing idea that the audience thinks is their own.



    Headquarter Information

    200 North Broadway, Saint Louis, MO 63102, United States
    +1 (314) 982-1700

    All Locations

    Hong Kong . Singapore . Ho Chi Minh City . Caracas . Atlanta, GA . Austin, TX . Boston, MA . Charlotte, NC . Chicago, IL . Dallas, TX . Detroit, MI . Indianapolis, IN . Kansas City, MO . Los Angeles, CA . Minneapolis, MN . Nashville, TN . New York, NY . Orange, CA . Raleigh . Sacramento, CA . San Diego, CA . San Francisco, CA . San Jose, CA . Seattle, WA . St. Louis, MO . Washington, DC . London . Abu Dhabi . Dubai . Kyiv . Kampala . Istanbul . Bangkok . Dar es Salaam . Taipei . Stockholm . Barcelona . Madrid . Valencia . Seoul . Johannesburg . Ljubljana . Belgrade . Jeddah . Riyadh . Moscow . Saint Petersburg . Bucharest . San Juan . Lisbon . Warsaw . Manila . Lima . Panama City . Karachi . Oslo . Lagos . Auckland . Amsterdam . The Hague . Maputo . Mexico City . Vilnius . Beirut . Kuwait City . Nairobi . Tokyo . Milan . Tel Aviv . Dublin . Jakarta . Bengaluru . Mumbai . New Delhi . Reykjavik . Budapest . Guatemala City . Athens . Accra . Berlin . Düsseldorf . Frankfurt . Munich . Paris . Helsinki . Cairo . Guayaquil . Quito . Santo Domingo . Copenhagen . Prague . Bogotá . Beijing . Shanghai . Santiago . Montreal . Ottawa . Toronto . Vancouver . Sofia . Brasília . Rio de Janeiro . São Paulo . La Paz . Brussels . Vienna . Brisbane . Sydney . Buenos Aires . Luanda

    Fleishman Hillard Case Studies

    UNWomen's HeForSheMovement
    Gender equality Campaign

    Half the world’s power is lost when women are excluded. They brought that message to life — turning off half the lights at 25 of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Kicked off this “More Powerful Together” campaign in a highly publicized event at the Empire State Building.


    - More Powerful Together garnered 424+ million earned media impressions and 145+ million social media impressions. Across all channels, the sentiment was 100% positive/neutral. Traffic to saw close to a 500% increase compared to the week prior, plus a surge of 30,000 new pledged commitments to support gender equality.
    - We even achieved political momentum, with several heads of state publicly supporting HeForShe’s mission.

    Multiple Sclerosis Roche Campaign

    The 2,000+ people who visited the MSUnderstood Café were only the start of a nationwide conversation — as the campaign reached over 13 million impressions. But that conversation went far beyond headlines and into actual political discourse.


    - 13+ million impressions across traditional and social media
    - 12 parliamentary questions on improving medicinal access in just 1 month
    - 2 formal written requests for policy changes from Ministers
    - Commitments from all politicians who visited the Café across party lines
    - Plus, a meeting secured between the Minister of Health and MS Ireland

    Marketing Agency's Mission

    Fleishman Hillard Mission

    Respect and teamwork, ethical behavior, and transparent business practices. FleishmanHillard is a talented and dedicated team working across continents.

    Fleishman Hillard Clients

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