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We are an independent, full-service ad agency. With offices in Milwaukee and Chicago, we tap into our Midwestern roots to take brands from Now to Next. Let’s do something great/heroic/different/cool/unexpected/disruptive together.

Laughlin Constable Services

Using data, expertise, and technology, Laughlin Constable creates personalized and connected experiences that deliver transformative business outcomes. They provide clients with integrated marketing solutions that can be scaled as their business grows.

Influencer Marketing

“Influencer” is a powerful word these days. These social media celebs have communities of enthusiastic, keen audiences with which they’ve built trust and, dare we say, influence. Our collaborative approach to influencer marketing is tried-and-true. Our teams design programs that increase engagement with your brand and expose new audiences to your products and services, all while creating memorable and engaging content that builds brand awareness and drives sales.


Let’s face it, we don’t look to the future anymore, we live in the future. Our phones talk back to us, robots live amongst us, and data drives everything. Innovation is the fuel that keeps us evolving. We’re committed to stay at the forefront of technology.

Email Marketing and CRM

From implementation roadmaps to end-to-end campaign planning, we’ll guide you with a marketing automation strategy designed to fit your needs. We craft real strategies and real campaigns, for real results. A platform agnostic approach helps us choose the best option for your needs.

Content and SEO

Your content needs to be relevant to your audience. We help create content that reaches them where they are in their life and their journey. We craft messages that matter; content that supports your business, your users, and helps turn leads into conversions. User data and analytics informs our effective and timely content and SEO recommendations.

B2B Marketing

A business is much more than the products it makes or the services it sells. In the same way consumers want to know what their favorite products stand for, companies want to know who they’re in business with and what their story is. To us, that’s a good thing. Because we help business brands stand out, stand tall and stand apart. We take them from Now to Next.


We’re in the business of making stuff. A pithy headline, a tight script or a beautiful design are born in our collective minds. Through Hive, we give life to the things we create. You could say we’ve developed a God Complex, turns out our clients love it.


We consider the consumer decision journey at every stage of the funnel. With that in mind, we craft efficient and effective, channel-agnostic media strategies based on meaningful consumer insights that are derived from a strong strategic foundation and a data-driven mindset.

Public Relations

Your brand has something to say and our Public Relations team is here to make sure the whole world hears it loud and clear. We help clients identify opportunities and challenges, deliver honest and educated counsel and bring forth business solutions to help them meet their communications and reputation goals.

Strategy and Insight

Without a plan, without something to keep us grounded, we’d be a raving gang of apes with laptops. That’s right, our strategy keeps us on task. If the efforts of our creativity or technological inventions don’t circle back to the plan our strategists created, well, it doesn’t go very far. Because creative that’s done without strategy doesn’t have a soul.


Today, everything is digital. Marketing campaigns start, end, and connect through our digital lives. From strategy to implementation, experience design to content management systems, custom cloud implementations to mobile activations, we know how to bridge the world of technology and marketing to drive business results. LC is here for all your digital needs.


Creative, the kind that makes you fall to your knees and say, “Why didn’t I think of that,” is vital to everything we do. If we make something and it doesn’t look great, sound great, and tell a story that evokes genuine emotion in a unique way then it’s not up to our standards. No matter how the world changes, creativity will always reign supreme when it comes to effectively reaching people.



Headquarter Information

200 South Michigan Avenue 17th Floor Chicago, IL 606040
(312) 422-5900

All Locations

Chicago, IL . Milwaukee, WI

Laughlin Constable Case Studies

Hoosier Lottery Influencer Campaign

Consumers trust influencers who are real and resemble themselves. By working with influencers who could authentically talk about the experience of being a Hoosier while also sharing fun content about the Hoosier Lottery, we were able to attract and engage with all types of current and potential players.

Bond between the BGCC and Chicago’s youth

Chicago can be a challenging place for a kid, which is why the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago (BGCC) enables all young people – especially those in most need of guidance and structure – to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. Serving over 16,000 youths in some of the city’s most economically and socially challenged neighborhoods, each of the 23 Clubs provides a safe haven for kids to learn and grow.

Increase in average daily
club attendance.

Increase in unique page
visits to refreshed site.

Video length, proving shorter is not always better; 1 out of every 7 views were completed through the full :90 video – delivering the full story.
A longtime supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs in both Milwaukee and Chicago, Laughlin Constable was recruited to launch the first Boys and Girls Club of Chicago campaign in 10+ years. While broader awareness was the ultimate goal, the nonprofit didn’t have the budget to build or measure it – so we needed to increase relevancy and connect our audiences to the mission and unique benefits of BGCC to drive engagement and, ultimately, action.Each and every member of the BGCC don’t just have club membership, they are members of ‘A Club for Life.’ The caring adult professionals at BGCC forge long-term relationships and provide life enhancing programs and character development experiences designed to provide hope, opportunity and positive life-long impact.The BGCC believes that confidence is crucial in a child’s development, so we created a campaign that focused key moments a child experiences at their local Club and imagined how the confidence the clubs help instill may impact their grown-up life.

The fully-integrated campaign spanned television, print, radio, digital, PR, OOH and more, literally showcasing what the young boys and girls could grow into because of the support of their Club. Additionally, TV, digital and paid social targeted our donor audience to ensure exposure in the channels that dominate their attention.Laughlin Constable remains a proud partner of The Boys and Girls Club of Chicago. Atop our campaign work with the not-for-profit, we annually produce a video used to amplify the club’s fundraising efforts. This video also plays at the club’s Youth of the Year Award event and has become one of the centerpieces of the recognition event’s programming.Internal constituents, including board members, club directors, volunteers, members and their families, were heartened by the positive impressions generated by the ‘Club for Life’ campaign – staff in particular were proud that their contributions were especially recognized. Conversely, the campaign performed well externally, exceeding goals and expectations by relying on a compelling, singular truth: being a part of the BGCC helps ensure members have every possible opportunity to reach their dreams.

