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Cossette marketing agency is an eclectic collective with multifaceted expertise. Slogan: “Together we make things that matter, things that go beyond.”

Cossette Services

Using data, expertise, and technology,Cossete creates personalized and connected experiences that deliver transformative business outcomes. They provide clients integrated marketing solutions that can be scaled as their business grows.

production services

We are obsessed with bringing great ideas to life, right down to the most intimate details.

marketing and business strategy

Transforming business, marketing and communications challenges into applied strategic actions is our driving force to success.

multicultural and regional marketing

Possessing a deep understanding of the vast cultures that make up our society is the only way to remain relevant.

media planning, buying and programmatic

Our media philosophy: to provide our clients with consumer-centric experiences that deliver results.

integrated communications and content

We believe that real, consistent experiences start with a unique brand story.

design and branding

Few things propel business further than solid branding. It’s your identity, your beliefs and your nature.



Headquarter Information

300 Saint-Paul Street, 3rd Floor Québec, QC G1K 7R1 418 647-2727

All Locations

québec . montréal . toronto . halifax . vancouver

Cossette Case Studies

sharing Let Go with Alliance touristique du Québec

We asked five influencers to turn off their phones, ignore their social channels, and leave their frantic lives behind in order to fully experience every moment as they explored the province of Qué
After two wildly successful campaigns, we needed to further develop our brand voice in order to attract potential travellers to the beautiful province of Québec.In the hyper-connected digital world we live in, sometimes we have to completely disconnect in order to reconnect with the real world around us.
There are so many stories to tell when it comes to Québec, so we created a five-part documentary web series where we followed five influential hosts on their travels through La Belle Province. Each capsule focused on a different aspect that related to the influencer, like food, nature and adventure.

We filmed their experiences and encounters along the way, as they let go throughout Québec. After viewers had seen the episodes, we retargeted them with videos based on their interests.In the first week of launch our videos amassed over 1 million views (before paid media).

28% of the audience exposed to YouTube pre-roll video watched the entire video.

Over 22 million views.

Honey Nut Cheerios brings back the bees

Honey Nut Cheerios was at risk of losing traction and relevance. To drive brand love we had to reignite our relationship with our core consumer. This was done by making the brand stand for something more than breakfast.People’s attitudes toward breakfast have changed due to a number of factors. For one, more consumers are eating on the go rather than sitting down to a meal. A growing number are concerned about allergies to ingredients such as lactose and gluten. Others are embracing a trend towards protein-rich breakfast alternatives. These shifts in consumer attitudes towards breakfast have resulted in a complete category decline.There’s one such environmental cause that’s currently posing a major threat to our food supply: the rapid extinction of honeybees. Honey is a key ingredient, and Buzz, our beloved mascot, is the most recognizable honeybee in the world. We were in the ideal position to shed light on this important matter.You never know how much you love something until you lose it. By removing the bee from the box, we got people’s attention and raised awareness for both the cause and the brand. Next, we invited consumers to #bringbackthebees by planting seeds.

Year 1: A video was also created featuring popular social media clips of people saving animals to inspire viewers to join the cause. Launched at Canada Blooms, the largest garden show in Canada, it eventually made its way onto television.

Year 4: We revamped the campaign to really showcase the momentum we’ve gained over the past few years and to get the next generation to help spread the message.Increase in sales lift during each year of the campaign period.

Over 300M seeds distributed.

Significant news coverage worldwide.

Introducing Energir, the new Gaz Metro.

Over the past decade, Gaz Métro had greatly diversified its portfolio with renewable energy like wind, solar, and natural gas. Naturally, they needed a new name and identity to reflect everything the organization stood for.First, we needed to accurately convey the organization’s comprehensive energy offering and overall evolution, without alienating existing customers. Following that, we needed to help them stand out as active leaders in Quebec’s energy transformation.Gaz Métro as a name, no longer represented what the organization was all about. It needed to be more active, innovative, and dynamic. It also needed to communicate the momentum that was being built around energy transformation as well as a sense of hope and a more positive outlook for the future of renewable energy.But above all, the new identity needed to capture the boldness and excitement surrounding the future of energy distribution in Quebec, to inspire consumers to join the movement.Ignoring convention in favour of creation, we took the word energy and transformed it into a verb. This not only highlighted the pioneering spirit of the brand, it symbolized a change in its future endeavours.The logo is made up of a series of free-flowing brush strokes which symbolize fluidity. Each representing the many different types of energy the company now delivers, from solar power to wind. Lower-case lettering and rounded shapes suggest warmth and accessibility.

