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Momentum worldwide provides a comprehensive brand experience by bringing individuals nearer through real or virtual encounters and introduce them to innovative ideas and strategies.

Momentum Worldwide Services

Momentum Worldwide always believes in delivering practical and shareable experiences through its innovative and unique ways to create Total Brand Experience by engaging their clients physically and virtually in creative environments.

Shopper & Brand Sponserships

Momentum Worldwide is the leading partner for brands seeking hence, managing over $4B in sponsorship spend across several areas through its deep understanding of both consumer and retailer realities.

Marketing Mix with B2B & Virtual

Showcasing B2B products require unique experiences and Momentum Worldwide's award-winning B2B experiences and in the post covid scenario of July of 2020 they launched Momentum VXi, a Virtual Experience platform.

Business Intelligence

Momentumʼs WE KNOW series is an enduring global research study into consumer opinions and category trends that impact a brand's ability to connect with consumers.



Headquarter Information

300 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10282, United States

All Locations

New York, NY . Athens . Atlanta . Bangalore . Bogotá . Bucharest . Cairo . Chicago, IL . Dubai . Frankfurt . Gothenburg . Lima . London . Madrid . Manchester . Mexico City . Milan . Moscow . Mumbai . New Delhi . Santiago . São Paulo . Seattle . Seoul . Skaneateles, NY . St. Louis . Sydney . Toronto . Tokyo . Warsaw

Momentum Worldwide Case Studies


American Express Card Members are always used to getting special access to different events. But they have never been able to get them headliner attention due to their American Express Card Membership. So, American Express demanded the help of Momentum Worldwide's team to obliged their customers to the next level.

The marketing strategy team of Momentum Worldwide decided to arrange a social PR event with their own backstage built to grab the attention of customers and facilitate them. Every detail was inspired by the real riders of each Coachella headliner. And guests were pampered with cocktails, lounge seating, practice areas, games, shoe clean-ups, and nail artists. In the end, festival-goers got the kind of service only ever enjoyed by the headliners themselves.


55,900 Total Card Members Engaged

422+ Million Earned PR impressions

“These are our business cards”
– Joan Grande (Ariana’s mom) pointing to her American Express Cards in the Card Member Lounge.


Lockheed-Martin wanted to inspire the next generation of engineers and explorers by giving them a field trip to mars without physically visiting there. They collaborated with Momentum Worldwide's team to achieve this goal.

Momentum Worldwide's creative team suggested and implemented the first-ever VR experience platform to achieve the target. They found a normal NYC school bus and replaced all of its windows with 4K screens. Then, they used those screens to project a real Martian environment. The environment moved as the bus did. Then they loaded in an unsuspecting class of kids and took them on a field trip to Mars, inspiring them to become the generation that takes us to the red planet.


Single Most Awarded Campaign
-2016 Cannes Lions


Coke wanted to go big at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and cashed this huge event. So, they reached Momentum Worldwide's marketing team for an innovative brand campaign.

The competitive team of Momentum Worldwide comes up with something big this time. They selected two big spots for main display areas and turned the building in the middle of the Olympic Village into the world’s biggest vending machine and another one in downtown Hongdae, Seoul.

For further audience engagement, they invited celebs and put on shows, and dispensed one-of-a-kind Coke products.


380 Million
Media Impressions

2.2 Million
Social Engagements


Momentum Worldwide was assigned to create a National TV Commercial that was to run during the 2018 Women’s World Cup. So, they decided to create an inspirational commercial about soccer games to inspire the younger athletes.

Their marketing team created the commercial with the story of Crystal Dunn, who is a professional American soccer player for the Portland Thorns FC of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL), the highest division of women's professional soccer in the United States, and the United States women's national soccer team.


This commercial successfully inspires young athletes to reach higher in their goals.


Verizon wanted to launch the most anticipated 5G phone in history By partnering with the most anticipated mobile game in history. The only problem was A Global Pandemic, so they reached Momentum Worldwide's marketing team for a solution.

Momentum Worldwide's marketing team created the first outdoor 5G mobile gaming invitational by installing 1 insane socially distanced set and virtually inviting 10 celebrities, pro gamers, and influencers with 10 never-before-seen Apple 5G iPhones devices and 1 custom installed 5G Ultra Wideband network. Hence, the first game of Wild Rift ever played in the US with all streamed live on Twitch Rivals.

2.1 Million Livestreams
The 2nd biggest Twitch Rivals stream in history in the middle of the Pandemic.


(MS) Multiple Sclerosis is a very serious disease and its management is far challenging, doctors wanted to feel the sufferings and discomforts of patients to better understand the MS disease. Therefore, Momentum Worldwide provided a solution to the doctors in which the doctors can actually feel the actual suffering of the disease.

In the first step, vibrations were used to numb their sense of touch, and then everyday objects were made heavy and cumbersome for the doctors.

Then, the Momentum Worldwide Team threw off their balance, and made reading impossible for them just like an MS patient. This practice gives doctors a greater understanding of their patients and inspires them for new treatments and therapies.


“Changes not just how MS is treated, but how patients are treated too.”
– 2016 Cannes Lions

78% of doctors said their Medical Knowledge of MS Improved.

95% Said their Awareness Improved.

Momentum Worldwide Mission

If you should happen to speak with anyone from Momentum, you’ll hear that it’s our Culture and the People that unite and define us as a world class agency.

Our Core Values of Be One, Do Great Work, Have Fun, Give Back and Grow have stood the test of time — and continue to empower an environment where we challenge ourselves professionally and encourage each other personally.