Giving College Students a 90-Minute Hall Pass

College is exhausting. Rarely do you have time to put your feet up, your headphones on and just daydream. Enter Amtrak Hiawatha. It’s not just a way to get to Chicago or Milwaukee without sitting in soul-crushing traffic. It’s 90 minutes for you to do you.

Student discount
codes redeemed.

YOY increase in discount
code redemptions.

Surpassed revenue goal
three times over.Amtrak Hiawatha has seen years of continued ridership growth among the core target audiences of business travelers and weekenders in the Chicago and Milwaukee metros. In contrast, area riders in the college students segment sorely lagged behind the national average. Our charge was to grow Amtrak Hiawatha ridership among college students living in the two metros.College students need an occasional mental break from the pressure of finding the right friend group, the pressure to achieve academically, the pressure of maintaining their personal brand on social media, the pressure of missing out on things because of all the things they’re juggling and often the pressure to just fit in.Designed to feel like living, breathing sculptures, we created posters that playfully highlighted how Amtrak Hiawatha provides college students some much-needed ‘me-time’ for a good 90 minutes between the two cities. To get said students to stop and absorb our message, we placed posters on Milwaukee campus bus shelters to show them – in aggressive detail – exactly what they’re missing.We knew we had to cut through the campus clutter and raise a few eyebrows. We knew we had to cut through the campus clutter and raise a few eyebrows. So how do you get busy college students to look at something not on their phone? By putting a mirror up to their deepest desire: free time. Whether that means binge eating crackers with a side of spray-can cheese or panic studying 100-flash cards on Napoleon Bonaparte – it’s 90 precious minutes to do whatever your heart desires.

Jewelers Mutual Influencer Campaign

Influencer stories that give consumers an emotionally-charged reason to believe garner the best results. We knew our brides were going through a tough, frustrating time, but by partnering with real pandemic brides dealing with the craziness of wedding postponements, we connected with our audience in a way that made them feel seen and understood. Jewelry insurance with Jewelers Mutual became an “easy” wedding decision in a sea of difficult ones, and one less thing to worry about.

New media. New donors. New results.

First, we had to tell the story. And while for years, the ASPCA has successfully raised funds by focusing on the animals the organization helps rescue, we wanted to tell this in a fresh way for our new media tactic. So, we flipped the script and told the story through an empowering lens solely using existing assets.

While we typically live by the “shorter is better” mantra when it comes to videos, we wanted to give this story the time it needed to resonate emotionally with viewers. Our in-house production studio, HIVE, created a :90 video by digging deep into the ASPCA archives and finding footage of rescues, rehabs and more inspirational moments the ASPCA had captured over the years. Yeah, we wanted to feature the animals that the organization helps save. But we also wanted to showcase some of the other work the ASPCA does to help animals, giving viewers even more reasons to believe in and donate to the organization.

Creating a Modern Website for a Legacy Brand

Everyone wants a shiny new website. But we’re not in the business of designing new websites just for the sake of being new. Instead, our aim at the start of any website project is to deliver a site that drives business and delivers an intuitive and meaningful experience to consumers, all while staying true to the legacy of the brand.aster Lock is a respected brand with a 100-year history of being the best in its class. So, when it came time to redesign their website, we wanted to pay homage to that premium legacy by creating an experience that mirrors the confidence and security Master Lock’s physical products give their customers. By pulling that brand equity forward into the digital space, we set about designing a site that doesn’t just sell locks but elevates the brand’s entire digital presence.Our goal at the start of the project was simple: give the client what they want, as well as what they don’t even know they want. What that meant for Master Lock was creating an updated, user-friendly purchase path for customers. What that meant for us was finding a way to make sure the Master Lock website instills as much confidence in customers as their products do, all before they have a chance to leave the website.

So how’d we accomplish it? By digging into every detail of the website from high-level architecture to minute details. We embedded ourselves in the brand, leveraging Master Lock’s extensive research on how customers choose locks, reworking how products are categorized, and enhancing the path to product journey for shoppers to make it more intuitive and more efficient.
We labored over the tiniest details, including button design, photo and animation builds, type treatments, and experiences that don’t just make a website look better, but increase the chances that the customer can find what they’re looking for and convert.
We focused in on key business driving features, like enhancing the Find a Lock feature and adding plugins like Hatch to direct customers to the nearest retail stores that carry the product they want.
All the while, working closely with the client team to meet their goal of creating a meaningful, elegant and simple experience for customers.But the work didn’t stop there. Because it’s not the Griffin way to push our clients out of the nest before they know how to fly, we set the Master Lock team up with a full launch plan that walked them through how to navigate the first 90 days. The plan included a system to handle feedback, pre-drafted communication materials, and a custom analytics dashboard to help set up the team for success.

After months of researching, designing, writing, coding, coffee-guzzling, testing, reworking, and testing again, we ended up with an incredibly smart, intuitive, and business-driving web experience. And to top it off, the modern design pays homage to the old-school-cool legacy of the Master Lock brand.We didn’t just do a little research, we immersed ourselves in our client’s world. Because in order to understand how to create the best digital experience for Master Lock customers, we had to become an extension of the Master Lock brand itself. And once we truly understood the client, the customer, and the business, we could create a website that met the needs of all three. All while honoring the legacy of the brand.

Laughlin Constable Mission

To be the most influential business performance agency and a true partner to our clients, helping them reshape their businesses to meet the demands of this convergent world.