The same blue colour scheme helps maintain continuity with the existing brand, while new shades were added to represent the company's evolution. And to facilitate the seamless transition we added The new Gaz Métro for good measure.54% increase in brand awareness.

89% increase in brand awareness with mention of “the new Gaz Métro”.

67% people believed the organization had evolved.

sharing SickKids Foundation SickKids VS SickKids

Talk is cheap, so to meet the aggressive fundraising goals of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, we decided to stop talking like a charity brand and start acting like a performance brand. We showed the world what it looks like when sick fights back.The SickKids Hospital in Toronto had a problem: even with a record number of donations, the money came from an older population. They needed to appeal to a new, younger generation of donors.Sick is not weak. It’s time to stop victimizing children fighting disease or disability and start celebrating them for the super humans they really are.The campaign launched with short film showcasing the true strength of the patients that SickKids serves. From there we took over the city of Toronto with propaganda-style posters featuring real sick kids giving the finger to affliction.Online we made it personal with real stories of kids rising up against illness. We then challenged people to publicly pick a fight by creating a shareable fight card featuring the name of the donor and a personalized message to their opponent.$57.9M raised in just 3 months.

43M impressions worldwide.

Online donation revenue up 695%.

Average donation amount up 63%.

Donors aged 25–35 up 8%.

The most successful campaign for SickKids in 143 years.

sharing The Recommendation Engine

With so much to see and do in Montréal, Tourisme Montréal set out to create personalized experiences for its visitors, based on their interests. This innovative platform was designed to inspire authentic Montréal experiences that would leave a lasting impression.We needed to find a way to deliver a uniquely tailored experience to a wide range of travellers with varied interests and tastes, without overwhelming people.Montréal has something for everyone, but with so much to offer, planning the perfect trip can be time consuming and even overwhelming for potential tourists.Imagine if a city could learn about the things you like and then provide a list of perfectly catered experiences with near pinpoint accuracy? Welcome to the future of tourism. Our recommendation engine is constantly updating based on each user’s behaviour to deliver experiences that are sure to interest potential travellers.

In addition, our recommendation engine could also be used as a simple online search engine, allowing users to break from their typical interests to experience something new.Visits increased by 8.25%, reaching 800,000.

43% more customer acquisition through organic search.

57% of the site’s visits led to conversions.

11.2 million personalized recommendations generated.

Oldfluencers save lives on TikTok.

But several months in, the messages were getting stale. Young adults were already disconnected from each other and beginning to get desensitized to the crisis, so we decided to shake things up. We created a TikTok campaign featuring seniors, who approached the measures in a playful way and it worked! We reached over 800,000 Gen Zs and reminded them of who we’re all trying to protect.After months of lockdown, the public health measure messages were no longer getting through. People, especially youth ages 13 to 24, were disconnected and tired of hearing the same thing.We needed to find a new, refreshing way to motivate young Quebecers and encourage them to not give up.The pandemic has caused Gen Z to turn to technology and social media even more, in order to regain a semblance of human connection and control over their lives.In order to encourage teens to follow safety measures and keep at it, we created a new breed of influencers: seniors!

These TikTok “oldfluencers” stand out and symbolize the reason why young people need to keep up their efforts in a fun and playful way. With their help, we created original content under the pseudonym Reste pépé (Never Get Old), using TikTok codes and practices to highlight health measures. We have since posted over 20 videos, and the engagement has certainly exceeded expectations.In less than a week and without media investment, the Reste pépé account saw over:

2,7 millions de vues
67 000 nouveaux abonnés
27 000 actions
690 000 j’aime
12 000 commentaires

Le compte « Reste pépé » a même obtenu la certification crochet bleu de TikTok, reconnaissant le compte pour son contenu de qualité.

Marketing Agency's Mission

Cossette Mission

To those who want to change the game, learn new tricks and teach us theirs, and work with creative minds who won’t settle for the expected — you’ve found your crew.