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UM is a strategic media planning and buying agency that uses Better Science to create better art that drives their clients better results. As architects of the media experience, they strive for the best because just being “different” isn’t enough.

UM Worldwide Services

UM Worldwide aims to offer a targeted approach to the right audience that discovers, identifies, and disseminates important media moments, fostering true connections between brands and consumers.

Marketing Campaigns and Media Mix Optimization

Their business tools, work "top-down," which allows you to optimize campaigns with audiences, channels, content, and partners on a minute-by-minute basis.

Branding and Content Creation

Creating a real human connection between a brand and its customers. Identify the main moments when customers are most receptive.

Audience Management and Business Analytics

Identifying valuable audiences for our client's business development. The relationship between media, marketing, and results.



Headquarter Information

100 West 33rd Street, New York, NY, USA
+1 (212) 883-4700

All Locations

Chicago, IL . Detroit, MI . Los Angeles, CA . New York, NY . Atlanta, GA . Dallas, TX . San Francisco, CA . Singapore . Mexico City . Warsaw, IN . London, KY . Madrid, IA . Moscow, ID . Milan, MI . Sydney . Melbourne, FL . Toronto, OH . Shanghai . Paris, TX . Miami, FL . Abidjan . Abu Dhabi . Algiers . Almaty . Amsterdam, NY . Arnhem . Asunción . Athens, GA . Auckland . Baku . Bangkok . Barcelona . Beijing . Beirut . Belgrade, MT . Bengaluru . Birmingham, AL . Bogota, NJ . Bratislava . Brisbane, CA . Brussels, IL . Bucharest . Budapest . Buenos Aires . Cairo, GA . Canberra . Caracas . Casablanca . Chennai . Chisinau . Copenhagen . Dar Es Salaam . Doha . Dubai Menat Hq . Dublin . Dusseldorf . Frankfurt . Guatemala City . Guangzhou . Gurugram . Hamburg . Harare . Ho Chi Minh City . Hong Kong . Istanbul . Jakarta . Johannesburg . Kochi . Kolkata . Kuwait City . La Paz . Lagos . Lima . Lisbon . Ljubljana . Managua . Manama . Manchester . Manila . Minsk . Montevideo . Mumbai . Lodestar Um Hq . Nairobi . New Delhi . Nuremberg . Osaka . Oslo . Panama City . Petaling Jaya . Podgorica . Prague . Quito . Riga . Riyadh . Rome . San Jose, CA . San Juan, PR . San Pedro, TX . San Salvador . Sandton . Santiago . Santo Domingo, PR . Sarajevo . Seoul . Skopje . Sofia . Stockholm . Taipei . Tallinn . Tashkent . Tbilisi . Tel Aviv . Tokyo . Tunis . Vienna . Vilnius . Yerevan . Zagreb . Zürich

UM Worldwide Case Studies

Caring & Candor

Openness and constructive dialogue ensure the best results for our customers. Caring and supporting employee motivation increases creativity.

Community & Commitment

They create a community that everyone can belong to, and their community is at the heart of everything they do.

Curiosity & Сourage

Constant curiosity drives innovation. The courage to take risks sets new industry standards.

UM Worldwide Mission

At UM, they strive to create a better culture all around. Where people feel that their contributions are valued; where diversity is welcomed through access and equity; where creating an inclusive community is paramountTo be the most influential business performance agency and a true partner to our clients, helping them reshape their businesses to meet the demands of this convergent world.

UM Worldwide Testimonials

"Our job was to reveal the reality…that the Army is made up of the nation’s most innovative thinkers who are equipped with today’s most advanced technologies. We created the Cryptaris Mission, a seven-level interactive simulation that tested and engaged our problem solver target. We tapped into Army experts and Google and WebGL technology to make the experience as authentic and effective as possible."

Client: U.S. Army

"We created about 10-20 micro-videos (15s or less) a week to mirror the top 25 trending videos across leading 10 categories viewed on YouTube across languages. We reached our target in the right place and right time across contextually relevant digital and social platforms. By the end of the campaign, we created over 100 videos and had the highest viewing completions of any other campaign.."

Client: KFC